basketball foul and penalties

Basketball Fouls and Penalties: A Complete List With Videos!

In basketball, a foul takes place when a player breaks the rules of illegal contact with an opponent. There will be a personal foul if the player exceeds the personal limit for each game. Violations result in suspension from some games.

A penalty, on the other hand, is the actions taken to punish your mistake in the game. Any foul leads to a penalty in basketball.

The article below will outline the penalties and fouls associated with the hoops game.

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Basketball Fouls List

Let’s start by looking at the various basketball fouls:

1. Personal foul: This is the foul which an individual commits by getting into contact with the opponent player.

2. Team foul: This is the overall count of all the fouls given to a player in a specific team.

3. Flagrant foul: According to this game, this is the violent contact between two competing players that is illegal as per the rules. It is divided into two parts.

The first flagrant foul involves unnecessary contact while the other one involves excessive and pointless contact.

4. Technical foul: This is the other form of foul in the sport.  This one applies to the team, coach or a player. It is mainly not about physical contact. Some of the incidences where technical foul applies are:

  • Illegal defense arrangement of players
  • Mocking an official or vulgarity

5. Basketball foul out: This isn’t really a foul. It happens when a player surpasses their personal foul limit. The normal limit per player in each game is five fouls.

Here, the player might be involved in contact with the opponent which is banned in this game. However, not all personal contacts lead to a foul. If you put your opponent at a disadvantaged position than yourself, then that is a personal foul.

Hoping also can result in a foul in some circumstances. Excessive and unnecessary touching during the game is considered unsportsmanlike.

Basketball Penalties

basketball penalty

Committing any of the fouls in a basketball game results in a penalty. Needless to explain, the penalty situation for a team gives the opponents an upper hand.

These penalties can be for an individual or the entire team. They include:

1. Fallouts: Too many fouls definitely leads to falling out. That is, if you exceed your limit per game you will be disqualified from continuing.

2. Free throws: Any fouled player in the course of shooting is awarded free throws followed by basketball possession. This is done through a foul away from the ball when the ball carrier has a clear path and in the case of a violent player contact.

Final thoughts

That’s all you need to know about the basketball fouls and penalties.

As a player, very many fouls might ruin your career in this game. You need to be extra careful when playing to evade the fouls and the penalties that come with each foul.

Remember that committing a foul more than 5 times will get you ejected from the game. And it also gives your opponents an edge over your team.

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