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How To Become A Basketball Coach: A Newbies Guide!

With basketball being a highly popular sport that everyone—from kids to adults—want to learn, the demand for a basketball coach is always high.

As a basketball coach, you’ll need to teach your team how to play the hoops game, work together as a team, and even motivate your students.

Your job will revolve around improving your team’s defensive and offensive skills and their overall physical conditioning.

If you’d like to become a basketball coach, the following guide will take you all the steps and tips to help you become a competent coach.

BEFORE you get into coaching:

Before you become a coach, it’s important to know that there are certain aspects and attributes that an ideal candidate should have.

First, you ought to know how to play the hoops game (being talented in the game is also an added advantage).

You should also know all the rules and regulations of the game. You’ll also need a lot of patience as coaching isn’t always an easy job.

Above all, you should be open and willing to accept criticism from others. This will help you improve on areas you might not be doing well.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the specific steps that you need to take to become a hoops coach.

Step One: Learn the game


The most important thing you need to do if interested in coaching is studying the game and gaining as much information as its possible.

You can get all the information you need about the game by reading books, watching lots of basketball games, watching basketball tutorial videos, asking for advice from other coaches as well as your former mentors, and so much more.

When studying, you should focus on basketball fundamentals, running drills, specific defense and offense sets.

Building a massive wealth of knowledge about the game will go a long way in helping you learn all the limitations and exceptions associated with various basketball games.

Step Two: Get coaching experience

After you’ve consumed enough knowledge about the game, you can then start building some coaching experience.

The best part about this step is that you don’t need to attend a class to become a coach. Some proven methods of gaining the necessary coaching experience include:

  • Volunteering to coach: if you want to gain firsthand coaching experience easily, volunteer to coach. This is a great way to gain experience as you’ll get a better understanding of leadership and coaching management. Volunteering will also give you the perfect platform and test and implement your newly learned strategies and techniques.
  • Attending basketball camps and coaching clinics: this will give you an opportunity to learn from the experts. Besides, it’ll also help widen your connections that will prove helpful in building your new coaching career.

Step Three: Look for a coaching job

basketball coach

The problem with most people is that they avoid getting into this step until after years because they think they’re not good enough.

The fact, however, is that the best time to go for it as right now! After you’ve volunteered for several games and attended 1-2 clinics and camps, you can start looking for positions.

Remember that you’re not the only person aspiring to become a coach, so the competition is fierce out there and only the bold will get favored.

Some of the avenues where you should start your job search include:

  • Local youth facilities like YWCA or YMCA
  • High schools. Most of them have coaching vacancies. Though most of them favor people with experience in the field, don’t hesitate to try your luck there.
  • Home and summer league will be a good start point for a new coach as they’re more laid back compared to the other leagues
  • Recreational centers can also give you an opportunity to put your coaching abilities to test.
  • Other ways of getting coaching jobs include checking newspapers, regularly checking posting at the recreational centers, asking your mentors for referrals, etc.

Step Four: Show commitment and availability

After you get a job as a basketball coach, two aspects will determine how long you’ll hold the new position—commitment and availability.

As long as you’ve got the passion for coaching, you’ll absolutely show commitment to it. And with full commitment, you’ll be able to share your valuable time with your players and teach them the necessary skills and knowledge of the game.

If you get invited for several positions, we suggest that you study all of them, understand the job specifications and time commitment of each, and choose which one best fits you by enabling you to balance family time and coaching time.

Remember your coaching expertise will be measured not only through experienced but also the effort you input to achieve more satisfying results.

Step Five: Flexibility is everything in coaching

basketball coaching

Along your journeyer to becoming a top basketball coach, you’ll have to incorporate many changes.

The could be in the form of new skills, strategies, techniques, and so on. As a basketball coach, you’ll need to be flexible and be able to incorporate all the changes into your training. They’ll help improve your players and the team as a whole.

As we mentioned earlier, you should also be open to criticism and comments from others. While not all criticism is genuine, some of it can open your eyes into areas you’re doing it wrong and help you improve your coaching for the better.

Final Word

If you aspire to become a pro basketball coach, this guide will show you all the critical steps that you should observe to reach there.

Build a wealth of knowledge about all the game aspects first, then look for coaching experience, look for jobs as a new coach, and concentrate on building your expertise and reputation.

Just remember that basketball coach is a pretty rewarding and you can make a career out of it. Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can become a coach and build their career all the way up to the pro level.

All you need is the willingness to learn, hard work, and determination.

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