Best Football Chin Strap – Reviews

7 Best Football Chin Strap – Reviews & Guide 2020

As one of the most important accessories for playing football today, a chinstrap is one many people overlook. But without one, any player can suffer disastrous accidents and have the right product to protect their chin.So, it’s important to not only know what chinstraps do but also how to pick the ideal one.

If you are someone interested in buying the best football chin strap, in this article, you’ll find everything you need to know and more.

Come a step further inside and learn what these fantastic products do and much more!

How Having a Chin Strap Can Help?

Having a chin strap for football was first seen as a way to keep the helmet adjusted to the head of the player. But with time, experts and players have started to feel the need to protect their chins.

These chin straps went from an accessory that adds adjustability to a product that also offers excellent protection and safety.

Now, even casual players use chinstraps to protect their chins. They know that with the harsh encounters in the sports, protecting their face is critical. And for professional or varsity level players, a chinstrap is sometimes their most crucial safety accessory.

This product adds a tremendous layer of protection when playing. Each impact in the field can be disastrous, especially with the strength that they happen.

So having an object that keeps the chin safe from a bad hit or contact with the floor or another player is a significant part of protection when playing.

Nowadays, you can find thousands of options in the market, each one with their own set of advantages and technologies, oriented towards specific players accordingly. These accessories come in different designs and constructions too so each player can pick whatever he prefers.

Thus, a chinstrap not only helps to protect but also to feel comfortable, safe and ready to play.

Our 7 Best Football Chin Strap

You don’t want a product that’s useless or ineffective, you want something that works well and delivers exactly what you need. In this review list, we picked the best options in the market for chinstraps, so you can buy something that’s worthy.

​1. Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon

Among the best youth football chin straps, there’s the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon. It is an option for those who want excellent results with great durability and utterly comfortable design.

One of the main things most users love is the dual-density construction with shock-absorbing capacity. This makes it durable and reliable, perfect to keep the chin safe at all times. But the real advantage comes from the 4-point strap system, so you receive a chin strap that fits tightly to your face and never gets loose.

With the construction and overall experience of using this strap, you will feel protected and secure. It is important to note, however, that it comes mainly for children and adolescent sizes. The first two sizes are mostly oriented towards small children while the two largest ones fit teenager’s faces instead of adults.

Still, anyone can use one of these comfortably. The straps are adjustable and come with an excellent design for easy fitting. And when you add the removable and washable X-static liner, you can enjoy even more comfort & convenience.

For those who don’t fit tightly in the chin will enjoy the non-slip snaps, so if you either need it for someone smaller or bigger than the chin says – it won’t be a problem.


  • High-quality dual-density construction for superb durability & resistance
  • Excellent design with 4 adjustable straps for comfort
  • Great handiness with removable & washable X-static liner
  • Tight fitting with non-slip snaps for the most reliable experience


  • Comes in small sizes mostly so it may not be compatible with large players

2. Under Armour Men's Gameday Armour

If there’s a brand everyone should always pay attention to, it is Under Armour. There’s almost no product form this brand that disappoints, and the Gameday Armour Chin Strap is undoubtedly one of these magnificent accessories.

You’ll get one of the strongest and durable products in the market. It will ensure the best protection possible and give you enough breathability to feel secure and safe at all times. Using ArmourFlex, the shell of this chin strap will protect you and give you all the necessary advantages for a fantastic experience.

This shell is mostly made with polyester, which alongside the high-quality straps will allow you to fit in any head size without issues. But it is the strap adapter that delivers the fitting options, allowing to use the chin strap high or low, comfy or tightened, according to the needs of the player.

Still, the chin is one of the most comfortable out there – not only because it comes with an adjustable strap adapter but also because it comes with an EVA pad. This lining pad offers the chance to support the chin softly in the strap, reducing abrasion and skin issues in the area.

It will also feel softer than most other options while delivering an easy-to-clean design for incredible convenience.


  • Exceptional ArmourFlex construction for incredible durability & strength
  • Breathable and comfortable polyester with EVA pad that makes it easy to clean
  • Useful strap adapter offers great comfort and fitting options for all players
  • Comes in various enticing options for a more versatile experience


  • EVA pad tends to absorb a lot of sweat while using

3. Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup

For those who are looking for youth football chin strapsthe Schutt Sports SC-4 will be an amazing option to consider. They don’t only offer great results for youth player, but also for larger users in teenage and varsity leagues. So, you’re getting one of the most versatile options out there.

While it comes in two sizes, it’s still handy for all types of competition. It all works thanks to the superb securing system that tightens it up to the face of the player to prevent slippage or loosening. The design cradles the chin and makes sure it stays put;due to the deep cup.

You won’t believe how tight and comfortable it is at the same time, making it easy to stay safe & secure while playing.

It doesn’t make you uncomfortable, that’s why it’s so amazing. The soft EVA foam in the cup will take care of your chin tightly but without doing any damage. You’ll last an entire game without feeling discomfort or harm. And when you add the ventilation and breathability, you get a device that prevents moisture and lets you feel dry at all times.

The real advantage comes from the ABS exterior, that not only supports your chin but prevents breakage after even the hardest of collisions. So you get both a comfortable fitting chin strap with superb strength. It will merely provide everything you need even in the harshest of plays.


  • Excellent cradle design with a deep cut for comfort and tight fit
  • Superb ABS shell for exceptional strength and collision resistance
  • High-quality EVA foam with breathable construction for softness & cooling
  • Comes in two sizes for youth and varsity with up to twelve color options


  • Metal fasteners can be a little problematic

4. Adams Gel 25-4D 4-Point High Hook Up

Under Armour

Simple-looking and incredibly strong, the Adams Gel Strap is everything you could need from a chinstrap but in a technically effective design.

This means you won’t get a product that looks good but instead something that works. From reduction of slippage for a secure and tight strap that never falls down, to a high-quality sleeve or pad that produces little to no moisture and increases your overall comfort while wearing the strap – this is an excellent option for anyone.

Made with polycarbonate plastic, the shell supports all types of players without problems. You’ll get superb strength for even the harshest of plays, and you’ll receive all the protection to keep your chin safe.

The straps are made of nylon, which means they are hugely versatile and elastic so you can adjust them to your head however you prefer. And when you add the plastic buckles, you get a safe product that tightens up nicely to prevent any kind of issue while wearing them.

Your chin will always be safe with this type of hook-up chinstrap. With the gel-lined cup, the protection and comfort are unbeatable, especially for its price. So if you want something affordable that still manages to offer exceptional results, the Adams 25-4D 4-Point gel chin strap is not an option to overlook.


  • Great gel with polycarbonate shell for superb strength & durability
  • High-quality nylon straps for more flexibility and tightening ability
  • Very well-made design with soft gel pad for comfort and safety
  • Secure plastic buckles for a more reliable experience


  • Adjustable straps won’t fit small children well enough

5. SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane


The T-Rex Hurricane from SportStar Victory model is the ideal chinstrap for those who want to get far in football. Specifically designed with the purpose of delivering unbeatable protection, this top-notch option won’t let anyone down.

For the toughest of plays, it’s essential to have something strong and tough to protect yourself, and that’s exactly what you get with this one. It’s all thanks to one of the strongest material on the shell, but also for a fantastic gel with the Hurricane pad, so you get a product that doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll get protection, comfort, great ventilation and a superb experience at all times.

Another excellent part of the product is the Victory chinstraps, which work to fit tightly on any user with decent adjustability while also providing superb comfort. You will be able to use this product with almost any helmet, so you get excellent versatility for a better experience with it.

But the real advantage of getting this chinstrap is the stylish set of shell and strap colors so you can fit them with any helmet beautifully. You can pick from Black to White and Chrome, to USA Flag design and a Breast Cancer Awareness design – so there’s no doubt about the versatility it offers.

With all the strength, good-looking designs, and exceptional quality entirely, you get one of the best chinstraps out there.


  • Outstanding shell quality with T-Rex construction from SportStar for durability
  • Excellent Hurricane gel pad adds comfort & great support to the chin
  • High-quality Victory straps promote a safe & comfortable experience
  • Several color options and designs for a wide array of styles & helmets


  • Doesn’t fit SpeedFlex or Xenith helmets which is a little disappointing

6. Schutt Sports Elite Hard Cup


We couldn’t give the title of the best chin strap for youth football to any other option than to the Elite Hard Cup from Schutt Sports. Just because it is one of the strongest in the market while also being one of the most affordable, it’s an option for both demanding and low-budget users.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the high-quality polycarbonate construction. This means you get one of the sturdiest shells in the market, in any of its sizes (Small, Medium or Large).

So, even the smallest kids can enjoy the protection and strength of an excellent product as this chinstrap, without having to pay a fortune for other varsity-level chinstraps.

An exciting part of the shell, however, is the air vents it comes with. This means you get a product that not only protects the chin of the player (children or adult) but also offers excellent ventilation to prevent acne and other skin issues.

It still manages to come with a soft and comfortable hard-cup. All of that is owned to the soft interior, which adds exceptional comfort to keep the player playing nicely but also making sure it fits well enough to prevent issues.

This product actually fits all types of chins and Varsity helmets, so you get a hugely reliable and versatile product.


  • Fantastic polycarbonate shell construction for a strong & durable chinstrap
  • High-level design that adds great ventilation to prevent unwanted skin effects
  • Soft and comfortable interior cup that fits any chin
  • Versatile construction fits all types of Varsity helmets and comes in various colors


  • Color paint may scratch off very easily

7. SportStar X-1 Evolution


A chinstrap you can use however you prefer and still add to any helmet style is an opportunity you shouldn’t dismiss – and that’s exactly what the SportStar X-1 Evolution offers.

You get exceptional protection with it, as it has an excellent shock-absorbent protector that keeps the chin of players completely safe.

Even the harshest of activities will be entirely safe to do with a chinstrap like this, that not only protects with its impact-resistant construction, but also fits well enough to any helmet or chin.

Another part of its construction that stands out is the medical-grade T-Rex foam in the interior of the protector. This way you get a product that helps you protect your chin entirely, with a soft and comfortable inside.

This gel inside, however, also provides excellent results when it comes to reducing sweat depository by adding great ventilation. And of course, it will help you prevent reduce irritation or any other effect related to low-quality foams.

One of the best things about this chinstrap, though, comes from the excellent versatility it offers. You’ll be able to make it work on your chin by using it hook up high or low.

And you can customize it with many colors and designs according to your needs. It also comes in two sizes, for Small and Medium and size for Large and Extra Large chins.


  • Medical-grade chin T-Rex foam protects from skin issues & keeps sweat away
  • Great chin protector construction for superb strength & shock resistance
  • Excellent set of straps fit all types of players tightly and without problems
  • Comes in a wide array of colors and setting options for versatile looks


  • Doesn’t fit as many helmets as expected

What To Look For Before Buying?

Anyone who wants a really good chin strap for football whether it is for a kid, teenager, or adult, needs to know what makes a decent chinstrap and what doesn’t. Here we talk about the most important factors to consider:


The material of the chin protector is maybe the most critical factor to consider when buying a chinstrap. But you will also have to consider the material of the straps and the material of the chin pad.

For the shell or protector in the chin, we recommend going for the strongest material possible. Any material that resists impacts well enough and at the same time is light enough to add no discomfort and feel safely attach to your chin – that’s the one to go for. For us, polycarbonate and ABS are the best two materials you can pick.

For the strap, there won’t be a better choice than nylon. It is sturdy and flexible enough to provide durability without leaving flexibility behind. But there are various types of nylons, so you must be sure before choosing as you won’t like a chinstrap that feels uncomfortable or damages your face or head.

And finally, the foam or pad in the chin protector. The material of this part will also tell the different between a comfortable product and an uncomfortable one.

When it comes to pads, the best material you can go for is hypoallergenic foam or gel, something like EVA that’s breathable and soft on the skin. Make sure the content is also easy to wash and durable so you won’t have to replace it with time.

Strap Design

While the protector will be critical for safety, the strap design will tell you how reliable the product is. There are many types of strap designs out there, and all of them offer different benefits and drawbacks. However, it all comes down to your needs and desires.

Some straps are designed with the purpose of fitting inside helmets with the helmets. Others are made to fit without a helmet or with one. And the most common of all fit either low or high in the head, similarly to a mask.

All kinds are useful and will protect you, but it all comes down to what type of design feels more comfortable to you and what you think protects the most.

For us, the hook-up design is the best to go for, these chin straps attached to the helmet in the back using a snap button in the straps design. It is easy to use, protective and very comfortable.


Most chinstraps are adjustable, some are one-size-fits-all, and others are specifically designed for either juvenile or varsity players.

But precisely because of this is why you need to make sure of choosing the right product. If you are looking for a chinstrap for a kid or small teenager, it’s important to go for the right size.

A small kid won’t go for anything bigger than a small or extra small option, while a teenager may be able to fit a medium, or a large one by adjusting it and leaving space for using after growing up.

The vital factor to consider, however, is the helmet size. Most chin straps will fit the head of a person easily, but they could still not fit the size of a helmet. For that, it’s critical to go for something that fits your helmet’s size, always making sure it is youth or adult size before buying.

Sizes come in many names and categories, but if you can find something like Youth or Varsity in the sizing options, you may have it easier to choose.

If a chinstrap designed explicitly for Youth has many sizes (Small, Medium, Large, etc.), it means it is only for kids and teenagers. And for Varsity or Adult sizes, you can follow the same directions.

Protection & Strength

Choosing the ideal material for the protector in the chin won’t be easy, especially when you need to make sure it’s really protective. For us, polycarbonate and ABS are the two best materials to go with due to their hardness and lightness. Yet, it all comes down to your level of performance and needs.

All straps should come with a strong protector. But even more important than strength is the right fitting. Make sure it fits right in your chin, that it doesn’t move, and that it provides superb advantages to prevent impact and abrasion.

So, it’s essential to go for a strong material but also something reliable, that’s tight, and that doesn’t slip or move when playing. This way you get something that will protect you at all times without problems.

Comfort & Ventilation

Not many people take this into account when buying a chinstrap, but the breathability and comfort of the product is one of the most important parts to consider. If you pick something with little ventilation, it’s very likely the chin protector will start to feel moist and smelly.

And if you pick something that’s too sturdy, you may eventually find it uncomfortable and harsh on your skin.

That’s why we recommend a hypoallergenic foam like EVA. You could also go for a gel that’s not only soft but protects against impacts well enough. However, it is the ventilation (holes or entrances) in the chin protector that will tell you how ventilated and comfortable the product is.

Make sure you pick something that’s not only protective and easy to use, but comfortable and ventilated. This way you can prevent sweat to concentrate too much in the foam and eventually create a bad smell, so pick something dry.

At the same time, you’ll avoid the material of the pad to harm your chin skin or create acne, so go for a material that’s soft and protective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want varsity or youth football chin straps, it’s necessary to be sure of the choice before buying. To help you get rid of most common doubts people have, here are a few questions you may need to know:

Q: What’s the difference between a Youth and a Varsity chinstrap?

A: Apart from the size, which is obvious, you also have a build difference. A youth chinstrap is generally made of an ABS shell in the protector, which is light and comfortable for children and teenagers.

Meanwhile, varsity or adult chinstraps are made with polycarbonate in the protector, so they are stronger but also flexible.

Q: Is a football chinstrap useful for other sports like lacrosse or wrestling?

A: Yes, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. Some football chinstraps fit in the helmets of other sports, but not all will. So you must be sure of what you need before buying a football chinstrap thinking it will work for any other activity.

Q: Can I develop acne in my chin after using a chinstrap?

A: Yes, it is a common side-effect of using chinstrap. But as long as you take good care of your chin using a cleansing solution with silicic acid, you may eventually get rid or prevent acne.

Another great option is to pick a breathable and dry material for the pad.

Q: How can I fit or adjust the chinstrap to my helmet?

A: All chinstraps come with their own fasteners or buckle that fit inside the helmet. You must always fit the ends of the straps where the fasteners are to the holes or bumps in the helmets.

Make sure you tighten them up nicely and fit them comfortably in your chin. You can test the strength of the adjustment by trying to pull it out of your chin. If it doesn’t move, it is tight enough.

Q: Should I wash my chinstrap after using it?

A: Yes, especially the part that touches your chin. The pad of foam or gel typically gets the most moisture from sweat when playing football. So, it’s crucial to wash it after every game to prevent creation of unwanted bacteria that could either damage your skin and/or create a bad smell.

Final Verdict

There’s no more important factor to consider when buying than your needs. This way, you can pick a product that not only works well and seems durable or useful but something that fits what you’re looking for.

That’s why the best football chin strap is not only something about construction or design but about what the user needs. To make sure you pick the ideal product, don’t hesitate and read our advice. You won’t regret it if you do, otherwise you may.

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