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10 of The Best Disc Golf Disc Reviews 2020 – Buying Guide

Disc golf has been growing in popularity in the past few years, and many beginners have taken it as a hobby. After all, it is one of the simplest and most fun sports you can do outdoors and even indoors.

It is playable and can be enjoyed by any skill level and age. This is a great recreational sport for the family or group of friends.

If you’re looking to get into this sport, it will help if you have the best disc golf discs in your arsenal to give you a more pleasurable experience and learning.

When buying discs, it usually comes in a pack of three, which includes the putter, midrange, and the driver, all of which have different uses and applications depending on your distance to the goal.

Disc Golf Discs Types

While to the average person, disc golf discs all look the same, there are actually four types of discs available, and each one has a specific shape and is used for a specific purpose.

Knowing the difference and how they fly will affect the way you throw and use them, especially in competitions. All these can be used by the user to their advantage. But you have to pay careful attention to the skill level of the user because that will affect the performance of the disc.

1. Distance Drivers

As the name suggests, these are designed to travel the farthest. You will notice that distance drivers tend to have wider rims and sharper noses.

Some distance driver models provide a straight line of flight while others are designed to travel left or right of the fairway. Still, others are designed to cut through the wind or give an extra glide for a little more distance.

2. Fairway Drivers

In most cases, these travel almost the same distance as the distance drivers. The main difference is the added control and accuracy, which make them suitable for newer players as these can give more confidence to the user.

3. Mid-Range Discs

These are made to provide the user with a wide variety of shots. They are very versatile and can be effective in many types of situations. You can use them for driving, mid-range, and even putting.

4. Putt and Approach Discs

Primarily, these are designed for putting. They fly relatively shorter distances compared to the previous types. But they offer the most control and precision. One thing you will notice from these is the way they spin. They are slower, which results in less deviation in the direction they are going.

Our Best Disc Golf Disc Reviews

As a newcomer to the game and looking to purchase your first set of disc golf, you have to know that each set comes with three in a bag: putter, mid-range, and driver.

A good pack should have these three so that you can enjoy a full game and utilize each type to increase your chance of winning.

1. Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

This user-friendly set has three discs in the pack: driver, mid-range, and putter. These are all that you will need to play a full game of disc golf. An amateur, as well as experienced players, can use this set.

If you want to achieve long distances, use the driver as it is designed with a wide and sharp rim, which will allow you to get the extra distance for the longer holes.

But if you’re a little bit unsure of the distance, you can utilize the mid-range as it can also get almost the same distance as the driver, but you also get better control thanks to the altered shape of the rim.

And if you want a really accurate shot, then the putter is your go-to disc as it is designed to provide control and stability in every flight. The compromise is that it doesn’t go as far as the driver or the mid-range. But all is well because you can use this for close range and for finishing the run.

This set is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and can be a great gift for anyone. It is made from durable materials that will last a long time even with daily use.

The price on this set is great because if you buy each disc individually, it may cost a little less than double the price of this.


  • Great price
  • Good for amateur and beginner players
  • Fairly durable
  • Lightweight


  • Color options may not appeal to some

2. Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set

This set is designed to fly faster than their previous models. The plastic is more flexible and provides the bend and distance you need to be a competitive player in the game of disc golf.

You can rely on these discs to provide you with good control with the help of the design and material the discs are made from.

The driver has a soft feel to it. It is easy to bend but will not break when doing so. The rim is fairly small compared to the other discs in the set. This design allows it to fly further distances.

As for the mid-range, it has the same materials and bendiness, which makes it durable to withstand even daily use. The rim is a little taller but still retains the sharp nose for long distances. But since the rim is taller, you can get more control over it because you can easily grip it.

Lastly, the putter has a familiar rounded edge that helps it fly straighter and with more control for the user. It may not fly as far as the driver or the mid-range, but it will be more accurate compared to the two.

Starters, as well as experienced disc golfers, can use these since the build and molding are of high-quality.

You will also get a free disc bag when you purchase this disc set.


  • High-quality build and materials
  • Discs fly straight and true
  • Free bag
  • This Pro set has improved shape and design


  • Hard to control for accuracy if you’re a newbie

3. INNOVA Dx Disc Golf Set 3 (DX Stacked Set)

The DX set is among the most popular sets the brand has put out. It is marketed towards beginners and novices in the game.

This is known for its comfortable grip and good performance in any given weather conditions. As a three-piece set, you will get a driver, mid-range, and a putter.

Dimensions are about 2" tall and 8.5" wide, which makes for a comfortable grip for any size of hands. You will find that the grip on these is secure which makes for good control and accuracy when throwing. That is because of the great shape and material they used in these discs.

They are made from durable plastic that has enough flexibility to withstand use on the course. This is especially great in keeping the discs free from warps and damage that may occur with use.

Colors may vary per pack, which may be an issue to some who will put value in the aesthetics.

As for performance, these discs fly straight and true, which helps a beginner get more fun and learn how to properly control the discs and give professionals a top-quality practice set.


  • Well-built and durable
  • Flies straight and controlling them is easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with all the discs that a beginner will need


  • Some colors may be too fancy for some

4. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set (4 Disc and Bag)


If you really want value for your money, go for a 4-disc set. This does not just give you an extra driver disc, you will also get a bag included with it.

Anyone you will give this gift to will be encouraged to play the game of disc golf more.

As mentioned, the package includes two drivers which are mostly used when you want to cover long distances. The design of the driver disc allows it to cut through the air and glide longer. This is because of the slimmer profile and the sharper nose.

You will also get a mid-range, which is basically an all-rounder. You can cover long distances as well as get more accuracy compared to the fairway driver. It mixes both features, which is why it is mostly the choice of beginners.

Lastly, you will get a putter in this set. This looks more like an average beach disc, but as a part of this set, it has a little more weight to it thanks to the material it is made of, and it will fly more accurately.

Anyone of any skill level can appreciate the balance and the simplicity of these discs.


  • You get 4 discs in the set
  • Good and well-balanced design
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Great for any skill level


  • Not premium plastic materials

5. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set (5-piece set)


The game of disc golf is an exciting sport, which is why many people are learning it. It is not that complicated, and most of the time, if you have the discs, they last you a long time. This set comes with 5 discs that have different functions that will help novices understand the nuances of each type.

Innova is one of the leaders in producing the best frisbee golf discs, which is why this pack is great for any amateur or anyone looking to start this sport.

This set includes discs that were selected by experienced disc golfers on what they think a beginner can enjoy using. These discs will allow you to reach long distances, throw accurately, and make the putts more consistently.

Included in the set is the Aviar putter, which is world-renowned for its consistency and accuracy. The mid-range, Roc3, makes for a good distance and accuracy. And it also has the famed Destroyer, which is a driver that most beginners gravitate towards because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

To top it off, Innova included a mini disc that can be used to mark your goal before making the actual throw.

All these discs are designed to encourage the beginner to learn and enjoy the game of disc golf. The precision molded discs can meet the demands of even experienced players.


  • Best value for beginners
  • Made from high-precision mold
  • Complete set for any application
  • High-quality materials


  • Beginners may not use all the discs at the same time

6. Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Premium Beginner Set Bundles

Kestrel Sports

This set includes five discs, including two fairway drivers, two mid-range discs, and a putter. You will also get a bag to keep them when traveling or for storing them at home. Designed by a well-known company, both experienced and amateur disc golfers can enjoy using these discs.

The number of these discs is ideal for a family outing because two teams can use one of each driver and mid-range and can share the putter. This can be a great outdoor activity for the whole family or a group of friends.

But this set can also be used by the beginner who is looking to learn how to throw discs in different applications. One feature a novice will enjoy is the easy grip and the control they will get from using these discs.

Made with flexible plastic materials, these can withstand accidental bumps on the course. But do take note that these discs are not meant to be played like regular beach discs.

Each of the discs weighs an average of 172 grams, which is the best weight to balance ratio between distance and accuracy when playing.


  • Has five discs in the set
  • Free carrying bag
  • Ideal weight and materials
  • Can be used by beginners and experienced players


  • Prone to warping if not used as intended

7. Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set


When you purchase this set, you will get three discs of different setups. You will get the HU (driver), which is ideal for long distances, KUI (mid-range)– the best of both worlds in terms of distance and accuracy, and the GUI (putter) for hitting the center of the goal.

You will see that the design of these discs takes on a more traditional look. But that is not to say that they perform less than the more modern ones.

The weight of the discs is at an average of 176 grams, which is the standard weight for most disc golf discs. Yikun developed these with the beginners and novices in mind. Its designs help for better grip and control as well as good performance on the field.

These are PDGA approved. Beginners, as well as experienced players, will appreciate this set even if they are primarily marketed toward amateurs.

The materials that they used for this are tough plastics, which make them durable. However, there have been reviews that said they scratch too easily.


  • Has a traditional design appeal
  • Ideal weight and balance
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to grip and control


  • Reports say that the plastic scratches too easily

8. Dynamic Discs Five Disc Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set


If you're a new player looking for a set to get you started, this one is a good choice simply because of the variety of the discs in the set. You can get a feel of the difference between the types of discs that you can use for different applications.

The discs in this set are handpicked by professionals and champions in the team of the company that manufactured them. This five-piece set includes discs that are named – Judge, Truth, Escape, Maverick, and Trespass.

It is also worth mentioning that the Judge was hailed as the best frisbee golf discs of the year in 2013. This putter is well known for its accuracy and effective flight towards the goal. It is a great putter to practice your control.

You will also get the Truth in the set. This is a consistent mid-range that has been used by many world-champion disc golfers. It balances power and controls easily, making it an ideal choice for any beginner and professional player.

As for the other discs, the Escape is best known for its glide. So much that even with a low power throw, you will notice the smooth glide as it flies. On the other hand, the Maverick is a smaller and more formidable disc that any player can trust to put out a good show and performance every time.

Last but not least is the Trespass. From the name itself, it implies long distances and more ground coverage. This is a high-speed driver that has a very neutral flight that reduces fade and quick turns. The wide rim helps it reach longer distances and reach new territories.


  • Five-piece set comes with popular series
  • High-quality build for a starter set
  • Great for beginners and professionals alike
  • Unique design


  • Colors vary per set

9. Innova - Champion Discs DX Cobra Golf Disc

Innova - Champion Discs

If you’re getting serious about disc golf, this is the one that will help elevate your game. This mid-range will easily out-do any other mid-range discs out there or even the best disc golf driver.

Since it is a mid-range, it will not just go the distance, you can also have great control over it that will help you surpass any tight corners. Even a beginner will feel confident in their throw with this disc in hand.

This is one of the best Innova has to offer. It is a right-turning disc that can help any professional easily reach the target goal consistently. With the help of the following features, you can predict where the disc will land almost every time.

Among its features is an excellent glide and flight patterns. This can be utilized by seasoned professionals and can help train new players in precision aiming and throwing. Also, this makes it the perfect disc for long and slow turning shots and rollers.

The rim is slim enough to allow for faster and more comfortable release. With that, you will not have a problem keeping the flight of this disc straight. People with smaller hands will also appreciate this feature.

It is made from good plastic materials that bend slightly, which helps in preserving the disc for longer utility.


  • Excellent flight patterns
  • Easy to control
  • Well-known and widely used disc
  • Right-turning feature


  • Can only be fully utilized by a professional disc golfer

10. Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set (9 Discs) with Disc Golf Bag

Trademark Innovations

Disc golf can also be a family activity that can be enjoyed over the weekend. It’s not so difficult to do and only needs discs and a makeshift goal to enjoy the game.

If you’re looking to take up this sport as a family game, then this set of 9 discs is a great choice for you. It includes three drivers, three mid-ranges, and three putters and comes with a carrying bag to keep you always organized.

They are conveniently color-coded so that you know which one has the right function. The yellow ones are the drivers, the orange discs are the mid-range, and blue ones are the putters.

These function well and as intended and can be great practice pieces if you want to use them for such. If you’re not too particular about the build, then these will be a nice purchase for you.

What’s best about this set is the price. You can get more for less. These will remind anyone that you don’t need to have very expensive discs to enjoy an honest game of disc golf.


  • Great value for money; 9 discs and a carry bag
  • Color-coded discs
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Reaches a good distance and have fair accuracy


  • Does not perform as good as professional-grade discs

What to Look for Before Buying?

When buying a disc for the first time, you will have to consider quite a few things. But like what most professional disc golfers will say, finding the best disc golf discs is by trial and error.

And in this article, we will try to lessen the trial and error stage by explaining crucial components to consider on your purchase.

The types of discs available have already been discussed at the beginning of this article, so the following information will be about finer details that will give you an idea of what makes a good golf disc.

Disc Golf Flight Path

When you throw a disc, certain factors will dictate how it’ll land. And these factors mainly have to do with how it interacts with the air.


This refers to the measurement of how fast a disc will go from your hand. The fastest flying discs are rated from 13-14. For hindsight, blunt edge discs like putters have 2-4, mid-range have an average of 4-5, and drivers go upward of 7.


Glide is the amount of time the disc stays in the air. Generally, if your disc has a higher glide rating, it will cover longer distances, which means it is good if you're going for distances. This is measured from 1-7.


This is the tendency of the disc to curve to the right in the early portion of the flight. Players who put more speed into their throw will notice a faster right turn at the start of the throw, and it will gradually veer to the left during the latter part of the flight.


This is the opposite of turn. So, in essence, the turn is at the beginning portion of the flight, while fade is the gradual curve to the left in the latter part of the disc flight.

Plastic Type

Choosing the plastic type will affect the way it flies and how long it will last.

While there are plenty of plastic combinations available, the most general types are as follows.


This includes DX, Pro D, D-Line, Prime, Retro Line. What this means is that since these are the least expensive plastics in the market, these discs tend to be affordable. But mind you, these types of plastics scratch easily and can easily alter the shape if it is subject to a heavy impact.

But on the other hand, these plastics offer a good grip and are surprisingly good for making durable putters. It is a good idea to have some relatively cheap discs, especially if you compete in an area where you're most likely to lose one while playing.

Middle Grade

If a disc has any of these typed as the material: Pro, P-Line, Elite X, Millennium Standard, Latitude 64 Recycled, Biofuzion, Sure Grip, then you are about to purchase something that will last better than one with basic plastic material.

You can expect these to have a higher price point, which makes them ideal for those wanting to take a stab at the professional league on a budget.


Like the name itself, this is the toughest of the three materials. These include Innova Champion, Discraft Z-Line, Discmania C-Line, Latitude 64 Opto-Line, Westside VIP, DD Lucid, and Millennium Quantum. Most major disc producers use this type of material on their products.


The thing about discs is that you don’t just have the durability to consider, you also have to look at the overall weight because that does affect the way the disc flies. Manufacturers have now developed other light materials that are durable as well. You will find these in the best disc golf drivers.

While these seem like good choices, believe it or not, experienced players do not prefer lighter materials because they feel that they are losing control over them because of the lightness.

Premium Plastic Materials

Major brands put out premium lines of discs with this material. It blends the best of grip and durability, which seasoned professionals love and enjoy. Of course, these also tend to have a premium price point.


There are other innovations like using rubber material on discs and overmold or double mold, which uses two types of materials for the outer rim and the inner core, respectively.

Disc Weight

While we touched on this topic slightly, we will look at this a little more in this section. As it’s a professional sport, there is a regulating body that standardizes and sets limitations on competition golf discs.

The Professional Disc Golf Association regulates the weight of a disc based on its diameter. Mid-range discs generally have wider diameters, which means that they are more likely to come in weights exceeding 175grams. Most drivers and putters are approved up to 175g.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to break-in the disc before using it in competition?

This is usually known as beat-in in disc golf. This is not entirely recommended, as it is a common misconception that a beaten-in disc is better than a new one. The best recommendation is to pick the one that feels best for you so that you don't have to put effort into beating-in the disc.

2. How do I choose the right disc for a certain course?

If you need to go to a farther distance, use a driver. On a medium distance, the good idea is to use a mid-range. And for shorter distances, a putter will suffice.

3. I want to buy my child a disc, what’s the best recommendation?

Find a disc that’s fairly lighter than the average disc. Most of these come in about 135grams.

4. I am a beginner, should I buy premium discs?

It is recommended that you practice your throw first before everything else. Concentrate on throwing until you develop a natural and more conscious feel of throwing, and then you can find what's the best disc for you.

5. How do I improve my distance and putting?

As with any sport, practice is the key to improving and going up the ranks.

Final Words

The best disc golf discs are just one of the factors to improve your game.

Knowing which disc fits your style the best may help, but understanding the game and all the factors that come into play can play a big role in your improvement and overall experience in the game.

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