Best Football Cleats Reviews

10 Best Football Cleats Reviews 2020 | Recommended Picks

The footwear is perhaps the most important gear in football.

A quality pair of cleats protects you from injuries, provides traction for better performance, and allows you to enjoy your game.

In contrast, below-par cleats can negatively impact your game and make you suffer on the football field.

Thus, it’s imperative that you find shoes that not only prevent mishaps but enhances your performance as well.

And here I step in. To help you find the ideal football boots, here I will review the best football cleats available on the market.

Besides, there will also be a buying guide and answers to some of the most common questions about football cleats.

Let’s get started.

What Are Football Cleats?

Cleats either mean football boots or the studs placed on the bottom of the shoes to provide traction.

In this article, we are going to talk about football boots.

Cleats not only offer traction but also provide you with safety and stability.

Read on to find out more about the football cleats.

Our Best Football Cleats Collection

I know how hard it is to find the right cleats in this highly saturated market. So, to give you a helping hand, here I will provide you with some recommendations.

1. Nike Men's Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat 

There’s nothing new that I can tell you about Nike or its incredible reputation. Suffice to say that, people expect a lot from them and they usually deliver. Now, the vapor shark 2 is one of the cheapest cleats out there. But Nike has done an admirable job and ensured quality despite the low price point.

The shark 2 low-cut cleats are an ideal fit for receivers and other positions that require skills. Thanks to being very lightweight, they allow you to run at optimum speed and doesn’t hinder your movements. Though the molded pegs on the bottom provide great traction, they can’t be switched out.

If you are buying the boots for your kid, then he’ll be delighted about the sleek design. Besides, this thing is available in several colors, and all of them are a delight to look at. Overall, the footwears have a premium look and is bound to draw some compliments.

As you can guess, being a low-cut cleat, it doesn’t provide much protection to the ankles. So, it’d be better to avoid this one if you are likely to do a lot of defending. But that isn’t a very big issue as you can always wear thickly padded socks to provide support to the ankles.

One thing that I really appreciate about Nike is that they always get the size right. That means if you are a ten and a half, then you can order a ten and a half being completely assured the cleats will fit.

Nonetheless, you need to keep your expectations in check. If you expect the shoes to feel like 200$+ cleats, then you will be in for a disappointment. But if you keep the price in mind and have realistic expectations, then this one might surprise you with its superior performance.


  • Ideal for skill position players
  • Affordable price
  • One of the coolest designs out there
  • Provides good traction


  • Doesn’t offer sufficient protection to the ankles


1. Are the studs on the bottom made of metal?

No, they are all made of rubber and plastic.

2. Can I use these for rugby?

I don’t think that would be a great idea. For in rugby, the cleats usually got a bit wider platform than the football ones.

3. How do I wash these things?

Easy. Just take a wet piece of cloth and wipe down the outside of the boots with it.

2. Adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

These cleats are from another highly reputed brand called Adidas. The reason behind my fondness for the branded shoes is that the companies care about their reputation. As a result, they are unlikely to compromise with the quality to avoid getting in hot water with their consumers.

The cleats are a blend of speed and power and very well made. These boots are quite durable and should last long. In terms of durability, they are far better than the other shoes from the A20 line. At the bottom of the boots, the manufacturers have used a razor frame.

What I liked about the cleats is that they are remarkably versatile. You can choose from low-cut, middle-cut, and the high-cut. That way you can make a decision based on your position on the ground. Apart from the length, they are pretty much similar in every other aspect and thus do not require separate reviews.

If there’s one thing certain about the boots, it’s that they are gonna fit you well. There’s literally zero space inside the cleat. Besides, there’s internal bootie to offer you the additional lock-in. Make sure that you order the same size as your normal shoes rather than the cleats.

The studs on the bottom are conical. That’s a good thing as you can quickly move forward with these studs. Due to the back studs being multi-directional you can easily dig into the ground. The mesh used on the upper side of the shoes provide the much-needed breathability.

The materials used in the boots aren’t exactly lightweight. Therefore, the cleats may seem a bit heavy. However, carbonates in the plates provide the necessary springiness and propulsion to balance out the heavy weight.


  • Highly durable
  • Available in low-cut, middle-cut, and high-cut
  • Fits well
  • Offers great protection to the ankles
  • Conical studs great for forward movements
  • Breathable


  • May seem a bit heavy


1. Does the heavy weight impede movements?

No, they aren’t heavy enough to hinder your game.

2. Are the studs made of metal?

No, these studs aren’t made of metal.

3. Are the low-cut, middle-cut, and high-cut very different from one another in terms of features?

No, they are basically the same when it comes to features.

3. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men's Football Cleats

These cleats are packed with a lot of attractive features and regarded as one of the most lightweight football cleats. The plate on the bottom is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It’s full of holes and gives the boots a unique look. They aren’t without purpose since they are one of the reasons why the shoes are so light.

Unlike the original vapor untouchables, which weren’t very durable, these ones are sturdy and hold up well. So, you can remain assured that after buying these cleats, you won’t have to buy another pair of boots for a long time. The stretchable collar also contributes to the durability of this pair of boots.

You’ll notice that the spikes aren’t conical or rectangular. Rather they are triangular and quite sharp. Needless to say, you’ll get a lot of traction from these boots. Also, these shoes retail for a very low price which makes the deal irresistible.

If you have narrow feet, then I’d recommend that you get a half size bigger than your actual size. However, if you have wide feet, then order your real size. I must admit, this one is a beauty to look at thanks to the bright and colorful design. The cleats come in several colors from which you can make your pick.

But the real question is, are they able to protect your ankles? Surely, they can. The hill of the boots is well padded and feels very comfortable. That said the front of the boot isn’t similarly well-cushioned. On the upside, it lets you feel the turf and offers you better maneuverability.

What makes the shoe ideal for playing even in extremely hot conditions is its breathability. These cleats are highly breathable and won’t let your feet get easily sweaty. That way you can concentrate on your game alone and not worry about other things.


  • Very lightweight
  • Provides a lot of traction
  • Inexpensive
  • Well-cushioned and one of the most comfortable boots to wear
  • Breathable


  • The front side of the cleats lacks padding


1. Can defenders use the boots?

Yes, they can since these cleats are well-equipped for tackling and defense-related stuff.

2. Does the triangular spike offer enough traction?

Yes, they do.

3.How well-protected my ankles will be in these cleats?

These boots are good enough to prevent injuries.

4. Under Armour Men's Highlight M.C. Lacrosse Shoe

Under Armour

Under Armour has been producing sports accessories for more than 20 years ago. Initially, Kevin Plank, the founder of the company used to run day-to-day operation from his grandmother’s basement. Within a very short time, the company grew too big for the basement and moved to its current headquarter in Baltimore.

You might have noticed that the bottom of the cleats is called plasma plate by the manufacturers. The cleat bottom is able to provide great traction and help prevent any slips. Also, they are designed in a way to replicate natural foot motion in order to improve your game.

Gone are the days when you needed to use ankle brace or tape your ankles to protect yourself from injuries. With these high-top cleats, you are going to enjoy more than sufficient support for your ankles. Due to the boots being well-cushioned, it’s going to be comfortable to wear.

The thing with inexpensive boots is that they aren’t often very durable. But luckily, this one has turned out to be an exception. The boots are extremely well constructed and aren’t likely get fall apart anytime soon. You can expect the cleats to last an entire football season without a hitch.

The manufacturers have done an outstanding job with the design. All the colors available are gorgeous and pretty to look at. The metallic UA logo right on the toe makes the shoes look really cool. These cleats are really high and go all the way up to the mid-calf.

Thanks to the UA being true to their size, you can order your real size. Nevertheless, there’s a small issue with the cleats. They aren’t very breathable due to being high-cut boots. But that shouldn’t be a deal breaker as that’s a minor problem and can easily be dealt with.


  • The plasma plate offers exceptional traction
  • Fits well
  • Affordable price
  • Well-cushioned and able to protect your ankles
  • Very durable
  • The design looks really cool


  • Not very breathable


1. Are the cleats flexible?

Yes, the boots are highly flexible.

2. How durable are these things?

They are extremely durable and is likely to exceed your expectations.

3. Are the cleats detachable?

No, they are molded.

5. Under Armour Men's Highlight RM Football Shoe 

Under Armour

Another fantastic pair of football boots from Under Armour. Though, both of them come from the same brand they are quite different from each other regarding features. That said, when it comes to providing quality materials and offering value for money, both are very equally successful in meeting the expectations.

The first difference that you are going to notice with its predecessor is the TPU plate they have used in the bottom. Despite the difference in plate, the molded plastic studs provide traction as good as the previous one. These spikes will help your feet into the ground irrespective of whether if it’s grass or turf.

As the boots go above the ankle bones, you can expect them to very stable. football cleats with ankle support is really important as they make you feel safe in your cleats. Moreover, the boots are well-cushioned and are fully capable of keeping your ankles out of harm’s way. Thus, you are allowed to forgo the ankle brace or taping that you had in your mind.

Nothing like having your 11-year-old kid saying that he is in love with his new football boots. Believe me; he is going to say that once he sees those delightful cleats. For, they are simply beautiful, and their bright appearance is good enough to light up your mood. Also, the UA logos on the tongue and toe makes the shoes look more attractive.

Despite being high-cut cleats, they are surprisingly lightweight. Perhaps, the materials used in these shoes have something to do with it, but it’s great they are so light. So, if you play in a position that requires you to run very fast, then this can be an ideal choice for you.

The cleats are pliable and easily adapt to the shape of your foot. Furthermore, the footbed used in these things, mold to your feet and are remarkably comfortable. What’s also impressive is its breathability, which will be quite helpful if you happen to move a lot on the ground.


  • The TPU plate is great for traction
  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Have the ability to protect your ankles
  • Looks beautiful
  • List EleLightweightment
  • Highly breathable


  • Not as durable as the predecessor


1. Is the break-in period long?

Not at all. The shoes should start to break in after a few times of use.

2. Which position is these cleats are ideal for?

Though they can be used by a lineman, they are ideal for a wide receiver.

3. Can I use the on turf?

You should have no problem using these on turf.

6. Adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat 

adidas Mens

If I were to use one word to describe these shoes, I’d use versatile. They have here different kinds of studs; conical, triangular, and the blades. While the blades enable you to stop on a dime and change direction quickly, the triangular ones allow you to dig into the grounds.

Meanwhile, the conical ones facilitate movement in any direction. The manufacturers were spot on with the durability. These shoes are well-built and gonna serve you for a long time. Unlike cheaper shoes, the boots won’t get ripped easily.

And what’s more the cleats are well-equipped to provide you with the necessary support to prevent ankle injuries. These boots can be counted as one the best football cleats for wide receiver.

For they weigh very little and are extremely easy to run with. I’m sure; the wide-receivers will have a blast with these shoes. Despite being lightweight, the makers made sure that the cleats are well-cushioned so that you feel most comfortable while playing.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed with is how the boots look. Not that they are terrible, but the design is pretty generic. If it had been a bit more stylish, it would have appealed more to the younger generation of players.

However, if you got wide feet, try this out since they are regarded as one of the best football cleats for wide feet. Traction, which is the most important factor of cleats, is great. These cleats will keep you stable on your feet’s and will allow you to perform your best.

Regarding the breathability, these shoes are bound to impress you. They allow the heat to escape and keep your feet from being hot. It's worth mentioning that these shoes come at a very affordable price.

When you take its multiple features into the account, it seems like a bargain. I bet you can’t find another pair of cleats that offers the same performance at a similar price point.


  • Highly versatile
  • Amazing traction
  • Should last a long time
  • Three different types of blades
  • Lightweight


  • The look isn’t very appealing


1. Do I need to order bigger or my real size?

You should order your actual size.

2. Are the cleats well-constructed?


3. How many types of studs have been used in the boots?


7. Boy's Nike Alpha Shark 2 3/4 Wide Football Cleat


If you want something that has good features and of fine quality without spending a ton of money, then this one could be worth a try. Don’t get me wrong; these shoes are by no means the best in the market. Nonetheless, they do their job well and provide a lot of value when you take the price into account.

When an opponent brings you down, there’s a really good chance of your ankle being hurt. In these circumstances, you want something that will give you the confidence to take on the opponents. And I believe these shoes are able to inspire confidence due to the firm support and stability they offer.

As you know that it can be tough playing in rainy conditions if the traction isn’t sufficient. Consequently, your cleats can give you a torrid time out on the ground. The good thing is, the shark rubber outsoles offer phenomenal traction and allow you to play your game uninterrupted even in wet conditions.

The boots do not seem stylish and unlikely to endear themselves to the young players. Synthetic leather has been used to make the shoes. Concerning durability, there’s nothing to complain about. Unlike some budget options, there’s no risk of the outsole coming off the cleats.

Not only does this allow you a stable platform, but it’s also ideal for speedy players. The boots are quite lightweight, which helps the speed. What’s also impressive is its flexibility.

One of the reasons this thing got a place on this list is its low price. For there aren’t many cleats that offer so much regarding performance and features at this price range. Keep in mind that this is no high-end cleats and won’t feel like one, realistic expectations are important to make you value its worth.


  • Very pliableVery pliable
  • Traction is remarkable
  • Well-built
  • Hard to beat the price
  • Offers both stability and pace


  • Certainly not the most good-looking cleats


1. Is there any possibility of the cleats getting damaged from water?

As I mentioned above, they are ideal for playing in the rain.

2. Can I use these cleats on turf?

These shoes may prove a tad aggressive for the turf. I’d prefer you to use these only on grass.

3. Does it fit well?

Yes, and they are true to their size.

8. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Men's Football Cleats


The Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 is an update over the Pro from last years and considered as one of the best Nike football cleats. Although there have not been any drastic changes, you can easily notice some major improvements. And what’s more, unlike the previous versions this one is retailed at a reasonable price.

First, let’s talk about the similarities. Just like the older models, they have kept the same traction plate on the bottom. If something ain't broke, don't fix it. Right? Most of the studs are four-sided, and you got carbon fiber on the forefoot of the boot. Overall, I’d give these cleats a 9 out of 10 in terms of traction.

They have added a cuff which you are gonna definitely like. It’s super stretchy and makes the boots a great fit. You can easily slide the foot in just in a matter of seconds.  It’s worth mentioning that these shoes are slightly heavier than the Pro from last year. That said, the additional weight is insignificant and won’t affect your performance.

When it comes to aesthetics, this one is head and shoulders above the other. These cleats are perhaps the coolest shoes you can find out there. There’s a large heel counter on the back which not only makes the footwear look premium but provides it stability as well.

One thing that makes it stand out among the countless cleats is that it comes with replaceable and customizable cushioning. Not that they aren’t good enough, but if want to replace them with something better and more comfortable, then you have the option to swap the cushioning out.

Like all the other Nike products, these cleats are also true to their size. Which means you should order your actual size. Furthermore, a lot of mesh material has been used to make these boots, which add to their breathability. That way, your feet will remain cool despite all the running.


  • Carbon fiber plate comes with extraordinary traction
  • Swappable cushioning
  • Cool design
  • Keeps your feet from getting hot
  • Reasonable price
  • The cuff makes it easier to put on the boots


  • A bit heavier than its predecessors.


1. Are these shoes original Nike?

Yes, they are.

2. Do the cleats fit well?

Surely, they do.

3. Are the spikes made of metal?

No, they aren’t.

9. Dream Pairs Men's Fashion Cleats Football Soccer Shoes 


Though it’s one of the cheapest cleats out in the market, the makers haven’t resorted to cutting corners. But how could someone offer a pair of quality boots at such a low price?

Well, you won’t be getting premium features from this one. But what you’ll be getting is a budget boot that gives you decent performance and some useful features.

As you can see from the pictures that this one is a low-cut cleat, that means it won’t be able to give your ankle the required protection. So, the cleats are ill-suited to defensive players like a lineman and free safeties.

However, it’s perfect for skill position players as it’s regarded as one of the best lightweight football cleats and thus help you run fast.

If you expect it to hold up for years, then I am afraid it will fail your expectations. Not that these boots are crap or flimsy, but they aren’t made to last several years. It is susceptible to damage and may get ripped from a hard tackle. I don’t want to discourage you, but just keep your expectations in check.

For a budget-cleat, this thing gives you a lot of traction. You can run freely on the ground with the knowledge that your cleats will have your back. I must mention how well this thing fits. As the bottom part is molded, the entire unit feels like one, as if you are wearing socks.

One can never guess its price from how this thing looks, which is absolutely stunning. Despite being inexpensive, it looks as good as any high-end cleats. The rubber is waterproof, and the material that has been used in the shoes is good.

The cushioning of the heel and toe is quite good. Though it’s not supremely comfortable, it isn’t uncomfortable either. At least you won’t feel any discomfort while running forth and back. Furthermore, the boots are quite breathable and keep your feet from sweating too much.


  • Ideal for speedy players
  • Comes at a low price
  • Stunning look
  • Prevents your feet from getting hot


  • Doesn’t offer much support to the ankles


1. Can linebackers use the boots?

I don’t believe so, as they are only suited to players who depend on skills.

2. Are they able to keep the feet cool?

Yes, they are.

3. Is the bottom part detachable?

No, they aren’t.

10. Under Armour Men's Highlight Mc Football Cleats 


If I played in defense and were asked to choose a pair of cleats, then I would have chosen this one. Why? The reason is simple; it safeguards your ankles like none other. When you put these on, you’ll instantly feel confident about this.

However, if you value maneuverability more, then this one might not be the right solution for you.

In order to prevent hyper tension in your toes, they have employed B56 technology. If you look carefully, you’ll notice a small green logo on the bottom. That logo represents the B56 technology. Therefore, no matter which color you choose, the green mark will be there.

What about the fitting? Great. They will fit snugly. What’s interesting is that the more you wear the boot, the more these boots mold to your feet. The upper side is cut in a way that allows customized fitting. For you can tie the laces in several different ways to suit your needs.

When it comes to the design, it’s impossible to pick a fault. The cleats seem flawless to me in terms of aesthetics. Though some may find fault with its weight, as the boots seem a bit heavy. But that’s something that you would expect from a high-top cleat.

If you want something that you can use for multiple years, then look no further as this one is as durable as high-end cleats can get. You can jump into the middle of the action on the football ground knowing that these beasts will hold up. Besides, the studs are great and help your feet bite into the ground.

You’ll also be getting 4-d molded cushion at the bottom. That will add to your comfort and make your experience better. Nonetheless, the ventilation can be an issue for some people as it isn’t of highest quality. That said, it’s certainly shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.  


  • Perfect for defenders
  • Extremely well-constructed
  • Beautiful design
  • Well-cushioned a comfortable to wear
  • Uses B56 technology to stop hypertension in toes


  • Ventilation could have been better
  • A bit heavy


1. Can I swap the studs on the bottom?

No, you can’t replace them.

2. Can these cleats handle both turf and grass?

Yes, you can use them on both with full confidence.

3. Can people with wide feet wear them?

Yes, they can.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Making random picks won’t be of much help in improving your game. That’s why here I will talk about the features that you need to consider to find the top football cleats.


Imagine as if your feet were tires on a car. Without traction, you will fail miserably in the field. To give your best you need to have a really good pair of cleats.

And what does make football boots good?


I can’t stress how important it is for you to find a boot that has good traction.

If the shoes excel in this department, only then you will be able to work your magic at the ground.

Cleats with a satisfactory level of traction bite into the ground and keep you stable no matter what.

Long story cut short, get boots that come with great traction.

Ankle Support

You don’t want to suffer sprained ankles every time someone tackles you hard or you lose footing.

That’s why you need to look for football cleats with ankle support.

Yes, it’s true that skill position players often don’t require the same ankle support as the defenders do, but having additional protection isn’t the bad thing.

And if you are a defender, then that’s the most important aspect of cleats for you. Because football is a contact-heavy game, and most of the time you will be in the middle of all action. So, it’s imperative that you take care of your feet.

Admittedly, boots that provide the maximum support to the ankles are sometimes the most expensive football cleats. But then again, your safety is worth more than any number of bucks.

So, when it comes to your well-being, do not compromise and settle for something mediocre just because it comes at a very low price.

Types of Cleats 

There are three types of football cleats; high-cut, middle-cut, and the low-cut.

The low-cut shoes are ideal for the maximum maneuverability and range of motion. As a matter of fact, they are seen as the best football cleats for speed.

They are mostly used by players that need to do a lot of running. For these shoes are extremely lightweight and unlikely to weigh the payers down. In fact, most of the lightweight football cleats out there are low-cut boots.

As a result, the skill-based players can do what they do best, run with the ball.

But the problem with low-cut issues is that they are not best known for ankle protection.

So, while you will certainly enjoy flying down the with the feather-like shoes, you may wish you had better ankle protection when an opponent takes you down.

The middle-cut shoes are neither as heavy as the long-cut ones nor do they lack ankle support as the low-cut ones.

They offer moderate support to your feet and makes sure that your ankles are well-protected.

There’s very little chance of them slowing you down as they don’t weigh much. That means even players that need to run really fast can use these things.

You’ll find plenty of middle-cut cleats on the market that will safeguard you against injuries without reducing your speed.

The high-top cleats are usually pretty long and go beyond your ankles. Needless to say, they are great for support and making sure that you aren’t vulnerable to opposition attacks.

As I have mentioned earlier, skill position players such as wide-receivers rarely put on high-cut cleats due to their heavy weight. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are too heavy to run with. It’s just that they don’t offer the same level of maneuverability as the low-cut ones.

Nonetheless, they more than compensate for their additional weight with the incredible support they offer to your feet.

As defenders do not run a lot and need something to protect them during the battles, these shoes are just perfect for them.


Cleats that do not have proper cushioning are a bit difficult to play with.

For if your feet are hurting, it gets increasingly difficult to focus on the game.

Thus, getting cleats that have a lot of cushioning and offers most comfortable experience to you will do a lot of good for your game.

Inexpensive boots are unlikely to be well-cushioned. So, you may need to pay to pay a few extra bucks to get a well-cushioned pair of shoes.


If it were up to us, we would have always bought the most expensive and the finest cleats on the market.

But unfortunately, our bank account most of the time doesn’t allow us to do so.

There’s no need to get disheartened as you can great cleats at a budget price. In fact, most of the cleats I recommended are budget options that offer tremendous value for money.

I know it’s hard to find a middle ground between the quality you want and the amount of money your wallet allows you to spend. But you still need to strike a balance between the features and price.


Whenever you but football boots, always look for something that won’t fall apart just after a few games.

Poor quality cleats often get ripped apart whey the come under a strong tackle.

But boots that are of fine quality will hold up no matter how roughly they get treated. 

So, always go for something durable even if they more expensive than the others. It will save you money over a long time.


Though not the most crucial factor while choosing cleats, certainly deserves some consideration.

Foy young players are known to get attracted towards cleats that look nice.

Therefore, if you are buying for your kid or your younger brother, then you may want to purchase shoes that look pretty. I’d suggest Vapor Shark 2 as it’s one of the best looking football cleats out there.


Your money is wasted if the cleats don’t fit.

Some brands are true to their size and require you to order your real size. While others may need you to order a half size bigger or smaller depending upon the brands.

Football Cleats Vs. Soccer Cleats: Can I Use Soccer Cleats for Football

Is it possible to use soccer cleats for football?

Technically yes.

But I don’t think that would be a good idea. For each of them is made with keeping the respective sports in mind and will have limitations if used for anything other than their intended use.

Both of these have a lot of differences. Below; we will talk about them and point it out why soccer boots are ill-suited to football.


Soccer players need to run very fast. For this reason, their boots are designed in a way that allows them to maximize their pace. As a result, the boots are made as lightweight as possible.

In contrast, football boots are heavier and bigger than soccer boots.


Football cleats offer a lot more traction than soccer cleats.

The reason behind is that soccer boots have shorter cleats and thus unable to provide the same traction as the football shoes. You can’t blame them as they are meant to use the agility of the players mainly.

On the other hand, football boots are meant to be powerful and give stability to the players. That’s why football studs are longer so that they can help you dig into the ground. Due to the greater traction, you can move quickly in any direction.

Ankle Support

The difference between both types of boots become crystal clear when it comes to the ankles support.

As football is a more contact-heavy sports than the soccer, players need high protection which soccer boots are unable to offer.

All the soccer cleats are low-cut, lightweight, and do not offer much protection against aggressive tackles.

Conversely, football cleats are made in a way to shield your ankles and soften the blow when they get into contact with other players.

To summarize, though you can use soccer cleats for football, it won’t be a wise decision. For it can put your health into risk and may cause you to suffer some serious injury. Thus, it would be better for you to stick to football cleats with ankle support for football.

What Is the Difference Between Baseball and Football Cleats?

You might be curious about how much different football cleats are from the baseball boots. Well, let’s find out together.


Though baseball shoes can have plastic studs, they are allowed to use metal spikes as well. It gives them better traction and firmer grip on the ground.

However, football players aren’t allowed to use spikes made of metal.


Just like soccer boots, baseball cleats are also lighter than the football cleats.

Nonetheless, the shoes that the power hitters use are usually a bit heavier than the standard ones.

Ankle Support

In baseball, you don’t usually come in physical contact with other players.

For this reason, their boots don’t need to be as supportive as the football ones.

Similar to the soccer cleats, baseball shoes are also available in only low-cut. So, it goes without saying that, the support baseball cleats will prove inadequate for football players.

How to Take Care of Your Football Cleats?

If you want to your cleats to be around for a long time, you will need to care for them. Here I will share with you some of the tips that will help you to keep the shoes in optimal condition.

Clean The Cleats After Every Game

To keep the boots in good condition, you must always keep them clean.

But how do you clean these football shoes?

There are several ways of doing so. But I will tell you about one of the easiest ways to clean the boots.

You will need four things: a spray bottle, solution of rubbing alcohol and detergent, an old toothbrush, and a damp towel.

First, pour the solution of rubbing alcohol and detergent into the bottle. Now, spray the solution over the shoes.

Next, you need to scrub the dirt off the cleats with the toothbrush.

Once you are finished with the scrubbing, wipe the shoes with the damp towel.

There, you have a clean pair of football cleats.

Always Keep Them Dry

No matter if you just played in the rain or washed the shoes, you need to dry the shoes.

For if you keep them wet, the moisture will weaken the materials resulting in a short life period for the boots.

But it’s also important to dry the boots in the correct way.

That’s because if you use too much heat then, it might suck all the moisture from the boots leaving them susceptible to break.

For this reason, you need to dry the boots with natural heat rather than an artificial source of heat such as a radiator.

You should also stuff a few pieces of newspaper into the boots to suck the moisture inside the cleats.

Use Leather Food on The Cleats

Once in a month, you should apply some leather food on the boots.

After you have applied the leather food, leave the cleats as they are for 12 to 24 hours so that the shoes can absorb the leather food.

It will make the boots softer, more waterproof, and prolong their life period as well. 


Though cleats won’t make you a better player overnight, they will certainly help you to realize your full potential.

On the other hand, crappy boots not only limit your performance but also make you vulnerable to injuries.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance you give a lot of thought on which pair of cleats is right for you.

Hope my buying guide and recommendations for the best cleats for football will help you to make an informed decision.

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