Basketball Gear for Kids

List of Basketball Gear for Kids – Must-Need Equipment

Almost every boy wants to be LeBron or Kobe. Basketball players are on the level of superheroes. The little girls are also excited to be playing basketball.

If your child has expressed interest in the beautiful game, where do you start? What should you buy first?

Below is a compilation of everything your child needs to play basketball happily and safely.

List of Basketball Gear for Kids

1. A Basketball

Naturally, the first priority is to get a basketball for your kids. Ensure the ball you buy is age-appropriate as this will have a big impact on how they play.

It is advisable for younger players to shoot a smaller basketball and use a lower rim as this will help them develop good technique.

The best form is when a player keeps the shoulders square and uses their legs to generate the power needed to make their shot. However, when the ball is too heavy, young players tend to sacrifice good form and twist their shoulders in an attempt to make a successful shot.

Basketballs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 7, which are assigned on the basis of the ball’s circumference. Even small size variations can cause a significant difference in how children handle themselves on the court.

Start off your smaller children with a small ball and short rim to help them boost confidence and develop good form. As they grow older, you can buy them progressively bigger basketballs, as befits their size.

2. Basketball Hoops

Getting your kids a basketball hoop is just as important and necessary as the ball. The two are the key elements of a basketball game. Everything else is secondary.

Having a hoop to practice on will help your kids improve their accuracy, keep them active and healthy, and boost their self-confidence.

It goes without saying that your children cannot play basketball using the same hoop as you. They simply aren’t tall or strong enough to make the shot.

If you want them to learn how it feels to dunk like LeBron, get them a hoop that is appropriate for their size. You can also make adjustments to the rim you already have. The rim is the orange ring attached to the backboard. It is what you dunk on, and the net hangs from it.

Below is a guide on how high the rim should be, depending on the child’s age:

  • 6 ft rims:  5 to 7 years old.
  • 8 ft rims: 8 to 10 years old.
  • 9 ft rims: 11 years old.
  • check
    10 ft rims: 12 years or older.

3. Basketball Uniform

If your kids are playing basketball competitively in school or neighborhood leagues, a uniform is essential. Even for children who are not paying basketball competitively, a uniform is a good investment because it will help them take the game more seriously.

The basics are shirts or jerseys, either for practice or game time. They also need shorts, socks, and possibly tracksuits and jackets. Accessories such as wristbands are also fun and cool for kids to wear.

4. Basketball Sneakers

If there is one piece of gear that can really boost your kid’s basketball game, it’s sneakers. Don’t compromise and buy running shoes or tennis shoes.

Basketball shoes have certain inbuilt advantages that make them uniquely ideal for the basketball court.

For instance, basketball shoes have high tops and are stiff and bulky while running shoes are small and light. It is this stiff, high-top design that ensures your child’s ankles are protected, enabling them to make abrupt starts and stops while playing.

Basketball is a very fast game and involves lots of sudden changes in movement. Basketball shoes are built to absorb the resulting impact, and in this way protect a player’s joints, knees, and even spine.

Furthermore, basketball shoes have traction patterns on their soles which ensure players don’t slide or slip when they are running across the court.

5. Basketball Bag

The best thing about a good basketball bag is that it solves the question of where to put the ball. This is a great advantage when your kid wants to go out and play basketball with his friends.

In addition, it’s convenient for storing their basketball uniform when they are going somewhere like school where they can’t just show up in their basketball jersey and short. They can also store their headphones, first aid kit, water bottle, mouth guard, and any other basketball gear they need.

Accordingly, the right bag should provide enough space to store anything your kid requires, including personal items like phones or wallets.

Your two main options are a backpack or a duffel bag. However, if you want your kid to enjoy the advantages of both bag types, you can get a combination bag.

Combination bags come with straps that give your kid the choice of whether they want to carry the bag on their back or over their shoulders.

6. Protective Gear

Even for kids, basketball can be a rather rough sport, particularly when they are playing competitively. There are risks such as falling, being elbowed in the mouth, accidentally slamming into another player, or being hit in the face by a ball flying at a high speed.

To keep your child safe, it’s necessary that you get them protective accessories such as a mouth guard, arm sleeves, and knee pads.

For instance, the American Dental Association reports that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer dental injury when they are not wearing a mouth guard.

Kneepads are a foamy cushion with elastic sleeve that is worn around the knees. Due to the many likely incidents of falling when running, kneepads are indispensable gear for basketball. They absorb the impact of the fall, preventing injury. They also protect existing injuries by keeping them well-covered.

Arm sleeves do for the arms what kneepads do for the knees. They run from the player’s wrist to the biceps. They are similar to compression bandages, and are typically made of nylon or spandex.

On this same issue of keeping your child safe, it’s also important to have a first aid kit handy in case they suffer injuries.

Final Verdict

Let’s conclude by putting everything in proper perspective. All your kid needs to play basketball is a ball and a hoop. Sneakers are also important. Protective gear, particularly the first aid kit, is necessary.

If your child is in a team or is very serious about basketball, you should get them the uniform and the bag. All in all, everything on this list is necessary for your child to truly enjoy the game Jordan played.

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