Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards [Good and Bad Explained]

Your basketball team depends on you as the guard. You must be able to dribble and win your opponents, pass the ball out to your team members and be able to score even during crunch moments.

A central figure for the team,you don’t want to leave room for compromise. So, you need the best basketball shoes for guards as you’re less likely to go wrong in them. They boost your ability to carry on during sharp cuts and offer you sufficient support after a massive jump shot.

You need a basketball shoe that helps you to maintain your play style and beat your opponents with hard-to-beat crossovers off the dribble.

Luckily, you don’t have to crack your head to make the right choice. We have made it insanely easy by providing you with the best basketball buying guide and recommendations to make your shopping easy!

Let’s quickly start!

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards | Reviewed

Not all shoes are suitable for basketball, and not all basketball shoes are good for a guard for that matter. The sneaker you play in determines your efficiency in beating your opponent and defending your team among other things.

Let’s quickly show you some great basketball shoes for point guards.

1. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Shoe Men's Basketball

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK basketball gives you smooth move in court. It comes in Neoprene and breathable mesh for responsive fit and optimal comfort. The extensive lacing system is excellent for a complete lockdown.

Internal bootie construction comes in padded tongue and collar to boost step-in comfort. The shoe features a smooth fabric lining for a great in-shoe feeling. It comes with a detachable foam foot base and infinity torsion shaft wrapped in TPU to boost stability.

The boost in the midsole is the whole length to provide a forceful energy-return capacity to enhance all-day wear comfort. The traction pattern gives you excellent grip and is non-slip. It is a high-quality shoe, but the fit makes it unsuitable for some individuals.

Its length is perfect. However, it is not easy to slip on because of the sock structure, and this restricts the tongue movement. The shoes fit amazingly right, and the look is fantastic. It also provides excellent ankle support.


  • Comes from high-quality materials
  • The shoe is amazingly sturdy
  • Contains the right amount of padding for optimal comfort
  • More suitable for people with low arch or narrow feet
  • Gives you a firm grip and excellent traction
  • Perfect weight
  • Nice looking shoe
  • Great Achilles heel support 


  • Unsuitable for people with medium or high arch
  • Lace system can give in after a while
  • Boost in the forefront is insufficient
  • Makes the feet feel warm

2. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Addidas Men's Crazy Explosive are structured with complete-length energy return boost to provide extra lift for your bounce. The significant increase comes with a tremendous responsive cushioning that is very lenient on the knees and offers unusual ankles and heels support.

The shoe is great for jumping and landing and gives you a fantastic look and feel in court.They are designed with durable and breathable synthetic textile material for improved comfort and dry feet.

This pairs feature high top shaft for excellent ankle support. Their responsive cushioning effect keeps you comfortable as you jump and make transition during play. More so, the lacing system reduces impact and makes it fit more comfortably.

You have multiple color choices. They are lightweight yet sturdy and flexible enough for a great play. The laces wear out after some time. However, they give a loose and a more comfortable fit.

The shoes provide a bit of ankle support but not the best ankle support shoe out there. It comes in plastic polymer outsole which provides top-notch traction and is non-slip. However, rubber outsoles are more durable, but they slip.


  • Great ankle support and traction
  • Lightweight and great bouncing effect
  • Very stylish and responsive design
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Comfortable and ultra-light shoe
  • Multiple choices of color schemes
  • Great and sufficient arches support
  • Soft and high-quality materials with a significant boost
  • Lacing makes it breathable and allows more air flow
  • Great support while playing on the court


  • Cushioning could be better
  • Sizes run a bit small
  • Causes foot perspiration and sweat

3. NIKE Lebron Soldier 12 Svsm Home Mens Ao2609-100

The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 basketball shoes are made from synthetic and 100 percent authentic material to ensure excellent quality and durability.

It is designed to pay tribute to LeBron James’ high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary. Thus, it is structured in St. Vincent-St. Mary home “SVSM ” colorway to give a bit of a jiggle to the King’s St. Vincent-St. Mary high school. Therefore, it was made to feature a suitable Irish colorway.

LeBron Soldier is mostly made up of white upper part with green and gold accents to compliment to look on the branding. It comes in speckled-colored midsole and outsole for a fantastic look. LeBron’s brand Dunk Man logo is uniquely placed.

The shoe gives a subtle feature on the velcro area for comfortable wear and allows you better control for a more lockdown fit. It finishes off with an Iconic insole Irish logo while the SVSM tribute stays on top.


  • Great quality
  • Excellent pricing and value compared to related brands
  • Irish branding highlights on the tongue for a fantastic look
  • Perfect fit
  • Good traction
  • Upright performance
  • Great support


  • Lack of multiple color choices

4. Jordan Fly Lockdown Mens Aj9499-01

This Jordan Fly Lockdown Basketball Shoes are suitable for any sporting activity and make excellent basketball shoes. It comes with a mixture of upper media and lightweight structure for comfortable all-day wear.

The great cushioning system and dependable traction ensure that you can quickly get to any position on the court. It is very comfortable but comes with a bit tight fit. All you need is a few use sessions to correctly break in and go wild with your play with confidence.

You can choose either the black colored pair or the one in varsity Red-dandelion color. It is structured with 100 percent authentic materials for excellent performance and durability.

The phylum zoom air system makes it breathable and a great fit for use during autumn and summer without heating your feet. Injected Phylon midsole gives you enough stability and offers a tremendous but lightweight cushioning effect. Its midsole loops together the sides of your feet and gives you secure fit and control.

You will love the tremendous cushioning effect offered by the forefoot zoom air structure. The outsole is structured with a rubber material to provide excellent grip on multiple types of surfaces. It comes in upper materials made from a sturdy looking synthetic textile material for improved durability.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Breathable
  • Secure and snug fit
  • Great cushioning system
  • Lightweight
  • Variable color choices
  • Solid traction
  • Durable and well made


  • Feels a bit tight on the toes requiring some time to break in

5. NIKE Men's Lunar Hyperquickness TB Basketball Shoes

Although these are originally meant for men, they make a great women basketball shoe as well. They provide women with a fantastic and perfect fit and come with just the required cushion.

This pair of basketball shoes come in multiple color and sizes that make them an ideal choice for girls.

The toe box is a bit narrow. This makes putting it on and pulling it off a bit harder. You have to unlace the entire length of the shoe to put it on because of the elastic material on the sneaker.

Its support is excellent, but the fit is a bit tight. You may need to choose a shoe with a half size up to feel more comfortable. The cushioning is less than ideal. So, it is okay for occasional outdoor basketball play, but if you want an everyday shoe, you’d probably look elsewhere because of the poor cushioning.


  • Lightweight  but durable materials
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Looks great and holds on well
  • Locks down very well and makes the feet feel extremely secure
  • Provides solid ankle support
  • Comes with sufficient protection
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Affordable compared to brands of the same quality


  • Cushioning effect could be better
  • Support is not great especially for frequent uses
  • Doesn’t always feel very stable
  • Plastic mesh material could give in after numerous usages

6. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Men's Basketball Shoes

The shoe is well made and comes with good elastic support and a snug fit. It has a boost rubber sole with weaved top cage for maximum feet support. The molded sole material improves the durability. It comes in a lot of color scheme.

It is non-slip and feels exceptionally comfortable, the fit is great. However, you need a couple of use to break in the upper. The middle of the foot feels a bit tight out of the box. Adidas Harden looks more amazing physically than online. It is stylish, and a little on the heavy side but provides excellent support.

Its exceptional quality and design make you look like a professional and add a significant boost to your play performance. They are a bit on the large size, so you may consider getting a smaller size.

The structure of the shoe is excellent. It comes with a perfect lock down around your entire foot, particularly around your ankle. You will have the best lockdown basketball loop shoe. Using it both inside and outside the court is perfect.


  • Excellent support and stylish design
  • Multiple nice color choices
  • Comfortable feel during basketball play
  • Good quality and comfortable sole
  • Much larger than other shoes of the same style
  • Great looking shoe


  • Sneaker runs a bit large and a little heavy
  • Can slide when you play on dirty and dusty floors
  • Needs some sessions of breaking in
  • Boost makes it a bit heavy at the base

7. Adidas Men's Explosive Bounce Running Shoe

These Adidas men's explosive shoes feature a molded heel piece to improve your traction and make your feet more stable as you cut and drive to the loop. Bounce cushioning feature provides enhanced comfort and flexibility. It gives your feet sufficient energy to play all day.

The shoe features a breathable mesh upper for maximum airflow. It comes in textile lining for improved comfort and a non-marking rubber outsole with excellent traction. The fit and cushioning effects are superb. This pair runs a bit high size and if you want a more snug fit, go for a half size down.

They are lightweight and not as heavy as the D Rose six, seven and eight basketball shoes. Adidas made these with excellent quality materials that feel as comfortable as some top signature shoes. They also look good as much.

Although the advert says these are good running shoes, they make great basketball shoes instead. However, the size runs a bit larger.


  • Affordable shoe and great value
  • Good traction, perfect cushioning, and fit
  • Lightweight and very responsive
  • Nice looking with a durable sole
  • Comes with a good grip
  • Multiple color choices
  • Amazing soles design and look
  • The comfort and performance are great


  • Grommets fall apart quickly making it difficult to lace up
  • Large sized shoes and a bit heavy

8. Champion Men's Inferno Basketball Shoe

This Champion Mens inferno Basketball Shoe is highly breathable due to the mesh upper part. You can wear it all day without heating the leg or causing foot fatigue. The laces give you a great fit. It is easy to put on and pull off due to its ankle pull tab feature.

For improved comfort, it comes with mesh lining, padded collar, and insole. It is stylish with its highly developed and non-marking outsole. They are great for the gym and everyday use.

This pair makes a great workout shoe and comes with a comfortable insole and great base grip. The ankle support is also good. It fits nicely on top and is secure. However, the outsole grip of the shoe is not great causing you to slip around.

The shoes are comfy enough and look great. You will find these stable enough to withstand constant use without tears, fraying or separations.

The slip feature minimizes your ability to play effectively, particularly during the defense. Honestly, this shoe makes a great outdoor play and casual shoes but isn’t great for playing basketball.


  • Great workout shoe
  • Breathable material
  • Dry after all day wear and no leg fatigue
  • Durably made
  • Great looking and comfy shoe
  • Good value for the price
  • Fit is okay


  • Poor traction and imperfect grip
  • Slippery in court and just perfect for workouts
  • Can cause rolled ankles
  • Cheap structures and materials

9. NIKE Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike is a favorite shoe brand with great designs that help you stay on top of the game. It features a beautiful and stylish fabric with enough air circulation to suit any activity. These Kobe Mamba Instinct Men's Shoes by Nike have amazing and reliable quality.

They’re well-crafted with suitable material and come in the closure of laces. You will find them a bit hard out of the box and need some amount of break-in. However,  this stiffness loosens up after a few wears and enhances the comfort.

The pair comes with excellent traction and good ankle support. These shoes are ultralight and feel very light on your feet.

They run a bit narrow in the middle, but it comes with a perfect length. These fit people with small feet perfectly but can be discomforting to someone with broader feet.  However, the problem can be solved by taking off the insole which is thick and replacing with a thinner one.


  • Amazing look and design
  • High-quality shoe and material
  • Great support
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Very affordable price
  • Offers sufficient air circulation
  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight and a great feel


  • Thin in the middle
  • Only suitable for people with super high arches
  • Fit of the upper front part of the shoe is tight and painful

10. JIYE Men's Fashion Basketball Shoes Women's Breathable Flyknit Sneakers

This JIYE Men's Fashion Basketball Shoes are structured to great cushioning effect. The pair comes in high elastic heel support and non-slip feature.

These shoes come with wear-resistant soles and shock-absorber and are suitable for all-day wear without wearing you down. The shoe can be appropriate for other sports outside the basketball including running, fitness workout, and tourism.

With the durable and breathable material, your feet remain dry and comfortable after exercise. For excellent ankle support, it comes to win high-top and compact structure.

 The upper part is made up of knitted mesh to provide ultra-lightweight support making you feel comfortable all day and eliminate incidences of feet fatigue. The base of outsole comes in flexible grooves to strengthen anti-skid and grip feature.


  • Anti-Slip, wear resistant and sturdy rubber outsole
  • Great ankle support and feel
  • Breathable Upper part for maximum air circulation
  • Multiple color scheme
  • Durable and good quality materials
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sized slightly small but mesh allows for a comfortable fit
  • A great product at an affordable price


  • Stiff and uncomfortable front and the heel
  • Point where the sole joins with the fabric are not solid
  • Doesn’t look gorgeous
  • Top of the laces can rub on your ankle and get uncomfortable
  • Heavy weight shoe

Before You Buy, Qualities You Need To Follow

If you are not pre-informed, it could be a little thorny to figure out which shoe makes a right basketball shoe.

However, you don’t need to worry as we have provided you in this section of the article all you need to help you make the right choice you will be comfortable and happy with. We hope you find them helpful!

Foot Size

You tend to run around a lot while playing basketball. Your shoe should be able to help you smoothly transition from one point to the other. Because you jump a lot during play, and you can injure your ankle.

Therefore, you need to choose your shoe size and measurement bearing in mind your play position. If you want to be more flexible, you’ll need to get shoes with mid-tops. High-tops add extra weight but provide better ankle support.

The shoe style you choose determines how you play. It is best to select your size and fit focusing on your style of play and position.

basketball shoes for guards


For optimal comfort, look for shoes with socks liner and soft interior. If you have ankle injury or pain, look for the best basketball shoe with excellent shock absorption. It needs to provide maximum support to your pain point, give you sufficient balance and keep your ankle stable.

If on the other hand, you suffer no ankle injury and want optimal flexibility, your best choice is a shoe with low-top. It may give you less support and make you less stable, but you will be more versatile and flexible.

Ankle Protection

The best type of shoe for ankle support is low or mid-top basketball shoes. They are cut a bit lower on your ankles than the regular basketball shoes. However, they minimize weight and help you to be more flexible allowing better fluid motion.

They compensate the reduced ankle support with extended outrigger feature and strong heel counters. This way, they minimize incidences of injury.


Except you want to change your shoe now and then, you need the best basketball shoe that is very durable. The outsole should be made of hard rubber like TPU plastic to withstand the pressures of outdoor play.

Look for threading of the part of your shoe where you frequently wear out fast and ensure it is adequately stitched. Your choice of footwear for outdoor play will overall depend on your style of play and should give you sufficient support and comfort.


You need a  shoe that has responsive cushioning as a guard to give you great court feel without limiting your quickness. It ought to have enough padding to boost your comfort and minimize injury caused by continuous impact.

The cushioning should be enough to keep your feet comfortable but not tight. Look for shoes that have padded heel and forefoot to avoid fractures from stress or tearing your ligament tears.

Air Flow System

You need shoes with breathable upper materials to offer maximum airflow to your leg. You may be okay without them when playing indoors but for outdoor games, you need adequate ventilation in your shoe to remain comfortable.

This minimizes sweaty feet. The material also needs to be flexible, lightweight and made from a durable mesh material.

Price in Budget

There are a lot of basketball shoes. They come in various models sizes and price point. The best choice may not be the best one for you given that you may have a different budget.

So, your final selection of the best basketball shoe would depend on your budget and the amount you planned to spend on the boot.

Build Material 

The materials used in your basketball shoe design is a significant factor to consider. Yes, because they determine how comfortable you would feel in them, the support they offer and how durable they are. You need high quality and durable material to reduce your overall spending.

Shoes made of loose and cheap materials can break down quickly. It is better to go with shoes with rubber outsoles with upper leather material. They are strong enough to stand the pressures of the game. Shoes with breathable materials are also great as they allow perfect air flow.


Shoes with bad traction will rob you of all your quickness, negate all your strengths and might even make you slip on an opponent’s crossover – nobody wants that! So, the most important thing as a guard is to get shoes with fantastic traction.

You will require the right friction to prevent you from slipping and sliding on the surface of the court, ultimately preventing injuries from falling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best basketball shoe for ankle support? 

The right shoe for ankle support needs to come with maximum comfort and be very stable to minimize the effect of landing. It needs to have sturdy lateral and excellent arch support and be able to reduce risk to minor inversion.

What are the features of the best basketball shoe with good cushioning?

They should provide sufficient support and minimize the impact of load on your ankles. Such shoes need to assist you to maintain a mid-stance after a strike or be able to help you return to fluid motion.

I have ankle arthritis. What is the best basketball shoe for me?

What you need is a shoe with rocker-sole. It is commonly shaped in a curve similar to a boat. They provide excellent support and help your walking motion. You also need shoes with low heels and additional debt.

How can I avoid ankle injury?

You need first to choose the perfect basketball shoes with excellent ankle protection. This means getting a shoe with proper fit and one which is comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy a safe play. Also, ensure you to eat appropriate nutrition and remember to do stretch out before a vigorous game.

What are the features of the right basketball shoes for guards? 

These need to be comfortable and come with solid outsole for excellent grip and traction. It ought to have a great fit and allow maximum airflow to enable all-day wear.


You now have all you need to choose the best basketball shoes for guards. Remember, you need shoes with thick outsoles, good traction, perfect cushioning and support. It has to be comfortable and come with breathable material for maximum airflow.

Yes, these features are priceless because you will run a lot, do a lot of chases, fast-breaks, and fight as a guard. And, your shoe should help your feet withstand the enormous amount of stress required for your role.

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