Best 7×7 Cubes Reviews

Top 5 Best 7×7 Cubes Reviews and Buying Guide For 2020

If you are a 7x7 cuber, looking to buy a good cube that you can practice with, or maybe play professionally with, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not easy finding the best 7x7 cube, especially if you are a beginner. Possibly, that is why you are here, looking at reviews, trying to decide which one would be best to purchase.

You gotta know first what factors you are looking for.

With more giant cubes, you need to consider the lock-ups, speed, and corner-cutting. These are factors which generally turn out to be flawed with ample cubes.

Some people like the pillowed version of this cube too, which is fine, as long as the quality suits you.

Just know that if you are a beginner in this world, you will want to learn a bit more about different cubes and what to or not to look for.

5 Best 7x7 Cube Reviews

To find the perfect cube for you to solve, it's best if you look at reviews of a few of the products. Heeding the opinions of fellow cubers and enthusiasts could help in finding something that has excellent quality, and won't let you down.

Here is a list of some of the best cubes you could go for, and detailed reviews on their performances.

1. V-Cube 7 Multicolor

Those of you looking for good quality pillowed cubes, you’re in luck because it exists! You will find that using this cube is very easy, whether that is for practice or professional competitions. It’s quite popular among cubers, who know if what they’re getting is worth the money.

How can you tell that this cube is of good quality? Well, it's heavy and has an excellent feel to it, which is unique because that proves that it is made of sturdy material. You can be sure to play with it for a long time since the product is exceptionally durable.

It is essential that the cube you play with, especially at competitions, is one of the smoothest out there. And this is. At every turn, you will find that the smoothness helps increase your speed. This trait makes it perfect for speedcubers who might want to train for competitions.

However, despite being one of the best 7x7 cubes out there, it has its share of drawbacks. Because the pieces are comparatively smaller, they tend to break apart sometimes, during use. Or, the colored stickers could come off, with too much friction. It's a small drawback but one worth noting.


  • Pillowed cube
  • Smooth and fast
  • Great for speedcubers


  • Small pieces can be fragile

2. Shengshou 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle, black

Shengshou is known for making cube puzzles, and getting them right, in a way that no one else can. This one is not pillowed, but it still works wonders when you are playing. With all the traits a good player could want in it, this cube cuts as one of the bests in the market.

It's an excellent quality cube at a reasonable price, so it could even be great for kids to use. For a cube this big, it is very smooth. You won't have to use excessive force for any of the turns, which makes it perfect for games where you need a little more speed.

For some 7x7 cubes, the stickers tend to come off very quickly, with just a little use. You won't face that problem with this one though. Despite the size, the labels still stay on for a long time, and you can even take some off, attach new ones, and play again, without anything to worry about.

The one problem you will find when using this cube is that sometimes, it may lock up. This could slow down your game, so if you are speedcuber, you may want to look elsewhere. For people who want to practice or learn with this puzzle, it's perfect. Only when speed is an important issue, will this drawback bug you.


  • Smooth and easy to play with
  • Durable stickers
  • Affordable


  • Lock-ups may slow you down

3. CuberSpeed QiYi QiXing S Stickerless Bright Magic

This cube is perfect for beginners, just getting into this field of interest. You can use this to learn and practice your game since the product is quite cheap. It can also endure the right amount of use so you can even give it to kids as a gift.

Even though it is called "Cuberspeed," it is not suitable for speedcubing. As good as the cube is in other ways, it is far too stiff for playing fast with. This is why it's perfect for beginners or people who are looking to practice. You can learn with this, but if you want to be fast, you will have to swing for another cube.

But if you go slowly, this is a high cube to work with. It is very durable, despite having smaller pieces. Plus, the blocks are colored, without the glued-on stickers, unlike other cubes. This is great because then, you won't have to worry about the labels prying off with use.

Smoothness in turns is essential with these cubes. You won't want too many lock-ups when you're playing, as it will significantly disrupt your game. With this super smooth and quiet cube, you won't have to worry about that. You can adjust the tension of the cube, too, so everything stays entirely under your control.


  • Durable
  • Stickerless colored pieces
  • Adjustable tension
  • Smooth


  • Turns are stiff and slow

4. 55CUBE 7x7 Cube Set Stickerless


This is another of the stickerless variety, but this time, you’re getting two cubes, in a set! With a 7x7, which you are already looking for, you will also receive a 6x6 cube in your purchase. And both of these have similar, great qualities, suitable for professional competitions, or use at home.

Because these cubes are stickerless, you won’t ever have to worry about the colors peeling off, and getting new cubes or pieces, just for that. The colors which are already on the parts of these cubes never fade, even after use for many years. Unless the cube breaks, there will be no need for a replacement.

Also, the cubes are very durable, so you won't have to worry much about breaking them unless you are super rough while handling them. That's a trait speedcubers look for, since solving the puzzles super fast may make some of them pop. This won’t though, so you can rest assured, knowing this purchase will last you a while.

The only problem is that because of the not-so-smooth turns of these; you may automatically be slowed down a little. It's not a big deal really unless you compete, but you may find that this cube is a little stiff. However, with use, it actually may loosen up, and you can play with it much more comfortably.


  • No stickers and no faded colors
  • Durable


  • Can be a bit stiff

5. DishyKooker Cyclone Boys 7x7x7 G7 High-Speed Cube 


This, too, is a stickerless 7x7 cube, which is something many users tend to prefer. It's a great trait; it means you won't ever have to worry about buying additional stickers, once the existing ones peel off. That is, after all, the case with most cubes that have colored stickers.

You may, however, have to worry a little about getting extra pieces for your cube. This cube, while having many other great qualities, may pop if handled too roughly. So, you may find that during practice, or even an intense game, a piece or two is popping off.

But if you want this cube for speedcubing, you won't have much of a problem handling it. The smoothness and rotation are all adjustable so that you can change them up to your liking. And enough comfort will ensure far better gameplay.


  • Adjustable smoothness
  • No stickers


  • Overuse could cause pieces to pop

How to Solve a 7x7 Rubik’s Cube

As a beginner, you can't just buy a 7x7 cube; you must learn how to solve it as well. By that way, you can practice at home with the cube you buy, and get better and faster every day. If you already know how to solve smaller cubes, like the 3x3, or the 5x5, you won't find this hard.

It would be better to start from the smaller ones, first, as the 7x7 is a bit more complicated. Usually, cubers do tend to move up from smaller cubes to larger ones. So, if you would like to learn how to solve a sizeable 7x7 cube, keep on reading, and then practice!

Start with the Center

When solving such a giant puzzle, it's best if you start from the center. So, with an unsolved cube, choose one of the sides and figure out which color it is supposed to be. The color of the center-most piece will help you match the colors.

Say, you’ve started with the white side, you can first start by creating a 1x5 white bar. Turn and shift the pieces to bring the white blocks to the surface you want them on. Try to solve about 5x5 of the side you are working on, then move on to the next color.

Then, when you move on to the next color, you must make sure that the side you already solved does not get messed up. To avoid destroying the already complete surface, keep a close eye on the pieces you are shifting.

If you have to turn one slice, turn it, then go back over, twist and change the solved bit back into position. This way, it stays where it has to. When you have a solution on the second side, turn it in another direction before going back and fixing the former, or you will make a huge mess.

Now, when you're solving the third side, make sure you keep the two already solved sides on the left and right. That way, you will only have to move the pieces in the middle, and won't risk messing up the parallel surfaces.

After the third side is done, you will probably have 2x2 squares on each side, in different colors. You'll want to shift those and turn them into 3x3s first. Remember, with these sides, only turn three slices at a time.

The top slice can be transformed every four ways since that action will not really mess anything up, but the slices in the middle must go three at a time.

Lastly, when solving the last few sides, completed bars from other colors may get shifted to different parties. Don't worry if that happens because, with a few twists and slides, you can always move them back where they belong. Once the centers of all the sides are complete, you can move forward to do the edges.

Now for the Edges

Always remember, when solving the edges of the cube, you must start with the white side on top. Again, you can start by pairing the whites together first. Use different algorithms to shift the pieces to the right hands, and as long as the moves are correct, you won’t risk messing up the already solved centers.

You won't have to solve all the edges at once, for one color. And you will probably have some additional corner pieces left, which require some matching up. If you complete three sides of the white, you can go ahead and move on to the color opposite the white and do the same for that.

When you are done with almost all the colors, only four edges and some corners should be left to solve. At this stage, you may realize if something has gone wrong. Mistakes when solving any of the centers or edges could make the cube unsolvable.

In that case, you will have to go back, figure out the error, and solve it again correctly. Otherwise, the rest of the process is pretty straightforward. You can twist, shift, and use the correct algorithms to pair the colors right.

Features to Consider Before Buying

Finding a good cube, or one of the bests, is not easy, especially if you are only beginning to learn about them. So, if you are off to purchase a cube that is worth the money, you should go in, knowing what characteristics you are looking for.

There are some qualities suitable for speedcubers, while others work fine with beginners. If you know which features make a 7x7 cube a good one, you can make an informed decision. To do that, you can keep reading and figure out what you want, according to the traits suitable for you.


A cube with smooth turns will give you better speed, which is a necessity for speedcubers. So, you need to find a cube that won't hold you back in case of speed. A cube that is smooth but not too loose is perfect for taking to the competition.

Pop Resistance 

Speedcubers mostly use 7x7 cubes, but often, a quick solution can lead to a few blocks popping out. That doesn't count as super durable, which is something you need if you will be making many turns in a few seconds.

Lock-up Resistance 

With many cubes that lack the best quality you’re looking for, you may accidentally find one that tends to lock up during quick turns. This is not an issue for beginners but one if you are a speedcuber. So, look for a smooth cube, with enough lock-up resistance.

Corner Twist 

This is a rare phenomenon but still one you should maybe look out for. This occurs when a corner piece gets twisted into itself, and you have to wrap the block back. Otherwise, for the moment, you won't be able to solve the puzzle at all. Thus, it is imperative to find a cube that has no twists, lock-ups, etc.


You may think that a light cube will be much easier to use, and that does make some sense, to be fair. They may be easier to turn and solve, but they could also pop or break easily.

Especially if you are a speedcuber, you may find that denser cubes, or ones that feel more solid, are lasting far longer, even with rough use. So, you should go for those.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if a sticker comes off from a piece of the cube?

Most of these cubes come with some extra stickers, which you can glue on to the pieces. If you can't find any, you can always contact the manufacturer and often, they send an extra set over. The same goes for popped pieces.

2. The cube is too stiff. Is there any way it can be made smoother?

Some of the cubes have adjustable tightness. So, you can always fix it up, so it matches the smoothness you prefer. Otherwise, over time and use, solid cubes tend to loosen up a little and the turn gets smoother.

3. Are the stickers rough or smooth on these cubes?

All these cubes have smooth stickers on the pieces.

4. Do stickers fall off too easily?

For the stickered cubes, they do come off over time. If you are worried about that, you can go for stickerless ones. But the stickered ones do come with extra stickers.

5. Are these cubes too heavy?

None of these can be termed too heavy. Some are a little lighter, while others are a bit more solid. The slightly heavier ones tend to be more durable, though.

Finals Words

Whether you are a speedcuber, a professional, or a beginner, you will want to have the best 7x7 cube to play with. That calls for smoothness, fewer lock-ups, and generally good performance. To get that, make sure you know from beforehand, what you are buying and what you are looking for.

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