Best Football Girdle – Reviews

10 Best Football Girdle – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

One of the main pieces of protection for the body when playing football, yet one of the hardest products to buy – a football girdle is not a product you want to ignore.

And here we will tell you everything you need to know about them and much more.

If you are someone interested in getting the best football girdle or something as close to perfect as possible – then reading this guide will help you.

From going over what a girdle offers to different reviews and even a buying guide with all the factors to consider when buying – this guide is something you don’t want to miss.

What is a Football Girdle? Why You Need One?

When we talk about padded football girdleswe talk about one of the most important safety accessories for playing this sport. It is crucial to wear one of these for many reasons, yet we will start with what is a football girdle first.

A girdle is a sleeve of fabric, thin enough to be used as underwear but thick enough to be protective and offer compression advantages. It goes under the football pants and helps not only to improve overall safety when playing but also to reduce muscle cramps and other muscle-related issues.

Most football girdles come with paddings in the hips, waist, tailbone or lower back and the thighs. Other designs come with addition paddings in the sides of the legs and in the knees.

However, there is an additional design that works without padding but comes with pockets so you can add the desired padding according to your needs.

The whole purpose of a football girdle is to increase protection of specific parts of your body that tend to receive the most damage when playing. Hard impacts of football can be dangerous, so the extra padding of girdles is a critical part of protection wear.

However, it is important to note that girdles also need to be flexible and tight. They need to offer compression and reduce moisture creation which can be uncomfortable.

For that, there are many designs out there with different offers, some thicker, some thinner, some more flexible than others and so on.

If you care to learn more about them, then come further and find out!

Our Best Football Girdle Picks

Looking for the ideal girdle for football won’t be easy. Not only you’ll find too many options in the market, but you will also see thousands of designs and benefits that will make it hard to know what to go for.

In this review, we will help you learn more about the best options out there, so you can possibly find out what works best for you.

1. CHAMPRO Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad

Among the most effective padded football girdles, you’ll find the Champro Tri-Flex for adults. This girdle comes with five pads, with two for the hip, two for the thigh, and one in the back. All of them are entirely well-made and highly reliable when playing football.

If you want to keep yourself protected in critical parts, this girdle will be a perfect choice. It won’t restrict movement in any way thanks to its Tri-Flex design and manages to promote excellent protection while playing harshly.

The pads are of the highest quality out there. These completely resistant and durable pads not only provide protection but a ventilated feeling. Located just above the waist, they will keep your hip free of impact damage when falling or being tackled.

And with hard-plastic shock plates, you won’t ever feel any impact so you can keep playing as if nothing happened before a hard play.

On the other hand, you get the magnificent fabric for compression. It keeps your body ready to start playing while reducing pressure points and adjusting to your body shape. The Dri-Gear fabric is made of polyester and spandex to keep moisture away and to promote excellent compression.


  • Excellent compression quality with Dri-Gear fabric made of polyester & spandex
  • High-quality 5-pad design with breathable & protective build
  • Tri-Flex design allows full mobility & no restriction when playing
  • Comes in three different colors and eight different sizes for convenience


  • Sizing can be really confusing and complicated

2. Champro Tri-Flex Man Up 7 Pad

The Tri-Flex girdle from Champro is undoubtedly an exceptional option for anyone. But when it is not a simple choice but a football girdle with knee pads, you are getting immense quality for excellent value.

The design of this great girdle offers the chance for full mobility, increase overall versatility while playing, and prevent movement restriction that other girdles and protective accessories promote.

And of course, the padded system is still hugely reliable and safe, as it uses hard-plastic shock plates that increase the protection with even the hardest of impacts.

But the real advantage of the padded system comes with the 7-pad design. You can enjoy pads on the hips, helping when you fall after a hard side impact.

In the back, so you prevent damage when falling backward. And on the quads, so you don’t harm your legs when impacting other players.The best pads, however, are in the knees. Protecting your knees is vital in this sport, and this girdle is perfect for that.

Along with the excellent design, the padding system also provides comfort and great ventilation. Together with the comfortable design of the pads, you also get a high-compression Dri-Gear fabric. Made of polyester and spandex, this fabric keeps you dry at all times and compresses your body for performance boosts.


  • High-quality padding design for comfort, mobility & breathability
  • Great 7-pad addition so you can protect hips, thighs, back, and knees
  • Top-notch Dri-Gear fabric for excellent compression & moisture-free experience
  • Comes in several sizes and colors for a more convenience


  • Challenging sizing needs to be thought out well before choosing
  • List Element

3. McDavid Rival Hex Padded Football Pants

Protecting your hips and legs while playing football is critical, this way you can prevent injuries and dangerous lesions that could put you out of the game. Luckily, you can always use the McDavid Rival Hex pants for protection.

As a girdle for superb versatility and comfort without letting protection behind, the Rival Hex also manages to look good and provide immense breathability. It is made with the whole purpose of helping improve performance and protection, so you can get inside hard plays without fearing damage or harm.

The HEX is made with high-quality materials, at 9mm of protection so no impact with players or field can damage your body. Hips and waist protection along with quad padding will keep you away from any possible harm, even when playing at a high level with other big players.

Using nylon and spandex, the fabric provides a comfortable feeling on the skin, but with its breathability increases overall dryness and reduces moisture exponentially. When playing, this is a huge advantage other options don’t offer.

To finish, you get a product that comes in black and white colors, as well as in eight different sizes. And to make it even better, it’s entirely machine-washable.


  • Excellent 9mm padding construction protects better than other builds
  • Superb padding design for great protection including legs, waist, and hips
  • High-quality nylon/spandex fabric for comfort & ventilation
  • Wide array of sizes with two colors options for handiness


  • Crotch area tends to fit more tightly than other parts

4. Nike Boys Pro HyperStrong Core

Boy's Nike

Nike products are always great options to consider, no matter what accessory or clothing we are talking about. And the HyperStrong Core girdle is not an exception to Nike’s superb quality.

Entirely made of polyester, this girdle is designed to provide exceptional comfort and fit, increasing protection with high-quality padding, and helping to improve performance in the process.

Boasts a light construction with polyester and even comes with elastic waistband and other parts to promote high flexibility when playing.

The first thing to review is the impact absorption of the padding though. Using Pro HyperStrong design, these paddings are located in the hips, back, and thighs. This way, you get the chance to play aggressively without fear, as it will keep your body safe at all times with its outstanding impact absorption.

With the polyester fabric you also get the advantage of extreme contouring and brilliant compression. Your body will fit comfortably inside, covering all the body well enough to increase overall comfort & versatility.

And surely, this fabric doesn’t let breathability behind either, using a sweat-wicking technology that keeps the product dry using top-notch ventilation.


  • Exceptional polyester construction increases overall durability & resistance
  • Top-notch sweat-wicking feature offers excellent ventilation
  • Great fabric design promotes excellent compression and comfort for a snug fit
  • High-quality padding system protects & absorbs impacts really well


  • Padding is thinner than other options which can be inadequate for some users

5. Under Armour Men’s 6-Pocket Girdle

Under Armour

Under Armour is another top-notch brand when it comes to sports accessories, and this girdle is a precise example of that. Offering all the benefits from high-quality compression and comfort with excellent design, you get a product that won’t disappoint.

This is not like other girdles that come with integrated padding. Instead, this one offers the chance to insert up to six different pads inside the pockets.

You get pockets in the hips, quads, back, and crotch.This means you can add whatever pad you prefer, whether it is a thick one for great protection as a defensive player or thin ones for runners who want flexibility & speed over anything else.

The girdle boasts a particular type of fabric from Under Armour called HeatGear. This fabric composed of many different natural and synthetic types increases overall compression, feels comfortable at all times, and comes with additional benefits.

Among these benefits, you can find outstanding ventilation with stretch-mesh panels. And with the 4-way stretch of the fabric, you get superb flexibility, so movement will never be discouraged.

 To increase overall dryness, this product comes with a sweat-wicking system that dries really fast. This also helps to keep bad smells away and prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria.


  • Outstanding compression & durability with unique HeatGear fabric
  • High-quality 6-pocket design for ventilation, flexibility, and handiness
  • Especial technology that decreases moisture and prevents bacteria growth
  • Comes in different sizes for all users plus two colors for convenience


  • Lack of integrated padding can be a little problematic

6. Sports Unlimited Adult Girdle 7-Pad

Sports Unlimited

When it comes to high-quality girdles, we can’t forget to mention the fantastic Sports Unlimited 7-pad girdle. This is easily one of the most protective and performance-oriented options in the list – and surely one product you shouldn’t overlook.

One of the things that highlight the most about this product is the seven-pad design. Yes, you get the chance to protect seven parts of your lower body with this excellent sports pant, including the hips, tailbone, thighs, and even the knees.

When it comes to protection quality, of course, these pads don’t leave anything to be desired, with great cushioning & impact-absorbent build.

The fabric of the girdle is also well-made entirely. It manages to offer great compression, increasing muscle warming capacity and promoting great flexibility while playing. Your performance will be improved exponentially, primarily as a lineman.

Apart from the comfort and compression of the fabric, the product offers excellent breathability. This way, you prevent moisture creation and reduce the chance of bad smells or bacteria. And with the ventilated crotch, heat build-up will be eliminated which eventually helps with performance and reduces exhaustion.


  • Unbeatable 7-pad design protects every part of your lower body as a lineman
  • Increases overall comfort and flexibility to promote a great performance
  • Exceptional breathability and ventilation to remain cool and reduce exhaustion
  • Stylish and convenient set of colors and sizes for increased handiness


  • Ventilated crotch design reduces protection in the area

7. Cramer Thunder Skill 7-Pad Football Girdle


When you look for the best football girdle for linemen, there won’t be a better option than the Cramer Thunder. Coming with 7 pads, high-quality compression, exceptional durability, and superb comfort – this is a girdle you don’t want to dismiss.

The durability, stretchiness, and comfort it offers are almost unbeatable. And as an ideal choice for linebackers and linemen, it increases overall performance exponentially.

It all happens due to the top-notch construction including nylon and spandex plus a polyester crotch panel. This means it is tight, offers excellent versatility, and still manages to increase overall resistance and comfort.

The exciting part is the 7-pad design. This means you get seven built-in pads to protect you from falling or when hitting other players. But the position, including one in the tailbone, two on the hips (iliac crest for performance), two in the thighs and two in the knees is what makes it so amazing.

Players who don’t need much flexibility and instead great protection will get the most out of it.  

But is not only the position but the quality of the pads, made of Cramer Spider Web EVA foam that comes with plastic shells with great impact absorption and high breathability to prevent moisture and microbes.


  • Durable & reliable nylon and spandex build with polyester crotch
  • Superb Spider Web EVA foam in pads with iliac crest protection
  • Exceptional flexibility and comfort for increased performance
  • Very protective, good-looking and convenient 7-pad design


  • Knee pads can move up when running or moving too much

8. Shock Doctor Ultra Shockskin

Shock Doctor

Brands that work in different sports and for different accessories also provide great results when it comes to football girdles. That’s what we think of the Ultra Shockskin girdle from Shock Doctor.

It is a hugely reliable option for those who want more versatility and mobility than anything else. The freedom of movement is unbeatable in this one without letting impact resistance behind. You can absorb damage from impacts easily with the excellent padding it offers while enjoying the flat-lock design with chafe-free seams, perfect to allow increased convenience and flexibility.

The fabric is fantastic in every way, as it wicks moisture away while increasing dryness exponentially. And with the 5-pad design, you can protect your hips and thighs effortlessly along with the tailbone. The pads are top-notch in every way, superbly protective of your body.

But when we talk about the Ultra Shockskin from Shock Doctor, we can’t forget about the superb addition of a carbon Flex cup. It helps to protect your crotch really well, including a flex-curve design with an orbital gel pad that adds excellent comfort too.

The protection is so amazing that it can’t prevent damage from 100 MPH ball impacts without issues.

And to make this girdle even more convenient, it offers an X-Fit integrated pocket system in the crotch where you can place the cup. This way, you protect and feel hugely comfortable at all times.


  • Outstanding mobility & flexibility with short and elastic design
  • Thin but highly protective 5-pad design with excellent foam quality
  • Top-notch fabric construction promotes a dry and moisture-wicking experience
  • Exceptional addition of Flex cup plus an X-Fit cup pocket in the crotch for protection


  • Not precisely designed for football with a little inconvenient placement of pads

9. McDavid Rival INTG


For those who are looking for the best football girdle for high school, there won’t be a better option than the McDavid Rival INTG.McDavid is a brand that stands out for its quality in padding and flexibility, and the Rival INTG doesn’t disappoint.

Boasting exceptional quality padding, any adult or kid can play comfortably without fearing of impact damage with other players or with the floor. And this protection comes mostly from the superb construction of the pads.

Using hard-shell pads, the guards on the thighs, hips, and tailbone will increase overall protection. You won’t even realize that you feel thanks to the superb impact absorption they offer.

With the thickness and high cushioning, this makes it incredibly fitting for children and teenagers, so parents can also watch their children play without issues.

For comfort and flexibility, these pants also stand out. As they come in six sizes for adults and only two for youth, it will be a piece of cake to pick the ideal product.

But when using them is where players will feel how amazing they feel and work.They will improve performance while increasing overall protection, all at the same time.


  • Excellent padding quality with hard-shell construction for impact absorption
  • Increase flexibility and comfort with superb build and sizing options
  • Improves performance and helps have a more satisfying experience
  • Durable, reliable, and rip-resistant fabric build


  • Lacks moisture-wicking effects which can be a little annoying for some users

10. Alleson Adult Core Integrated


Alleson is one of the most overlooked brands in the market, but surely one of the best. With the immense quality and superb designs of its girdles and other products, you can expect exceptional results with the Core girdle.

It is a 7-pad girdle with integrated shock-absorbent pads. The padding comes in the hips, thighs, tailbone, and knees. You can expect superb results when playing, with little to no impact damage even in the harshest of games.

The padding works this well thanks to a 10mm thickness, creating top-notch results even professional players can get the best from. These pads are one of the bulkiest in the market, which means you get first-rate protection without issues.

This padding system is made of EVA foam, which adds durability and moisture-wicking results. However, it is the Core hexagon padding shape that increases the overall convenience of the padding. It disperses water really well from the girdle and increases overall dryness for more comfort & better results.

Made with nylon and spandex with a really well-made polyester elastic waistband, you can expect this girdle to last a long time. And let’s not overlook it also comes with a ventilated crotch, to help you feel fresh when playing.


  • Outstanding padding build with 10mm EVA foam for incredible protection
  • First-rate moisture wicking effects with CORE hexagon design that disperses water
  • High-quality nylon and spandex construction for great durability & comfort
  • Handy extras with insert cup pocket with ventilated crotch area & polyester waistband


  • Hard to get the right fit due to sizing issues

The Perfect Football Girdle - Buying Guide 

Whether you want a football girdle with knee pads, a girdle for high school players, for professional players, or one with no pads at all, you should always know exactly how to go for the ideal product.

And to do that, there’s nothing more important than to learn about what girdles offer.

Here’s a guide that will help you.

Types of Girdles

There are two main types of girdles out there, the traditional and the integrated. Both offer their advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to know which you should go for.

The traditional type is the cheapest and simplest option in the market. This traditional type comes with the same fabric construction as other girdles, but instead of having the pads inside the fabric, it has pockets where you can insert the pads you desire.

The problem with these is that you must buy the exact pads that work with the girdle and fit them in every time before using them. But this also makes them more convenient at the moment of washing the girdle, as you can get the pads out and cleaning them correctly.

An integrated-pad girdle, on the other hand, is the one that comes with the pads built-in the girdle. These pads are often of excellent quality and pre-located in different areas, from the back to hips and thighs or knees and so on.

This means you won’t have to place the pads inside the pockets before using them. But, they won’t offer too much ventilation, and cleaning them can be a problem as some of them are not washing machine friendly.

Material & Build

The construction of a girdle is critical to know how good it is. And for good we mean durability, compression, comfort, and ventilation. It’s also important to consider weight and overall stitching quality of the product.

For us, polyester, nylon, and spandex are the three materials you should go for when buying a girdle. Any other material may not offer the quality you expect. But surely, polyester and nylon are far better than spandex, so go for the one with the most nylon or polyester if you want better quality.

And for lightness, just make sure it is not too heavy. Remember that the padding material may also have a significant effect on how weighty the product is, so consider that before buying.

A lineman, for example, will demand a different weight than a runner, so it’s important to know which one you should go for.

Other material qualities can be waterproof construction to prevent moisture build-up and bacteria, quick-drying technologies to offer a more reliable experience, and stretchiness and softness so you can fit the product easily and without damaging the skin.

Padding Quality

When it comes to girdles there’s maybe no more critical than the padding you pick. While some types of girdles don’t come with this, it’s vital that if you pick one that does, you should go for something thick and protective.

Hard plastic with foam layers is always the best padding quality out there. It should be at least 7mm thick and be located in ideal positions to protect the right parts of your body.

We recommend going for something that protects your hips completely, so you prevent damage when falling sideways. The same with protection in the back, so you avoid harm when falling backward.

Protection in the thighs and knees is also necessary. But they work mostly to protect the body when another player rushes at you or vice versa. This way, you keep your legs protected and your knees safe. But of course, the more padding the product has the less mobility it offers. So you choose wisely according to your needs.

Compression & Comfort

All girdles should fit tightly in the player. The tightness produces compression which eventually helps to improve muscle performance and reduces discomfort when running. Compression also helps to maintain the product in the right place when running, falling or hitting other players.

And of course, it also increases protection and effectiveness of the padding.

As for comfort, you should always go for something that fits your body. Too much compression can be useful but also counterproductive, so you need to be careful with sizing. Girdle size can be a little complicated, with some product offering up to 8 different sizes to pick.

Make sure you select the ideal one to prevent discomfort or other related problems.

Flexibility & Softness

Flexibility is vital to run and move easily, and softness will tell you not only how comfortable the product is but also how safe it is to your skin. Both are critical factors to consider, and they are mostly about the material you pick and the construction of the product.

For us, it’s all about picking something that allows you to move freely as much as possible. But also, it’s about picking something that fits to your mobility needs and doesn’t harm your skin in the process.

Football Girdle Size Chart 

As we said before, the right size of the girdle is critical for comfort but also for performance. Here, we explain how sizing for a girdle works:

Waist Size

Football Girdle Size

22 to 24 inches


26 to 28 inches


30 to 32 inches


34 to 36 inches


38 to 40 inches


42 to 44 inches


46 to 48 inches


50 to 52 inches


How Do You Wear it? 

Wearing either non-padded or padded football girdles is not really hard, but it’s not as straightforward as wearing regular pants or underwear. The following instructions can help you in the process:

1. Locate the pads or the pockets where the pads are placed. Make sure the tailbone pad that’s in the rear part of the girdle is in the right place before you put it on.

2. Place the pads inside each pocket before putting them on. Then grab the girdle and place it on your legs before putting it on.

3. Then put on the girdle as if you were stepping inside a standard pair of pants. Remember to check where the tailbone pad is before doing it.

4. If you wear underwear, try to straighten the underwear as much as possible before putting the girdle on.

5. Now that you have the girdle on check each pad accordingly. Make sure they are in the right place and for pocketed girdles, make sure they haven’t come out.

6. After the girdle is correct, you can put on your football pants and be ready to put the rest of the sports clothes.

How To Clean It? 

Whether we’re talking about traditional girdles or a football girdle with knee pads, cleaning will be one of the hardest things to do. That’s why we’ve made a list of steps to follow to prevent you from doing it wrong. Here it is:

1. Make sure the girdle is machine washable. Otherwise, you should clean it by hand.

2. Get all the padding out if you have a traditional-style girdle. You can clean the pads separately or wash them together with the pants if you want.

3. Then set the washing machine to wash with cold water. Don’t use any detergent with a pH over 10.

4. Before turning the machine on, turn the girdle to the inside. Then push the wash button.

5. After the wash is done, you can get the girdle out and hang it to dry. Never use machine dryers as it can damage the fabrics or paddings if integrated. Do not hang it in direct sunlight either.

6. Now that the cleaning and drying are done, you can either store the girdle or wear it. Make sure it is completely dry first. Otherwise, it may produce a bad smell or damage the fabric.

Important Considerations

  • Experts recommend cleaning a girdle only when it smells badly or after two matches at least. Cleaning it after every use can damage the product in the long run, so make sure you do it with care too.
  • Girdles may also catch colors from other clothes or sports accessories, so we recommend washing them alone if possible. Otherwise, clean them by hand.
  • Always avoid the use of softeners, chlorine or chemicals that could damage or affect the fabrics or padding of the girdle. The most natural the soap and detergent you use, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying unpadded or padded football girdles, you may start having doubts about which one to choose, on what you should do to take care of them, how to use them correctly, etc.

Here, we want to get those out of your mind with the following questions.

Q: How should a football girdle fit in the body?

A: The ideal girdle should fit very tightly in the body. No movement you do or impact/scratch/touch with any other object or person should move it. This way you prevent the padding from moving and eventually leaving critical parts of your body exposed to possible damage.

Q: Can I use a football girdle for other sports?

A: Yes, as long as the sport demands high protection in the bottom part of the body, you’ll get an excellent experience with a football girdle. However, these tend to be bulkier than in other sports, so it is essential to consider that before using them.

Q: Are there additional types of girdles apart from traditional and integrated?

A: Yes, some options are half integrated, which means they have some integrated pads but also additional pockets so you can add your own pads according to your needs. And the all-in-one girdles that come with the pads built-in, but with the opportunity to replace them when needed.

Q: Is it obligatory to use girdles for football?

A: While no one is in the obligation of using protection, it’s almost a consensual rule for players to use this kind of protective clothing to prevent unwanted damage.

Q: Do insert pocket cups matter for football players?

A: Football is one of the few sports, along with soccer, where a cup is not necessary. Still, if the girdle comes with an insert pocket for the cup, it can be useful if you like to play with one.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best football girdle will not be an easy deed. But as long as you consider our advice and consider our product recommendations, you are probably going to make the right choice.

Remember to pick according to your needs over anything else. This way, you can prevent getting a product that won’t help or that will eventually disappoint you.

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