Adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

Adidas Dame 3 Performance Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Since Michael Jordan gave us the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the dream of every boy who grows up wanting to be in the NBA is to have their own signature sneaker. Damian Lillard is one of the boys who grew up to see his dream come true.

Thanks to Adidas, Lillard, who plays point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, finally got his name on a sneaker, one of which is the Adidas Dame 3.

Is it worth buying? In this Adidas Dame 3 review, we tell you what we found about the shoe after testing it and digging up information about it.


  • Excellent for indoor basketball
  • Lightweight for speed
  • Improved traction
  • Bouncy, good for jumps
  • Good court feel
  • Enhanced stability
  • True to size, that is fit as expected


  • Stiff when new, need a game or two to break them in
  • Not conducive for playing in outdoor courts

Features and Benefits

Rubber Sole

The Adidas Dame 3 is particularly good for indoor basketball because its sole is made of soft rubber. Indoor shoes typically have softer rubber than outdoor shoes which are usually made of hard rubber. The soles of indoor shoes consist of thin rubber as that helps keep them lightweight for more rapid movement on the court whilst outdoor shoes need thicker soles for more durability.

If you need an outdoor shoe, this particular shoe might not be the best fit for you. Due to the softness of the rubber, the shoe does not have good traction on outdoor courts. The soft rubber is also not durable material for the rough conditions of outdoor playing.

Tread Pattern with Good Traction

As explained above, the Dame 3 shoe is excellent for indoor basketball, and not just because of the softness of its rubber sole, but also because of its tread pattern.

The tread pattern on indoor shoes tends to have wider spaces than the pattern of outdoor shoes  because wide-spaced patterns in outdoor shoes would cause slippage. For that reason, thanks to its wide-spaced pattern, the tread on the sole of the Dame 3 is designed to perfectly suit indoor basketball.

With the Dame 3, Adidas solved the Dame 2 shoe’s main problem: traction. That shoe did not have great traction. With the Dame 3, however, you can make abrupt starts and stops on the court without fearing sudden slippage.

Good traction is one of the advantages the shoe draws from its tread pattern, which makes it an improvement over the Dame 2. The Dame 3 performance reviews are, on the whole, much better than the ones its predecessor received.

Padded Collar

The padded collar ensures extra comfort. It also absorbs the shock of impact when you are bounding up and down the court at top speed. Neoprene contours around the shoe’s ankle collar, and that’s what gives it a wonderfully soft fit and feel.

The mark of a good basketball shoe is that it frees you from thinking about how your foot feels. With the comfort provided by the Dame 3, you can keep your mind on higher thoughts like winning the game.

The ankle collar is quite flexible, which makes putting on the shoe an easier and quicker process.

Responsive Cushioning

Thanks to the cushioning, the shoe is wonderfully bouncy, which comes in handy when you are running or dunking. Thanks to this feature, you can now jump higher and with greater ease. The quick responsiveness enables faster movements. The bounce cushioning ensures you remain energized with every step, helping inject exuberance into your play. It provides flexibility and responsiveness.

The cushioning also gives you enhanced comfort. Staying on your feet, running up and down a court, for the duration of a basketball game or a training session can be extreme torture for your feet. Anything that keeps you comfortable is frankly a great advantage, and that’s what the Adidas Dame 3 does. With the Dame 3 on feet, you can keep your focus on playing your best.

The way the Dame 3 is designed, the midsole wraps around the shoe in a way that allows your feet to sit low to give you better court feel. This should help you switch directions rapidly with almost no lag.

Four Zones of Flex

A lot of introspection on the physics of running and jumping and stopping goes into basketball shoe design. For instance, without proper stability, you might end up rolling your ankle. To ensure stability, the Dame 3 has four flex zones. The four zones of flex also enhance motion.

Puremotion Feature

The shoes have a feature known as Puremotion that helps them mimic what it feels like to be barefoot: that is, in terms of traction, flex, and speed. This is a handy feature to have and puts a player at a great advantage as it will enable them to have a better feel for the court. It will also give them more confidence and versatility thanks to the flexibility.

For this reason, the shoe is an especially excellent choice for point guards, who have to be quick at running, passing, ball handling, and decision-making. Point guards like Stephen Curry need shoes that are responsive, that give them good court feel, and that enable them to run like the wind when the game calls for it.

Since they play offense and are in a leadership position, point guards have to set the pace of the game, and that requires shoes that have these qualities. That the Dame 3 shoes have qualities so well suited for point guards should not come as a surprise. After all, Damian Lillard, who is the star player Adidas worked with to make this shoe, plays point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Sprintframe Construction

The Adidas 3 comprises a sprintframe construction with a lightweight and supportive chassis. As mentioned earlier, they are great for indoor basketball, and this lightweight construction makes them even more conducive for indoor courts.

It also enables the player to maximize their speed and to intensify the quickness of any abrupt movements like starts, stops, or jumps. Overall, these are great shoes for a guard who relies on quickness.

Natural, Flexible Support and Seamless Fit

The shoes are engineered for natural, flexible support. They also have a seamless fit and they are true to size. However, like a lot of Adidas shoes, we must note that they are a bit narrow, so they probably won’t fit so well for someone who has wide feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these shoes good for outdoor?

No, but they are excellent for indoor basketball. The rubber sole is just not hard enough to be durable on the outdoor court. Moreover, the tread pattern makes it more conducive for indoor courts than the outdoor ones.

2. Are they TTS (True to Size)?

Yes, when you receive them, the shoes will fit as expected. They won’t be bigger or smaller than what is advertised. One thing we noted, however, is that, like most Adidas shoes, they are a bit on the narrow side. If you have wide feet, there is a possibility that these might not fit you comfortably.

3. Are these high tops?

A: No, they are not high tops. A better description would be mid-ankle. That means that they have better ankle support than low tops but not as good as high tops.

4. Are they good enough to wear off the court?

Yes, the shoe is very stylish. The Adidas designers who worked on it wanted to make a shoe that would not only be practical for the basketball court, but which people on the street would want to wear, so they made it as attractive as possible. Since it’s an Adidas, it shares certain stylistic hallmarks as other popular Adidas shoes like Yeezys.

All in all, the shoes look great, and you can rock them with jeans and a jacket. The designers say that they were very keen to keep the shoe true to culture, which explains the undeniable coolness factor of the Dame 3.

5. Are the shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are. Still, they could be better. Comfort, in these shoes’ case is subjective: some will find them more comfortable than others. For instance, if you have wide feet, you are definitely not going to feel comfortable wearing them. Furthermore, they are rather tight and stiff when new. After a game or two, during which your break them in, they do loosen up.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a new pair of sneakers for indoor basketball, the Adidas Dame 3’s are definitely worth the buy. On the other hand, if you are playing outdoor basketball, pick something else as this will cause slippage.

If you play point guard, or if your style of play relies on speed, these sneakers are perfect for you. They give you excellent court feel. They are also great for jumps thanks to their bounciness.

Our Adidas Dame 3 review can only end with one phrase: worth the buy!

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