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Best Ankle Brace For Football Reviews | Expert’s Advice 2020

Playing football is one of the most entertaining physical activities you can do. But with all this fun, football also delivers great dangers. And one of these dangers is an injury. It could be on your arms, knees, hands, muscles, or the most common of all – in your ankle.

That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of injuries and prevent them. With the best ankle brace for football,you can do this and get even more benefits. Want to learn more about these magnificent products?

Don’t waste more of your time and come find out!

Why Should You Use It?

A football ankle support is not an accessory that offers stylish benefits, but instead something that protects you from injuries when playing. Here are two main advantages of using ankle support;


After an injury, you want to reduce inflammation, swelling,and pain. The best way to do that is by using something with compression that pressures your ankle or foot to relieve any condition. It also offers support to prevent further damage.

Injury Prevention

If you are having pain in the ankle or around that area in your foot, it probably means weakness. And with weakness, you have a high possibility to develop an injury. Using an ankle brace allows you to prevent an injury with a weakened ankle. The same happens if you are getting out of a past injury.

Our Best Ankle Brace For Football Players

As experts in the matter, there’s nothing more important than to point out which products are worth it and which are not. Here we bring ten of the best ankle supports you’ll find in the market that will both prevent injuries and offer excellent performance while playing football.

1. Ultra Ankle Zoom Brace

The Zoom’s brace from Ultra Ankle is a durable option for users expecting a reliable product even with the harshest of gameplay. You won’t feel like it restricts movement or lowers your performance; instead, it helps you achieve great motion without fearing tear or breaking in the process.

You can use it for any activity too, including playing any sport or just stepping on the sidewalk. The process to put it on doesn’t take more than just a few seconds, and it will protect your feet for hours non-stop.

It is an entirely protective brace, much better than a sleeve or lace-up options out there, as it doesn’t restrict movement at all. The whole purpose of this brace is to promote a natural movement in the ankle, always delivering an injury-free performance even with the most demanding sports.

This means you get a brace that helps you achieve exceptional performance. In sports such as soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball where movement is crucial and the most critical aspect for excellent results – this brace will come like the ideal choice.

You won’t have to sit back and watch your teammates; instead, you can now forget about the injury or pain in the ankle with the hugely useful Zoom brace from Ultra Ankle.

It’s important to remember that this is a product that lasts years, along with two color options (black and white) and two different sizes, for small/medium and large/extra-large users.


  • Excellent durability & resistance for a worry-free experience
  • Superb protective action that keeps you away from injuries
  • Provides great natural mobility with little movement restriction
  • Takes no time to put on and off when needed and offers little discomfort


  • Rear part touches the Achilles tendon area which can be a bother when playing football

2. Venom Sports Fitness Ankle Support

Rehabilitating from a football injury is not easy, especially when you want to keep doing the same activities that may have caused it. When you have a condition that demands care and protection, you will need to use something effective& comfortable – something like the Ankle Support from Venom.

It will help you get better by using high-quality compression in the tendons, alongside stabilization that prevents irregular or damaging movements when doing any physical activity.

Your recovery time will be shorter,and the benefits will be larger with this brace, using exceptional support that not only protects you against injury but also offers great mobility with little restriction.

This support boasts stabilizers and an arch design that reduces pain exponentially by adding pressure. And it will also help you with different conditions including sprains, arthritis, and swelling.

The interesting part comes with the adjustable double-strap support and laces so you can fit the brace well enough to your feet without losing comfort, pressure or movement.

Another main advantage is the light design that despite helping to move more freely than other ankle options, it also offers moisture-wicking construction with a hugely breathable design.

This adds not only great ventilation that prevents bad smell but also makes the product more durable and resistant. And of course, it manages to fit comfortably in any shoe.

You get four different sizes with this fantastic ankle support, which is ideal for versatility, so more users can use it effortlessly. Add the PDF guide with injury treatments that comes as an extra with this brace,and it becomes one of the best choices for sure.


  • Superb compression helps to improve injuries faster than other options
  • Well-made stabilizers & arc-design provide great pressure for pain relief
  • Light and comfortable construction with a breathable design for durability
  • Comes in various sizes and with a helpful PDF guide for injury treatment


  • Takes a lot of time & effort to put on with the straps and laces

3. Vive Sprained Ankle Brace

Vive is one of the few brands in the market that makes high-quality without leaving much to be desired. And the Sprained Ankle Brace they offer is no exception.

This excellent supportive wear comes with lateral and medial straps, which not only adds superior compression to your ankle but also attaches more securely to your feet. It will reduce the pain,and inflammation that other products won’t while safely holding to your feet with extra-strong fasteners.

You won’t have a problem wearing it, although it takes a little more than expected to put on.But along with its compression and strength, it offers superb stabilization for your joints and tendons.

You will get the ideal protection against new injuries, as well as pain reduction for conditions such as tend on it is, sprains, arthritis, muscle fatigue, and even surgery.

All of this is done thanks to the adjustable compression bands with cross-brace design. You will get a perfect pressure and pain relief, using a neoprene build that increases therapeutic heat and blood circulation in your foot.

It also offers decent mobility, thanks to a customized fit with strong hook and loop fasteners. With the contoured design with open heel, you’ll achieve enough motion to prevent injury but still practice your favorite physical activities.

And it does it alongside a breathable and light design due to the neoprene, so you get a product that does its best to protect you from injuries.


  • Top-notch adjustable cross-brace strap designs for compression & safety
  • Provides high stabilization for tendons & joints for injury prevention
  • Very strong hook and loop fasteners for strength & pressure
  • Light and breathable Neoprene build for mobility and comfort


  • Can cause skin abrasions when used without socks

4. Shock Doctor Ultra-Gel Ankle Support

Shock Doctor

Made of 849 Ultra-Gel material, this ankle support from Shock Doctor won’t let you down when it comes to compression quality and comfort. It offers everything the most demanding users could expect, from excellent results to superb durability and unbeatable healing and support.

Coming with a lace-up wrap design, you get a comfortable product, especially with the internal gel cushions. But this gel has a significant advantage over many other options, and it is the therapeutic warmth it offers.

You’ll receive the ideal compression and pressure with adjustability that alongside this warmth will help you heal faster and achieve excellent recovery times.

Another exciting part of this high-quality brace is the addition of a pre-curve tongue. It protects and stabilizes your ankle further, getting the ideal alignment and support so you can prevent injuries effectively.

It is easily the perfect product for those who want stability, support, alignment,and healing in the same packet.

This is all due to the synthetic construction that provides Performance 3 level of recovery. It benefits any athlete to achieve excellent performance with medium stability for moderate injuries that need healing.

You’ll get enough support and healing to get rid of injuries fast but with a slight improvement in mobility & comfort that other options don’t offer. And the best of all is that you get finger tabs for pulling up to your foot quickly. Add the non-slip footbed,and you’ll get a product that’s easy to put on, supportive, and hugely comfortable.


  • High-quality ultra-gel build with latex for great recovery performance
  • Excellent design with cushions and pre-curved tongue for stability & comfort
  • Aligns, heals, stabilizes and supports with Performance Level 3 design
  • Useful addition of finger tabs & non-slip footbed for convenience


  • Lacing design makes it hard & time-consuming to put on and take off

5. Crucial Compression Foot and Ankle Compression Sleeves

Crucial Compression

The Foot and Ankle Compression Sleeves stand out for two main things: their flexibility and comfort. Crucial Compression made a high-quality product for injury protection and recovery using nylon, spandex,and rubber which is light, breathable, and versatile.

These sleeves are ideal for those who want to achieve great performance in their sports. Using Comfort Flex design, these sleeves not only offer enough mobility but also prevent blood circulation issues.

You will obtain a product that also breathes and does not meal too bad while helping you receive the right compression for injury healing.

The effects of using these sleeves are immediate. Whether it is swelling or soreness, putting them, one will immediately relief your conditions. It will improve circulation exponentially and support your feet even with the harshest of activities.

You won’t believe how helpful it is, especially for its flexible and well-made design.You could say all this excellence comes from the top-notch construction it offers. Using double-stitching with spandex, nylon, and rubber, these sleeves manage to support your feet well but also last a lifetime effortlessly.

Whatever the sport you are trying to practice, this magnificent set of support sleeves will excellently compress your feet to keep you out of injuries without harming performance at all.

With its vascular effects, fatigue improvement, and pain relief – this excellent football ankle support offers almost unbeatable quality.


  • Flexible construction makes it suitable for highly demanding jobs
  • Incredible compression that helps blood circulation and relieves pain
  • Totally durable & well-made for a more satisfying and worry-free experience
  • Light design prevents fatigue & offers excellent comfort


  • Not recommended for moderate injuries that need high injury healing effects

6. MEDIZED Ankle Stabilizer


Medized focuses on products that prevent and heal injuries effectively. And the Ankle Stabilizer is exactly that – a brace with exceptional protection system and high-quality healing properties.

The key advantages of having this ankle stabilizer are the prevention of injuries and distortion. You’ll also get the ideal support for treatment as well, and increased ankle stability that allows a free but helpful movement. And the best of all, you can use this brace in practically any sport.

But the real key benefit is the top-notch rehabilitation and mobilization performance. When you need to overcome a strain or sprain problem, this brace is the perfect prophylactic option.

Not only it helps to heal and protect, but also promotes exceptional support for weak ankles. The compression and comfort are outstanding, which alongside the superior protection make this brace a valuable choice.

With all these advantages you also get a hugely useful design, ideal for comfort and versatility. It is entirely well-made, offering a low-profile design and very secure to use. When you need to achieve more stability and less restriction, this brace won’t let you down.

The brace comes with two cross-fitting straps that form an 8 to tighten up. This elevates the pressure and support with no discomfort. It also achieves great movement and secures the ankle in place, so you move freely but safely.

Anyone who has problems with ankle instability will probably find the Ankle Stabilizer from Medizied an excellent option.


  • Superb construction for high compression that keeps injuries away
  • Great prophylactic properties that boost injury-healing performance
  • Very comfortable low-profile design so you can play any sport freely
  • Tightens up a lot for a more secure and pressurized experience


  • Thick sides can make it hard to fit inside sport shoes

7. Protle Foot Socks Ankle Brace


If there’s an option you shouldn’t dismiss, it is the Protle Foot Socks with Ankle Brace. This is the best ankle brace for football you’ll find, not only because they are immensely supportive when you have injuries, but because they will help you achieve the best performance possible.

Made of polyamide, latex, and spandex, these socks will help you achieve more flexibility than other braces out there. But the real advantage comes from the silicone gel inserts in the socks, ideal to support your ankle ligament and protect the Malleolus bones from injuries.

When it comes to pain relief, you also get outstanding results. With its soft construction and flexible design, you still get enough compression to relieve pain from different conditions including tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, inflammation, and many more. Even soreness and stiffness will be released so you can play football without feeling overwhelmed by any issue.

But the most important benefit of having these braces is the exceptional comfort you get. It is flexible and purely performance-oriented. All thanks to the anatomical design using 3D weaving technology, providing the ideal pressure all around the ankle.

This also means you get blood circulation improvement, better recovery results,and unbeatable comfort.

If you want a pair of supportive socks for performance, this is an option to consider at all times. The 360-degree elasticity will meet even the most demanding users’ expectations. Even more so if you consider the fantastic breathable design that keeps feet safe and odorless.


  • Outstanding breathability and lights for increased comfort
  • High-quality construction with gel inserts for support in ankles
  • Great pain-relief effects for several conditions even while playing
  • Excellent 3D weaving technology for unmatched performance


  • Bulky side support can make it hard to put on with shoes

8. DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

DonJoy Performance

With the whole purpose to prevent further injuries when playing football, the On Demand technology of Donjoy Performance POD Ankle Brace provides what every player desires. You won’t get rigidness or lack of mobility; instead, you get a brace that engages in the most critical moments to prevent damage.

The support it offers is simply unmatched, mainly because it still manages to be a magnificently versatile & flexible brace. Using a soft lining made of EVA that meets the skin, it feels really comfortable to play with.

But it is the TPU shell that not only helps you prevent injuries but also adapts to your feet effectively to increase overall support without damaging movement.

All this means you get an almost perfect option, especially if you are going for injury prevention over anything else. It fits practically any shoe without issues,and it’s totally adjustable with a strap on the low-profile cuff.

You won’t have to spend minutes tying or tighten it up either, as it is straightforward and easy to use. The support it offers for its simplicity is just outstanding, even more so when you consider that it is so thin that you may not even feel it when playing.

When it comes to getting a product that offers the most natural option possible for movement while reducing injury probability, the POD from DoJoy Performance is the product to go for. Simplicity at its best – that’s precisely what this amazing brace delivers.


  • Superb construction with EVA lining for comfort & TPU shell for support
  • Exceptional On-Demand technology that acts in the right moment to prevent wrong movements
  • Versatile and flexible design helps to achieve great mobility
  • Simple and straightforward design that demands little to no effort


  • Not interchangeable so you’ll have to buy one for the right foot

9. BBLEF Ankle Compression Sleeve

BBLEF Ankle Compression Sleeve

A mix between a sleeve and strap support, the BBLEF compression brace is an ideal option for those who want superb pressure for pain relief and high mobility.

Its targeted advantage is to work as a healing product. The compression it offers helps with blood circulation which eventually brings great recovery from different conditions including heel spurs, joint pain, or even plantar fasciitis.

But as another similar benefit, you get an Inflammation Reduction Technology that works to improve overall condition of the ankle. Especially when you use it after an injury, this brace will help you recover faster and more effectively without any drawback.

The product is still breathable and comfortable, relieving pain while offering enough mobility for a wide array of activities, including playing football in the harshest of conditions.

It comes with a non-neoprene fabric, which means you get durability but with anutterly skin-friendly touch that prevents bad smell and skin abrasion or allergies.

You’ll get outstanding comfort, but it is the lightness and thinness of its build that makes it so amazing at the end. You won’t have any problem putting it on, it won’t prevent movement, and it will still fit in any shoe effortlessly.

And to make it even better, you’ll get a totally washable product so you can keep clean & ready to use at all times.


  • High-quality non-neoprene construction for durability, breathability,and support
  • Really light and thin design provides excellent mobility and comfort
  • Inflammation Reduction Technology increases healing effects with great compression
  • Offers superb movement while improving blood circulation for injury healing


  • Low-quality stitching may feel a little unreliable for playing for a long time

10. 4UMOR Ankle Brace

4UMOR Ankle Brace

One of the cheapest yet most comfortable and highly reliable options – the 4UMOR is an ankle brace for those who want great results at a low price.

It fits practically any person with an effectively versatile design. You won’t have any problem putting it on as it comes with Velcro straps that attach safely to each other making an 8 figure to protect and compress your ankle.

But the material is what gives the result you want. Made of neoprene, this brace provides superb comfort and breathability, so you feel comfortable at all times. However, it is the compression effect with soothing pressure that increases its overall capacity.

This also means the brace is one of the driest, which is an excellent choice for those who like playing football in moist climates.

And of course, it comes with a unique bandage design that not only offers the ventilated experience and thermolysis to heal any injury but also helps to wear the product for long with no drawbacks.

The real advantage of using this ankle brace, however, comes from the pressure belt and its excellent compression. You’ll receive healing effects while avoiding potential injuries.

Anyone can use it for a meager price and get the support and injury prevention that’s essential for a product like this. It’s merely one of the best, even for the most demanding users.


  • High-quality Neoprene construction for great breathability & comfort
  • Superb Velcro belt design for excellent compression & thermolysis
  • Incredibly cheap despite providing astonishing results
  • Protects from injuries effectively while allowing decent mobility


  • Not the most durable stitching & lining

The Perfect Football Ankle Brace - Buying Guide

Finding the best ankle brace for football or any other sport is not an easy deed, especially when you know little to nothing about these products. Luckily for you, here we bring all the necessary factors an excellent ankle brace needs to have to be worthy. Read up to learn more about them!


There are various types of ankle braces, even though they offer almost the same benefits. Yet, knowing the different will help you pick the ideal option according to your needs and desires.

The first type of brace is the sleeve. Sleeves are generally made of knit fabric or neoprene, typically designed with the whole purpose of providing moderate protection & compression for pain relief effects.

They work really well for people with arthritis, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, yet they provide excellent mobility due to light and comfortable design.

Then you have ankle supports with straps. They have a similar design to sleeves, but instead of being like a sock, they come with straps that form an 8 to compress feet effectively.

These braces are the ideal ones for someone who wants to keep their ankle protected at all times and prevent unnecessary movements. They can still be used for playing, but they offer less mobility than sleeves.

Finally, you find the lace-up braces. Lace-up braces use the same design than ankle support,but instead of straps they use laces.

This helps to increase overall pressure and compression, which means superior support and protection. But with this tightness, you also get minimal movement, as they are mainly designed to heal injuries than to prevent them.

Support & Compression

The support and compression of a brace is critical to know whether it works or not. With more pressure or support, the more compression you have and the higher the protection it offers. But the more compression it delivers, the more likely it is to be stiff and hard to move.

That’s why you should always pick something that fits your needs. Lace-up and strap supports are both excellent choices for more pressure & compression over anything else. If you don’t need that much compression, go for a sleeve brace.

Comfort & Flexibility

Always go for something that fits your mobility needs. And here you need to consider both the material of the product (the more rigid the materials, the less flexibility) and the overall construction of the brace.

A lace-up brace or support with straps will not be as flexible or comfortable as a sleeve with no plastic parts. This also means they may provide a hotter feeling in the feet and eventually restrict movement exponentially.

If you want something that doesn’t restrict your movement and is comfortable enough to play football effectively, go for a sleeve brace. Otherwise, you may pick any of the other two types.


When people try buying a football ankle support, they start having doubts about whether they chose the right one or whether the product is ideal for their needs. Here, we try to answer some of these doubts:

Q: Can I still suffer an injury while wearing an ankle brace?

A: An ankle brace, especially the most rigid ones, are specifically designed to prevent injuries and heal them.

However, with the less compressive options and even with the rigid ones, you may still have a certain level of danger when playing football. But the injuries when using an ankle brace tend to be far less damaging.

Q: How much is an ankle brace supposed to last?

A: It all depends on the amount of physical activity you are invested in when using your brace. Typically, football players who are using braces at all times to reduce pain or heal injuries tend to replace their braces between six months to one year.

Yet, if you are someone who uses a brace every now and then and only needs it to prevent injuries, your brace may last up to two years or more.

Q: Should I wash my ankle brace?

A: Yes, washing/cleaning them is an excellent way not only to keep the product smelling nice but also to increase overall durability of the product. It’s recommended to clean your ankle brace using a damped cloth with soap.

Q: Is there a specific time where I shouldn’t wear ankle braces?

A: There’s almost no exception when it comes to using an ankle brace. However, most manufacturers advise not to use them when sleeping, taking a shower or on rainy days.

Final Verdict

You won’t have the ideal option in front of your eyes; you’ll have to look for it instead. And to do that, there’s nothing more important than to consider all the advice and recommendations from experts. For us, the best ankle brace for football is the one that meets your needs and desires first.

As a football player, you’ll have to choose wisely. Otherwise, you may eventually have a bad experience. But as we’re sure on our knowledge and the advice in this article, we know that if you think it through well enough before buying – you’ll have no regrets.

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