Best Football Eye Black Reviews

10 Best Football Eye Black Reviews With Buying Guide 2020

An eye-black is a handy accessory football players use to keep sun rays or excessive light out of their eyes. This way, they can forget about glaring and loss of sight. And when it comes to playing, this is the best way to stay in the game on a very sunny day.

But as a simple accessory, eye blacks still offers different designs and advantages depending on which one you pick. If you want the best football eye black, you’ll need to know what you’re looking and why.

Here, we answer all the demands you may have about these accessories. If you care to learn more, then come down to find out!

Are These Safe? What are These Made Of?

Yes, eye-blacks are a totally safe product everyone can use. They are either strips or grease/paint applied under to eyes or any other part of the face that help reduce glare and prevent visibility issues.

Many people use it as makeup too for different things, including intimidation or other psychological effects.

While eye-blacks are generally safe to use and don’t produce dangerous effects in any way, they could actually create rash in players’ faces and sometimes even damage pores.

That’s why it’s recommended to prevent using any type eye-black when you suffer from skin allergies. Normally, though, they are safer than normal women’s makeup.

These products vary in construction depending on what you get. For example, football eye black stickers are peel-n-stick papers that reduce glaring. They are easy to apply in the face and easy to take off due to their adhesive design, which makes them incredibly versatile.

On the other hand, you have grease or paint eye-blacks. These can be made of many things, including beeswax, paraffin or even carbon. They are easy to apply, offering more opportunities to use as makeup or drawing.

And of course, they are not hard to take off but may take a little more than stickers as they have the purpose of lasting many hours in the face without fading off.

Best Football Eye Black Picks

While they seem like easy work to pick, you may want to know which options are worth it and which are not. Here, we talk about 8 excellent eye-black choices for those interested.

1. EyeBlack Black Athletic Eye

Coming from one of the most reliable brands in the market, the EyeBlack Athletic black-eye comes in a pack of eighteen pairs at a fantastic price so you can use it for several matches without issues.

It stands out for being among the thinnest options, delivering a mild but significantly useful result without really affecting your gameplay in any way. While you play, you won’t remember that you have something attached to your face – that’s how thin and handy they are.

They come in a peel-n-stick design, of course, so you don’t need to do much to put them much. Just detach the sticker from the glue part and stick it in under your eye to get its effect. And surely, it doesn’t smell of anything, so you never feel distracted.

It works really well for anyone, though. Even fans can use this sticker on sunny days to receive the benefits it offers. As it costs practically nothing for the quality it provides, anyone can enjoy a great experience, no matter if they’re in the field or in the seats.

They also produce little to no damage to the skin and last for long when you apply them correctly. Even the sweatiest of players will never experience a falling sticker, even in the hardest of matches. So, this eye-black is no short of amazing.


  • Highly reliable anti-glaring build to reduce visibility problems
  • Excellent peel-n-stick design for great sticker result that never falls down
  • Very thin design works really well without causing distractions
  • Non-toxic and safe to use for any player or fan


  • Glue can be a little too hard to take off and cause pain or redness

2. Franklin Sports Eye Black

The Franklin Sports eye black is one of the best options to pick from, not only because they offer great reliability after sticking them to the face, but also for their excellent versatility.

Yes, these magnificent eye-black stickers will reduce glare from the sun and lights really well, but the unique advantage they offer is the customization feature. You’ll be able to write all kinds of stuff with an addition white pencil that comes with the pack.

This way, you can not only the advantage of anti-glaring effects but also to intimate your opponents without losing its benefits.

This pack comes with 24 stickers along with the white pencil. The pack can last up to 24 matches, which is a very long-lasting pack for those players who want to play a lot. However, it also works for anyone, including child football players and fans.

Anyone can enjoy these stickers without problems and works for a wide array of other sports too. And if you want to take them to a disguise party or something of the like, they work exceptionally well too. You simply get top-notch results with great construction and little to no drawbacks.

But for those who don’t sweat much, there’s come an additional advantage: you can actually use these stickers twice.

Yes, if you are a fan, for example, who doesn’t sweat too much and wants to get the benefits of an anti-glaring eye-black two days or matches in a row, these stickers may allow you to do so. That’s how amazing they are.


  • Excellent versatility as it works for anyone and many different sports
  • Additional white pencil offers the chance of writing intimating stuff in the sticker
  • Very long-lasting 24-pack of eye black stickers
  • Reliable and handy glue capacity that can be used up to twice


  • White pencil may not be the most reliable extra item

3. Warriorblack Single Stick Eyeblack

A sticker is not the only design of eye-black you can pick. The Warriorblack is the exact exception, which comes as a marking stick you can use to create the eye-black on your cheek safely & reliably.

This mode of application offers several benefits over a sticker. Not only it is easy to wash and prevents the damage from glue when unsticking it from the skin, but it also makes it easier to apply & more long-lasting.

The formula that comes inside the stick is one of the most durable in the market with a non-greasy build. You can enjoy a superb experience with it, blocking glaring from affecting your game and getting no side effects when using it.

It comes in a 15-ounces stick, which means it lasts a lot. But the real advantage comes from the ingredients, including Vitamin E to add health effects to your skin, antioxidants to prevent damage, and aloe which soothes any unwanted effect.

It also comes with caffeine to add a little alertness to the user, and beeswax to stick nicely and last for hours. Finally, it offers a cooling effect by using menthol.

Add it all together, and you get a product that won’t let you down. This black-eye stick will reduce glaring exceptionally well while delivering no side effects and making your skin feel & look better in the process. There’s practically not an option as effective and healthy as this one.


  • Exceptional non-greasy formula provides a long-lasting result
  • Keeps glaring away more effectively than sticker options
  • Much easier and comfortable to apply in different parts of the face
  • Formula prevents side effects better when compared to sticker designs


  • Small stick doesn’t last too much

4. EyeBlack Black Grease Seal


A patch of black-eye is useful, yes – but nothing compared to a Black Grease Seal. This one from EyeBlack is easily one of the most durable & reliable out there, and all thanks to its greasy formula.

While many people tend to get away from grease, it is actually an excellent choice for anyone who wants a cheap yet highly reliable black-eye for playing.

Whether it is football or any other sport, grease stays for longer and doesn’t fall off with sweat or any other effect. You just need to add the paint under the eye and let it dry. Then you’ll have a black-eye for hours.

It is one of the harmless options too. Compared to stickers, a grease seal doesn’t harm the skin in any way and provides an easier way to play. You just need to use it similarly to a lipstick, applying it on the desired place and that’s it.

For those who want to play with black-eye this design even offers the chance to make different shapes – so imagine the possibilities.For fans and players alike, an EyeBlack product is always a great option to go for. The black grease seal is not an exception.

If you want to receive a product that not only blocks glaring at a professional level but also offers excellent versatility & safety – this is an option you don’t want to dismiss. It comes in a 4.5-grams tube, so it lasts several matches without issues.


  • High-quality greasy formula that sticks for long and produces no side effects
  • Superb versatility so you can apply it easily on any part of your face
  • Completely reliable seal that stays for long in the face even with sweat
  • Blocks glaring outstandingly well while offering a non-distracting result


  • May cause a little irritation in children

5. Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick

Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is one of the few brands that never let players down when it comes to quality. And the Football Eye Black Stick is precisely of the quality we’re talking about.

To reduce glare from beams and the sun, a sticker is helpful, but nothing close to a stick with paint. With a non-toxic formula and an excellent application method, you’ll waste no more than a few seconds doing it – anywhere on your face.

The versatility this product offers not only helps to apply it more easily but also to enjoy the benefits of a more performance-oriented eye black.

For example, using this close to the eyes may not only reduce glare but also help to focus more easily. It even helps to adjust reaction speed in some players, which is a magnificent benefit not to dismiss.

But when we talk about a Franklin Sports product, we talk about something that lasts. And this eye-black stick is precisely that – a product that won’t fall down easily from your face.

Even with the sweatiest of players, the paint will stay put and deliver exceptional results for long. To take it off will actually be difficult, as you may have to wash it off two or three times to entirely get rid of it.


  • Provides outstanding performance for preventing glaring & adjust focus
  • Exceptional formula quality for strong & durable results with no side effects
  • Completely easy to apply on any part of the face
  • Very long-lasting stick that lasts several matches


  • Can smudge easily if not operated with care

6. Wilson Black Make


Wilson is a brand that never disappoints, and the Black Make stick of eye-black grease is undoubtedly one of their best yet simplest products.

If you are expecting exceptional quality in every way, a super easy to apply the product, and something that will make your performance better by increasing overall focus – this is the eye-black to go for.

What strikes users the most about its performance is how easy it really is to apply. It comes exactly like a lipstick would come and provides the chance to simply slide it on your cheek. You won’t believe how soft and smooth the process of application is, all thanks to a superb formula.

But it’s not only easy to apply but magnificently effective at reducing glare. You get the chance of promoting a huge performance boost while playing under a hard sun as well as you get advantages while playing under powerful night lights. And of course, it keeps you focused and glare-free at all times.

The formula, on the other hand, is totally waterproof and non-toxic. This means you’ll enjoy an eye-black that lasts a long time in your cheek, even after very exhausting games or plays where you sweat a lot. And with its non-toxic ingredients, it will be entirely safe for use, also if you have fragile or weak skin.


  • Exceptional formula quality with beeswax and paraffin for safety
  • Comes in a highly convenient tube for easy application and handling
  • Resistant and durable formula provides waterproof results
  • Best value for what you get only Wilson can offer


  • Needs two or more swipes to apply nicely & mark skin

7. Elite Choice Sports Paint Eye Black


For those who won’t accept the fact that eye-black needs only to be black – you can get the Elite Choice Sports that offers ten different colors and more.

Yes, you get the chance to pick between Black, Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Maroon, Pink, Gold Metallic or Silver Metallic. Whether you want this for a girl, for a boy, or whether you are a woman or man looking to wear some stylish yet useful eye-black – this is the option you should consider at all times.

It’s amazing how many colors you have, but the exceptional formulate it offers is what matters the most. Using only natural ingredients, it won’t only help you prevent glaring from affecting you, but also increases safety and focus in the process.

Your skin will be totally healthy after wearing, and you won’t have a single bad thing to say about it.

The product is also entirely easy to apply and remove. Thanks to a superb formula, it needs no more than a few seconds to use on your cheek and wash it off. And you can wear it for practically anything, including football, a party, for festivals, and much more.

It comes in a little but handy tube, so you can bring it anywhere without issues and receives its amazing results. This eye-black is also durable, reliable, and won’t fade off with sweat or water. So you’re getting a top-notch choice for demanding users when it comes to quality & color availability.


  • Fantastic array of colors to choose from for practically any user
  • Top-notch formula offers excellent durability and application/removal
  • High-quality anti-glaring effect despite its varied set of colors
  • Convenient & simple tube for easy application & portability


  • Small tube may be a little disappointing for its price

8. Glare Gone Sports Anti-Glare Skin Care Stick

Glare Gone Sports Anti-Glare Skin Care Stick

For those who want something that’s a little more than just an anti-glare eye-black, the Glare Gone Sports Care Stick will probably fit their demands.

Its formula is one of the best in the market, both because it’s highly effective at getting rid of glare and because it can last many hours in the player even after a long match full of sweat and tears.

But the formula is not only effective and durable but also safe to the skin. You get a product that won’t produce any side effect and instead increase the chances of softening and smoothing the skin.

Applying this eye-black under the eye will be a total piece of cake too. The stick comes in a tube with the design of a deodorant tube, which means applying won’t be a problem. While it is small, it still makes it easy, even if you want to use it for different parts of your face.

The main difference in the stick is that you can make either a thick or a thin line according to your needs. You’ll get a far more versatile product, especially if you don’t only want it for playing football but for other activities too.

The stick can last several matches or activities too, thanks to a 9-ounces capacity which increases the number of applications. And for its price, this is an amazing deal for anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet highly effective and safe eye-black to wear.


  • Superb formula lasts a lot of time with waterproof capacity
  • Totally reliable and easy to apply with skin-safe results
  • Small but convenient stick lasts a lot of time
  • Offers a versatile application method with thick or thin lines


  • Can get oily or too smudgy with high temperatures

What To Look For Before Buying? 

There aren’t many things to consider when we talk about football eye black stickers or sticks. However, you may need to know exactly how different designs vary and how you can pick one from the other according to your needs.

Here’s a quick guide on what you should look for.

Sticker or Paint

Eye black for football or any other sport comes in two ways: paint, balm or grease, or it comes in the form of stickers or peel-n-stick papers. Both are excellent to get anti-glaring benefits, but they differ in application methods, side effects and performance.

Let’s start with stickers. They are like any other sticker decorative sticker, but this time with a skin-safe glue that doesn’t harm or produce any side effect.

The problem with this type of sticker is that they are a little hard to put on as you won’t have much space or areas to do it apart from under the eye. But of course, they work really well and produce little to no smudge or disastrous results.

A paint or grease stick, on the other hand, needs to be literally painted in the face of the user. It uses no glue and provides no side effect. To put it on is a piece of cake, but to take it off the user may need to wash the face at least two times.

But of course, they last longer than stickers, don’t get affected by sweat as stickers do, and offer great versatility as you can paint an eye black practically anywhere.


The formula of the eye black only applies to stick, paint or grease eye-blacks. You’ll need to pick something that offers no side effects, doesn’t harm your skin, and instead provides protective benefits.

For this, we recommend going for natural options if possible. But grease and balms still work really well. However, grease may cause a little rash on the skin with too much sun.

Some stick eye-blacks are made with menthol and antioxidants, which help not only to increase overall comfort while wearing the eye-black but also to offer a beneficial effect on the skin.

This reduces side effects and actually benefits your face.

How Do You Get Eye Black Off?

To remove a sticker eye-black, you’ll only need to take it off as any type of sticker. Just peel it off the skin, and that’s it. This could leave a little rash if the glue is too strong or if the skin is fragile.

Removing a stick or paint eye-black is a little harder than removing stickers. You’ll need to apply a lot of water to the mark or eventually use a cotton ball with alcohol to wipe it off more easily.

We recommend following the specific instructions of each product before getting it off. This way you can prevent wasting your time or harming yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s nothing more important before buying a product than to be particular about it. To help you pick the ideal product and get rid of doubts, here are a few questions that will make the process easy.

Q: What can I do if the sticker eye-black doesn’t stick to my face?

A: Normally, this happens either because you have a moist/sweaty face or because the adhesive of the sticker is old or just not working. We recommend drying the face before applying either a sticker or grease eye-black.

Q: Will grease/paint eye-black smear if I swipe it off by mistake?

A: It’s probable, but most of the time these eye-blacks are made with high-quality products that are totally waterproof and anti-smearing. However, if you apply a thick layer, it is likely to start spreading off even without touch.

Q: Should I clean my face before putting any eye-black on?

A: While it is not necessary and sometimes counter intuitive, washing your face could help to get rid of any oil or dirt that may decrease the durability or harm the application method. It is essential to dry the face off thoroughly before applying though.

Q: Can I customize an eye-black?

A: Most of the time, yes. But this only works with sticker eye-blacks. Other options, especially greasy ones, may not offer enough quality to modify with a marker or pencil.

Q: Will I experience any side effect on my skin after wearing an eye-black?

A: No, you shouldn’t. But there’s a probability, especially if you have a weak or fragile skin, to start developing a rash or abrasion on the skin. If you swipe the grease too hard or try peel a sticker wrongly, you may also cause damage to your face. Side effects, however, are very uncommon.

Final Verdict

When it comes to picking the best football eye black, you’ll have to both consider all options as well as go over all the different factors that make an ideal eye-black.This will help you choose the right product and prevent disappointment eventually.

So, don’t hesitate and start going for the eye-black that you think is the best – always with care and thinking it through.

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