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Best Basketball Insoles For Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis!

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it again here…that basketball sport heavily relies on your footwork. This means that if your feet develop any problems—injuries, pains, arches, etc.—it’s highly unlikely you’ll enjoy the sport.

Lucky for you, using basket insoles will help you take care for your feet while in the court. The best basketball insoles will help protect them from injuries and make you feel comfortable—enabling you to play with confidence.

Right below here: you’ll discover the 5 top-rated basketball insoles on the market today and crucial tips on how to pick the perfect pair for your feet needs.

Why Buy Quality Insoles?

If you’re not an experienced basketball player, you might be asking yourself whether it’s really important to buy basketball insoles.

All the experienced players will tell you that wearing quality insoles is just as important as wearing a good pair of basketball shoes.

We can summarize the need to use basketball insoles in two words:

Protection and Comfort.

As you’re already aware, basketball is classified as one of the high-impact games, where your footwork suffers a lot of pressure. The feet are involved in making all the imaginable movements—like jumping, landing, cutting, quick transitions, to name but a few.

The bad news:

All these movements can easily injure your feet and throw you off the court for weeks. Severe and permanent injuries can also occur, affecting your basketball career for the rest of your life.

The good news:

Putting on quality insoles will help offer excellent arch support, significantly eliminating the possibility of injuries.

They also come with extra padding which helps them excellently absorb impact. Besides, this extra padding ensures your feet remain comfortable.

Quality insoles are lightweight to ensure they don’t add bulkiness to your shoes.

The right pair of insoles will offer you a good fit. That is, they’ll firmly fit in your shoes, ensuring extra comfort.

And yes, they also feature moisture wicking properties to ensure your feet thrives in a cool and dry environment.

Even the most comfortable basketball shoe can be made better by simply wearing it alongside a quality insole.

Below, we outline our selection of the 5 best insoles for basketball shoes you can find on the market today…

Our Best Basketball Insole Reviews:

1. Sof Sole Insoles Men's ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

We begin with these performance full-length shoe inserts from Sof Sole, a world leader in the production of quality footwear accessories. These insoles come designed to help improve your basketball shoe fit and comfort. You can also use them for walking, cross training, running, and casual wear.

The inserts come with gel padding in the forefoot and heel areas. This is critical in offering extra comfort to these high impact areas as you play the hoops game. In addition to that, these areas feature lightweight cushioning which delivers even more comfort without adding bulkiness to your shoe.

Another amazing thing about this shoe is the Hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment. This helps with topical moisture management—ensuring that your feet remain cool and dry all along the game.

Unlike most of the insoles out there, this model comes embedded with Microban, an antibacterial that helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. For this reason, you can confidently use these insoles day after day, without worrying of any unpleasant odors coming out of your shoes.

Keep in mind that the soles come in up to 5 trim-to-fit sizes to ensure you find a size that fits your unique foot size. You can also trim the inserts to fit your feet perfectly. An easy way of trimming the inserts is tracing them against your old insoles.

Going by what previous users of these insoles say, they’ll serve you for over and years with regular use. The product is backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty against all defects.

Highlighted features:

  • 200% Implus Imported foam
  • Performance orthotic insoles
  • Contoured neutral arch fits most foot types
  • Lightweight cushioning for comfort
  • Hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment
  • Available in up to 5 trim-to-fit sizes

2. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

Don’t let foot problems like metatarsalgia, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis stop you from enjoying your favorite game of basketball. The Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts are designed to offer you high arch support and offer you a soothing solution to the common foot problems.

The inserts’ secret to excellent performance lies in their unique construction. That is, they’re made from top-quality, medical-grade, high-performance EVA foam (dual layered) plus PU material which makes you feel like you’re walking on the clouds!

Even better, the inserts feature a deep heel cradle design which works closely with the low profile ultra-thin design to ensure your feet enjoys the ultimate tender care they deserve as you run and jump all over the basketball court.

With the anti-microbial top fabric design, these shoes will remain odor-free, even with daily use.

When you put on these insoles, you’ll realize they allow extra room in the toe box. This will help offer your feet maximum comfort in any basketball shoes. Not forgetting that the insoles have a non-slip design to ensure the insoles securely remain in place throughout the day.

Highlighted features:

  • Excellent arch support
  • Constructed from durable EVA foam & PU material
  • Deep heel cradle ensures stability
  • Ergonomic non-slip design
  • Antimicrobial top fabric design
  • Dual layer foam for comfort
  • 100% risk-free purchase

3. Sof Sole Men's Airr Orthotic Full-Length Performance Shoe Insoles

For unrivaled impact protection, you can’t go wrong with these Sof Sole Men's Airr Performance Shoe Insoles.

When you make those dunks and jumps on the court, you’ll likely end up with sore feet if your shoes lack proper cushioning. This is where these insoles come in…they boast of the SKYDEX technology which involves using air bubbles that excellently absorb any level of impact—keeping your heel and arch protected.

What’s more, the insoles feature polymer gels in the forefoot area which take their impact absorption capabilities even higher.

Because basketball is a high-impact game, Sof Sole understands that you’ll end up sweating when playing it. That’s why they’ve used COOMAXC fabric in the design of this pair of inserts. The fabric actively wicks away moisture for cooler and dryer feet experienced. Plus, it’s treated with antibacterial properties to help stop development of unpleasant odors.

Your feet will truly feel comfortable in these insoles. They’re also durable, so they’ll last for an extended period of time. With up to 4 size options, getting the right size for you will be an easy task.

Highlighted features:

  • Athletic orthotic insoles
  • Reinforced nylon arch support plate
  • SKYDEX air bubbles for shock absorption
  • COOLMAX fabric keeps moisture away
  • Comes in up to 4 sizes

4. WalkHero Orthotics Insoles For Flat Feet

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of basketball insoles for flat feet, WalkHero Orthotics Insoles are a good choice. Surprisingly, these are also the most affordable insoles on this list.

The medical-grade orthotic inserts will be of great help to any basketball player suffering from plantar fasciitis, arch pains, heel pain, overpronation, and other common foot problems. It boasts of semi-rigid arch support which offers you extra support at the base of your foot and around the heel.

Cushioning gets better with these insoles. They provide you with EVA foam cushioning which delivers exceptional impact absorption to keep your feet safe. Moreover, it delivers maximum responsiveness (or energy return, if you like) to enhance your performance on the court.

The unique deep cradle design ensures that your feet remain protected from all forms of impact without compromising support and stability.

And as we’ve seen in all the other high-quality insoles above, this one also features 100% antimicrobial fabric treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to help kill up to 99% of bacteria—preventing the development of odors and ensure your feet stay in a healthy environment.

Highlighted features:

  • Medical grade orthotic inserts
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • EVA foam for maximum cushioning
  • Pure antimicrobial fabric treatment
  • 100% money back guarantee

5. Spenco GRF Basketball Maximum Performance Insoles

The last product on our list of the basketball shoe insoles is the Spenco GRF Basketball Maximum Performance Insoles. As you can easily tell from its name, this pair of insoles was made with basketball in mind. This means it comes with really helpful features for basketball players that you might not find in other inserts.

The insoles incorporate a unique feature which revolves around the GRF (Ground Reaction Force). This is simply a biomechanical term that refers to the force exerted by the court surface on your shoe sole when playing basketball. Using the integrated Total Support Technology, these inserts can easily modulate both the direction and magnitude of the GRF—reducing the risk of ankle sprain.

The unique combination of forefoot launch plus crash pad helps deliver maximum forefoot cushioning and energy return. The metatarsal dome work together with the deep heel cup design to offer you extra stability, especially when making sharp turns on the basketball court.

Overall, if you want to enjoy advanced arch support, maximum energy return and forefoot cushioning, this is the perfect pair of basketball shoe inserts to buy!

Highlighted features:

  • Semi-rigid orthotic arch support
  • 3-Pod GRF modulation system
  • Forefoot launch and crash pad
  • Deep heel cup design
  • Low-friction top fabric

What To Look For Before Getting One?

If you want to get the best basketball insoles that offer you support and protection when playing your favorite, be sure to check for the crucial factors outlined below:


One of the crucial things to look for in a pair of insoles is their support capabilities.

A quality pair of insoles should offer you the much-needed arch support as a basketball player, to enable you to play without experiencing any injuries, pain.

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, plantar fasciitis, you’ve flat feet, or any other foot condition, ensure you get an insole that will serve your unique needs.


Bearing in mind the nature of basketball game, you’d also want to buy insoles with some good cushioning.

This will help cushion you against impacts and ensure your feet feel comfortable as you jog, run, and jump on the basketball court all day long.

While still on it, it’s crucial that you for insoles that promise you shock absorption. This will help you remain protected in case you jump and land on your heels or forefoot.

Moisture-wicking ability

Another essential thing to look for in basketball insoles is their ability to wick away moisture.

This is crucial given the fact that you’ll be wearing them for a long time, and you’ll sweat as you play the basketball game.

A good pair of insoles should be able to quickly absorb all the sweat in your shoes to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Some models also come with antimicrobial treatment on their fabric to help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


Even if you get a quality insole, with all the great features mentioned above, it might not be of much help to you if it doesn’t fit you well.

So, make sure you refer to the manufacturer sizing chart for the correct sizing when buying your pair of basketball insoles. Because some manufacturers might not have accurately sized inserts, look for what previous users have to say about the sizing to ensure you get the right size.

Some models also come with trim to fit design, which means you’ll have to trim the insoles yourself to match your specific foot size.

Additional factors:

  • Thickness: insoles that are too thick might fill your shoes and make your feet feel cramped together. This will, in turn, lead to discomforts, keeping your head out of the game.
  • Lightweight: look for insoles that aren’t too bulky, else they might end up adding unnecessary weight to your shoe. And this can make your feet get easily fatigued.


1. Do insoles enhance your performance when playing basketball?

Yes, good insoles can help improve your game. Performance insoles will help make your foot motion better. Plus, they’ll help in shock absorption which translates to enabling you remain active in the court for longer.

2. what’s the right arch support for basketball shoes?

As you might have noted from our list of top-rated insoles above, different models deliver different forms of arch support. These include the high arch, flat feet, low arch, and neutral arch.

The ideal arch support for you should depend on your foot.

For those who have no idea which arch support will work for them, consider trying the various designs on until you find one that you feel comfortable in.

3. Half-length vs full-length insoles: which ones are better?

The half-length insoles cover the back half of your shoe. They’re helpful in helping your foot stay balanced from the heel end while absorbing impact. These soles are ideal for shoes with great frontal support and weak back support.

The full-length models are way better as they offer you full support to all parts of your foot.

We highly recommend you to go for the full-length inserts.

Final Verdict

The basketball sport heavily relies on your footwork. For this reason, it’s always advisable that you take good care of them to keep them safe and protected at all times.

Wearing the basketball shoe insoles is one way of showing love and care to your feet. They help support your feet, cushion them from common foot injuries, and enhance their comfort.

Get yourself a pair or 2 of basketball insoles from our list of the 5 top-rated products above and enjoy the hoops game the safest way.

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