Why do American Football Players Wear Bands on their Arms

Why do American Football Players Wear Bands on their Arms?

This sport is not only about intensity and strength; it has rules and safety regulations to protect every player on the ground. Among these regulations, we can find that players need to be protected as much as they can from injuries and other factors that could harm their health. And of course, bands are protective gear.

But bands have a specific purpose, and not everyone knows about it. So, are you ready to learn more? Keep reading and find out!

What are These Bands on the Arms of Players?

As you know, during a football match some players can get injured pretty quickly; this is why safety rules or gear works to keep players safe. From helmets to shoulder protectors up to knee softeners, and of course, the necessary yet often dismissed bands in the arms.

Most of the time, we see these bands on the arms of wide receivers, tight ends, and quarterbacks mostly. They call these bands strips, and they have a wide variety of purposes depending on the player who uses it.

Here are a few reasons to have a band on the arm while playing:

  • Some quarterbacks use these bands on their arms, specifically on the bicep. This helps to absorb arm sweat and prevent the ball from slipping when throwing. Eventually, a strip promotes a much more effective, accurate, and powerful throw indirectly.
  • Receivers use it almost the same way as quarterbacks. They avoid the sweat running over their arms that could cause the ball to slip when receiving it. Of course, receivers use these bands on both arms, and it could be slightly larger than in other players.
  • There is another band that has a therapeutic purpose. This band or sticker decreases any muscle pain from injuries and helps in muscle recovery. This band was introduced thirty years ago by KensoKase, a professional physiotherapist.
  • Another common use of this band is to avoid injuries. Some clashes between players can be rough and violent, and the ground roughness, especially in artificial grass, can be pretty damaging. Some players use these strips on the elbows or triceps to skip severe burns or scratches.
  • Other players just use bands to highlight their muscles in their arms. It is not the most common use, but they may also get the benefits from the other applications like stopping sweat and preventing injuries.

Why does the NFL allow the use of These Bands?

The NFL needs to allow players to use bands just because it is critical to improving the safety of every asset as much as possible. Players are maybe the most crucial part of the sport, and bands are among the few options they have to safeguard their health and physical integrity.

But of course, many people would argue that these bands improve the performance of players in certain ways. Even though it is not a direct consequence, bands may eventually affect how a player performs. But the advantage is minimal, so using of these is not a problem in any way.

That’s why the NFL allows the use of such instrument in the field. It does not harm or improve the performance of a player. Instead, it helps to reduce injuries, promotes a more accurate performance, and sometimes does the job of improving the looks of the player.

When it comes to gears that have a significant purpose but doesn’t affect the game in itself, bands are easily the most common thing that comes to mind. And of course, there’s not a problem with it – so if you want to start using one, you can do it without problems.

Using a Band is Worth a Try!

Playing this sport is not an easy deed. Especially if you want to become a professional or good enough, there will be many things you need to take into consideration. From preventing injuries to reducing sweat up to look the best in the field, maybe a band is one of those things you shouldn’t overlook.

So, want to start using bands while playing football? Then do it – there won’t be anything stopping you from doing that! And you will get the best advantages you can think of!

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