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10 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Reviewed For 2020

Let me explain to you why wearing the best basketball shoes for ankle support when playing basketball is important…

The sport involves sprinting, jumping, dodging, and making sudden pivots, cuts, and stops. All these movements are sure to cause stretching, tearing, and even rapture of your ankle stabilizing ligaments.

And the result?

You guessed it right…you’ll be subject to ankle injuries which can range from a simple ankle strain to severe ankle bone fractures and ankle sprains.

This will send you off the court for weeks. And once your ankle gets injured, chances of getting injured again are pretty high.

Don’t worry, though!

Putting on a good pair of ankle support shoes when playing the hoops game can help significantly prevent ankle injuries, allowing you to play your game safely.

The following post will discuss more details about these special shoes (plus the 10 top-rated pairs you can find on the market today!)

Why You Need Ankle Support Basketball Shoes?

Wearing a pair of good ankle support basketball shoes helps prevent ankle injuries and sprains that are common among all basketball players.

As we’ve already stated above, basketball is one of the sports that require quickly changing directions. And this means your ankle can easily get twisted as you run across the court or get rolled while cutting and pivoting on the court or even landing wrongly after a jump.

The result is a swollen ankle that hurts a lot when you try to walk.

broken ankle

The good news is that wearing the shoes intended for ankle support will offer excellent lateral support for your ankles. In other words, they help stabilize your feet and make it invert less—greatly reducing the chances of ankle sprain occurring.

If you’re recovering from an ankle injury (or if you’re more prone to the injuries), you’ll also need a pair of basketball shoes with ankle support. This is because your ankle muscles are still weak and can easily get injured again.

When you’ve got shoes that support your ankles muscles, you’re less likely to get an ankle injury. You’ll become more agile and confident on the court with every move you make—without fear of an ankle sprain.

Our Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes:

1. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is one of the top-rated shoes that will offer your arches incredible support and ensure you don’t break your ankle while enjoying your favorite sport.

The high top shoe is designed to deliver maximum comfort. It features a breathable textile lining to allow free circulation of air and prevent your feet from soaking in sweat. The mesh tongue and heel insert also promote breathable comfort.

The shoe comes with a neoprene upper which offers your feet a dynamic fit for even greater comfort. Remember a snug fit is part of the shoe’s effectiveness in offering your ankles support.

Around the shoe’s midsole section, you’ll find a full-length boost for endless energy. The tinted TPU wraps around the boost and windows in the heel—resulting in unmatched cushioning.

The pair’s upgraded, innovative lacing system easily wraps around your feet to help relieve pressure.

Like all the top quality basketball shoes from Adidas and other reputable brands, this shoe comes with a quality rubber outsole. Its infinity shape facilitates stability around the midsole. And the coral power traction helps promote responsiveness while easily adjusting with every movement you make in the court.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% textile and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfort textile lining
  • Tinted TPU wrap over boost middle
  • Upgraded lacing system

2. Adidas Men's Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball Shoe, the latest release from Adidas’ Crazy Explosive series, is also a good choice for a player recovering from ankle injuries or those who want to prevent the same.

Just like the previous shoe, this model also comes with a high-top silhouette which is responsible for delivering the necessary support to your ankles. This helps immobilize your ankle muscles as you make all sorts of movements on the court, reducing the chances of an injury or sprain.

This shoe that will also grant you the comfort you need so that you can fully concentrate on your game. It comes with dual mesh plus synthetic upper construction which assures your feet of a breathable, comfortable environment.

It also features a classy boost cushioning which further enhances your comfort while ensuring maximum energy return with every jump you make—for top-notch performance!

Like the previous Adidas, this pair also comes with rubber soles which offer your durable traction on the basketball court, preventing slipping and possible injuries.

Highlighted features:

  • Dual mesh plus synthetic upper
  • High-top design for ankle support
  • Classic boost cushioning for optimal comfort
  • Rubber outsole

3. Under Armour Men's Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe

If you love Under Armour basketball shoes, this Men's Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe is a sure bet when it comes to keeping off ankle injuries and sprains that can send you off the court for weeks.

One reason why you’ll love these shoes is the generous ankle support they offer you. This is made possible by the leather and textile upper which snuggly fit your ankles and feet, for a maximum lateral support that keeps off ankle twisting and rolling attempts. The fact that these uppers are fully ventilated ensures your feet remain comfortable in these shoes.

We also like how the designer of this shoe optimized it for the ultimate comfort. From the compression molded EVA midsole which delivers lightweight and responsive ride to the die-cut EVA sockliner for underfoot support and cushioning; from the ventilated midfoot panel to the ankle collar with enhanced cushioning for superior comfort.

And unlike most of the basketball shoes out there, this pair comes with a toe cap which helps protect against toe drag while increasing the overall shoe durability. Not to forget the solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern for exceptional on-court control and movement.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% leather, textile upper
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Enhanced cushioning around ankle
  • Ventilated mesh midfoot panel
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is, without a single doubt, the oldest, most popular type of basketball shoe in the whole of America. Up to 60% of Americans have owned at least a pair. And basketball players still wear these shoes when playing the hoops game.

It gets better when you discover that this high top Chuck Tylor has what it takes to help you play safely, without rolling or injuring your ankle. That is, it features an upper canvas that fully covers and protects your ankles during the game.

What’s more, this canvas upper is 100% breathable and lightweight, ensuring it delivers the necessary comfort to your feet.

The ortholite insole is another great feature of this shoe. It provides you with the ultimate cushion with each and every step or jump you make on the court. The vulcanized rubber outsole assures you of durable traction on various court surfaces.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% textile
  • Rubber outsole
  • High-top sneaker
  • Ortholite insole for cushioning
  • Medial eyelets facilitate airflow

5. NIKE Lebron Witness II Mens Basketball Shoes

NIKE Lebron Witness II Mens Basketball Shoes also appears on our list of the best ankle support basketball shoes. As the name suggests, this shoe was inspired by the legend himself LeBron James. It’s designed with “ultralight containment with a propulsive response” in mind.

What makes this mid-cut model special when it comes to protecting your ankles from sprains is the Featherposite technology. This involves the decoupled Featherposite zones which wrap around the heel for excellent medial and lateral support while promoting ankle mobility.

The shoes feature fully exposed mesh uppers, with no fuse overlays, ensuring optimal airflow, breathability, and even flexibility!

For the cushion part, not many shoes can beat this model. It boasts of hex-shaped Zoom Air units around the forefoot, which deliver low profile cushioning as well as increased responsiveness. Also worth a mention is the Phylon midsole which offers you lightweight cushioning.

Like all the other shoes we’ve discussed above, this pair also comes with solid rubber outsoles with diamond traction patterns. For this reason, you can trust the shoe to do a good job on a variety of court surfaces.

Highlighted features:

  • Articulated inner collar for a comfortable feel
  • Synthetic uppers for ventilation
  • Synthetic toe cap
  • Forefoot mesh for breathability
  • Durable rubber outsole

6. Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

We all know that sliding in the court is one of the potential causes of rolled ankles. But this pair of shoes from Under Armour comes armed with external heel counters and midfoot shanks which work together to prevent this from happening. It provides heel, forefoot, and arch support—all of which result in excellent ankle support.

The shoe comes with unique Charged Cushion Technology which effectively absorbs impact, reducing the load rate in your ankles for an even safer gaming experience. What’s more, this cushioning system is pretty responsive, which enables you to enjoy unmatched transition and greater speed.

Other notable features of this shoe include the synthetic thread borne upper which are breathable for free airflow and extra comfort. The durable rubber sole comes with multi directional traction pattern for a sure grip on most basketball court surfaces.

Highlighted features:

  • Synthetic thread borne upper
  • Carbon fiber shank ensures stability
  • Charged cushioning technology
  • Durable rubber outsole

7. Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Also from Under Armour, we have the Men's Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe which also guarantee you superior ankle support. The economical price tag of this shoe makes it the best pick for players working on a tight budget.

Despite the low cost, this shoe does a great job when it comes to keeping you safe on the court. It comes with a full-length bootie construction w/molded ankle collar to ensure maximum ankle support and a snug, comfortable fit.

Not only that, but it also features an external heel counter (just like its sister above) which delivers additional support and keeps the back of your foot firmly locked in place. The result is ankle muscles that have limited or no movements, eliminating the possibility of the ligaments tearing apart.

With die-cut EVA sockliner, underfoot support and cushioning has never felt this better. The compression molded EVA midsole carrier also promotes lateral containment. And the 3D shank wrap around the sidewall delivers torsional rigidity as well as additional lateral stability.

Above all, this shoe has durable rubber outsoles with herringbone traction pattern. These are sure to provide superior grip and control on nearly all court surfaces—preventing cases of slipping and injuries.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% textile & synthetic uppers
  • Full-length bootie construction
  • Durable, reinforced lace loops
  • External heel counter
  • Toe wrap enhances forefoot flexibility
  • Durable rubber outsole

8. Under Armour Men's Lockdown Basketball Shoe

Another affordable pair of basketball sneakers for ankle support from Under Armour! This particular model combines leather and lightweight synthetic leather overlays which provide you with great medial and lateral support.

The added collar foam plays a crucial comfort and support around your ankles, further ensuring that you don’t break your ankle in the court. It also boasts of the Micro G technology with charged cushioning. This is strategically placed under the heel and forefoot—the two main areas of the shoe that face more impact.

As with all the other Under Armour basketball shoes, the rubber material used to make the shoe outsole is top-quality and long-lasting. What’s more, this outsole has deep herringbone traction pattern which provides you with exceptional linear/lateral movement and control.

Highlighted features:

  • Added collar foam
  • Full-length molded EVA sockliner
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Synthetic leather uppers
  • Durable one-piece rubber outsole

9. NIKE Men's Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe

NIKE Men's Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe is also a budget shoe. It comes with a high top design and assures you of adequate feet and ankle support when playing the hoops game.

The internal heel counter combines with the integral midfoot shank to deliver torsional and arch support. This is the shoe’s secret to keeping off article injury and sprain attempts. The hex-shaped zoom air unit right under the ball of your foot delivers excellent cushion as you run across the field. The semi-dense Phylon midsole delivers even more cushion which helps protect against impacts.

You’ll also quickly note the plush mid-top collar of this shoe which delivers comfortable support that easily moves you. As you’ll all agree, the more comfortable a shoe feels, the easier it becomes for you to concentrate on the game.

As we’ve seen in all the other shoes, this pair also features durable rubber outsoles which deliver reliable traction on a variety of surfaces. The shoe’s upper mesh facilitates ventilation for extra comfort.

Highlighted features:

  • Plush mid-top collar
  • Plush mid-top collar
  • Forefoot zoom air unit for responsive cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole

10. Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2015 TB Basketball Shoe

Lastly, we have the Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2015 TB Basketball Shoe. This is a high-top shoe with a highly innovative design that delivers lockdown, flexibility, and comfort—all in a lightweight package.

The shoe is characterized by great fit, which means they feel snug around your feet. It offers great support for your ankles which you can truly feel as you make lateral movements on the basketball court. If you combine this with the extremely lightweight nature of these shoes, you’ve got yourself a pair of basketball sneakers that help you perform 1000 times better than ever before.

Cushioning also plays a role in preventing injuries to your feet and ankles due to impact. Luckily, this shoe also comes equipped with the Nike’s Zoom Cushioning technology around the heel and forefoot. These provide a low profile, highly responsive cushioning on the court.

As for the uppers, the shoe has a lightweight hyperfuse construction which is durable, breathable, and highly supportive. The solid rubber outsole (with herringbone traction pattern) gives you total control of every move you make on different types of courts.

Highlighted features:

  • Innovative high-top design
  • Lightweight hyperfuse construction
  • Nike zoom cushioning
  • Solid rubber outsole

How These Shoes Prevent Ankle Injuries?

Now that we’ve discussed the best ankle support basketball shoes on the market today, you might be asking yourself how they work to prevent ankle injuries.


Well, one thing you might have noted about all the shoes we’ve discussed above is that nearly all of them come with a high top design. Unlike the low cut models, this type of shoe design will offer your feet a snug fit and plenty of lateral support that (they cover your feet up to the ankles).

The result is more stable, immobilized ankles, which prevents the ligaments from stretching too far. And this means reduced risk of ankle sprains as you make those risky moves on the court.

Apart from preventing ankle injuries, these shoes can also go a long way in preventing re-injuries. Remember what we said earlier on? If you’ve suffered from an ankle injury, your ankle muscles become weaker and you’re more prone to ankle sprains.

Fortunately, rocking a pair of ankle support shoes will act as a booster to your muscles which will keep off any sprain attempts.

Other than extra support, a good pair of basketball shoes will also come with excellent traction—just like in any other quality basketball shoes—to provide excellent gripability on any ground and prevent any slipping possibilities.

PRO TIP: Make sure you buy a good fitting shoe for ankle support. No matter how good a shoe is, it won’t be of much help when it comes to stopping ankle injuries if it doesn’t fit you well. The right shoe size will snugly hug your feet and ankles and be able to offer the much needed lateral support that will stop any possible twisting and rolling of your ankles. A bigger shoe will slip in and out, offering you little or no ankle support. A too tight pair will give you discomforts.

What To Do If Ankle Injury Occurs While Playing Basketball?

ankle injury

We’ve said it over and over again…ankle injuries are quite common in the basketball sport. And putting on basketball shoes is one of the best ways of preventing it.

But if it catches up with you anyway, here’s what you should do:

FIRST…you’ll need to examine the severity of the injury. We can classify the ankle injury into 3 classes, depending on how serious it is.

These classes are:

  • Mild sprain: no tearing of ligaments. You experience minor swelling of your feet and pain as you walk.
  • Moderate sprain: partial tearing of ligaments. You experience noticeable swelling, bruising, and even some walking difficulties.
  • Severe sprain: complete tearing of ligaments. For a severe injury, you experience severe swelling, sharp pain, internal bleeding, and even inability to walk.

Once you’ve decided the extent to which your ankle has been injured, it becomes easier to decide on the next move.

In the case of a minor injury (most basketball players suffer from minor injuries), you’ve nothing to fear as you can easily treat it at home and it’ll heal quickly.

Here’s how to treat the injury at home:

1. Rest: Once you get an ankle injury, put all your physical activities on hold and avoid putting any weight on the ankle. If possible, use crutches to walk around

2. Ice: For the first few days, focus on icing the ankle for about 20 minutes after every few hours. Taper down as the symptoms disappear.

3. Compression: Next, wrap your ankle using an elastic bandage. This will help keep down any swelling as well as offer support.

4. Elevation: Finally, make sure you elevate your injured ankle (a pillow will help) when laying down or sitting.

(this treatment method is commonly known as the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and works miracles when used to treat injured ankles and sprains.

PRO TIP: You might also consider taking some over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine to help ease the pain and swelling.

After a week or so, your minor injury will have cleared up and it’s now safe for you to resume your favorite sport.

What if you had a moderate or severe ankle injury? As these levels of injury are more severe and are characterized by severe swelling and pain, they can be a sign of full ligament rupture, internal bleeding, broken/fractured bones, etc.

An ankle injury to such an extent is impossible to treat at home and will require the attention of a podiatrist or doctor.

In some cases, the medical practitioner might require you to undergo X-ray to help rule out any damaged bones…or an MRI to help closely examine any ligament damage. Afterward, they’ll administer the right treatment to end your suffering.

WARNING 1: keep in mind that after the first injury, your ankle has become weaker and further injuries and sprains are likely to occur. Taking precautionary measures such as wearing a pair of basketball shoes for ankle support can help prevent re-injury.

WARNING 2: Not treating your ankle injury properly will not only lead to frequent sprains in future but might also result in a condition known as chronic ankle instability. Just make sure you get proper medical attention and treatment as we’ve explained above.

See an ankle injury happening in real time in the video below…

Final Verdict

Ankle injuries and sprains are common for all basketball players, whether you’ve been injured before or not. And if you’re a victim of ankle injuries, you can easily get injured again and again.

Sadly, not dealing with this type of injury can turn out to be a lifelong problem that limits you from hitting your full potential in the court.

By wearing the best basketball shoes for ankle support when playing any basketball game, chances of your ankle getting injured or twisted will be significantly reduced.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know about these special shoes, including the 10 most popular pairs on the market right now.

Grab yourself a pair of these top-rated ankle support basketball sneakers today and tame this beast before it attacks you!

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