Space Qube is a voxel based retro style shooting game which also allows the players to create everything they can image in the game using voxel.

The players can enjoy the game while explore their creativity and share their creations with friends and community. SpaceQube will be free on iTunes store soon. Then it will be ported to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and maybe Android. The game is basically composed of two parts, game and workshop. Following are the descriptions of these two parts.

The game is simple but fun, the players control the spaceship, flying toilet(?) or anything that players created to shoot as many aliens as possible to get highest score. Of course there are some power-ups for the players to increase the weapon power, speed, etc. There are also variety bosses waiting ahead, destroy them to get higher score and rewards. There is no annoying virtual pad on the screen exploring players just tilt the iPhone/iPad to control the space ship.

The workshop contains a voxel model editor and browser. With browser, the players can browse through the voxel models they have created or the voxel models uploaded by other players. The players can also download, rate other player’s voxel models, modify them then use them to play the game. 

For creation part, the players can create 16×16 or 32×32 size models on iPad but only 16×16 size models on iPhone/iPod due to the screen size. The way the players create a voxel model is actually editing layers, and those layers will be composed. There are couple of handy tools the players can use in the model editor. So now the players can just use their figure to create voxel model on iPhone/iPad, isn’t it amazing?

After creating the voxel model, the players can share them via the Internet, email or facebook. Our official website lists all the uploaded voxel models and anyone with browser can view the uploaded voxel model from PC/Mac or iPad/iPhone. Following are the editor tutorial picture and video which should help you to have the basic idea about how to use this incredible voxel editor.