Best Football Shoulder Pads Reviews

Best Football Shoulder Pads – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Football, being a contact sport, requires a lot of attention towards protecting the body from impact. During tackling, a player can be easily hurt due to impact with his teammates or the opposition. Such implications can easily dislocate joints or break bones.

To make the sport safer, a myriad of products is innovated continuously and produced by different sports companies. Occasional players sometimes tend to avoid spending on protection gears for sports.

But if you are a regular player, protection gears are a must. Not just any protection gear, you will need the best football shoulder pads to survive.

Among the various protection gears available in the market, shoulder pads are of immense importance and should be considered a must-buy item. We have compiled a comparison of the best products out there, continue reading to find out more.

Why Use a Shoulder Pad for Football?

Shoulder pads are essential for playing football. Especially, if you are new to playing football, you may be underestimating the risks you will be putting your body into while playing football. Not just professional football, even school or college football can get quite dangerous and therefore, needs proper protection of the body.

Shoulder pads are not the only protective gears you will need, however, they might be one of the most important ones.

Although they may look extremely heavy and a big hassle to carry, shoulder pads help in keeping the shoulders, upper back, and chest safe during the game. During tackles and sudden collisions, these gears protect the body from the force of direct impact.

They protect joints from getting dislocated and bones from breaking. While playing football, among other bones of your body, the ribs become a significant point of impact. The ribs can easily crack during sudden collisions, and therefore should be protected with care.

These gears also can absorb shock and then distribute the shock evenly so that one particular point of the body do not undergo extreme pressure. They are necessary not only for protection from accidental impacts but also from targeted collisions.

If you have the shoulder pads on, you can be safe from a lot of such accidents and harm.

10 Best Football Shoulder Pads Reviews

Here are our reviews on the most vouched shoulder pads for football available in 2019. See for yourself!

1. Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 Football Shoulder Pads

Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pad is a great product that is lightweight and can be used for all purposes. This is also one of the best football shoulder pads for running backs.

These shoulder pads provide an amazing varsity style to the look, coming in two colors- black and neon green. It is also available in eight different sizes, providing you with the chance to find the perfect fit for yourself. The entire gear will weigh about three pounds.

The extended body of this product is ideal for providing some extra protection. This pad is also connected with elastic belts at three points, making it stay put during movement. There are 7mm vents in the pad which allow for smooth flow of air in and out of the pad, keeping the body cool, dry and comfortable.

One of the best features of this product is, perhaps, the lightweight feature of the pad that makes it less of a burden and more of a protection. This is especially popular among young footballers, especially kids, because of its easy-to-handle features.


  • Extended body length
  • Extra protection
  • Perfect mobility
  • The material is of dual-density
  • The product is of breathable mesh


  • The padding is comparatively thinner than other pads
  • A better option for offensive positions than defensive

2. Gear 2000 Youth Intimidator Junior Shoulder Pad 

This gear has a special moisture management system that has perforations in the padding. These perforations make it easy for the pad to take the moisture away from the body, keeping the body cool, dry and comfortable during games. The entire pad takes about four hours to dry off.

These pads are protective with non-stretch underarm straps all around the pad. This feature makes the pad good for beginners. It comes in six different sizes, starting from small to large. Regardless of the size, the product weighs only about 1 Pound and is, therefore, extremely lightweight.

The Gear 2000 Youth Intimidator Junior Shoulder Pad is yet another gear that is specially designed for good performance on the field and its target users are people of all age which means it comes in all sizes. This product features a particular flat pad design which is one of its notable features.

It has a very easy-to-put-on design that lets people put it on with ease. The drawstrings at the front make it a lot easier to tighten the pads and fix it according to necessity.


  • Durable
  • flat low-profile design
  • Epaulets are smooth
  • The great moisture management system
  • Quick release drawstrings present at the front


  • The strap system is not stretchable
  • The design of the strings is not very good

3. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

The Schutt XV HD Shoulder Pad uses an arch design which makes it extremely high performing and lightweight at the same time. To provide additional strength, it has raised corrugations in the design. This specific design also lets air flow freely from under the pad and lets air from outside to cool the body.

The performance of the pad is unbeatable, providing you with the satisfaction you need from any high-quality protective gear. Let's just say that you won't be disappointed at least with the performance of this product. It comes in three varieties in terms of style- all-purpose, offensive/defensive line and skill positions.

These pads provide you with an exclusive Shutt design that has no epaulets. This design gives the player a great advantage. During tackles, the opposition can easily hold on to you with the help of your protective gears. But with this non-epaulets design, there will be nothing that can be easily held on to. 

This product is also comparatively light-weight, measuring around 3 Pounds only. This makes it one of the best shoulder pads for wide receivers. Since this product is comparatively of very high quality, you will also need to raise your budget to buy this product.


  • Raised corrugations provide additional support
  • No-epaulettes design gives the opponent nothing to hold on to
  • Comparatively lightweight


  • Shields on the shoulders may give a feeling of restriction
  • Might be a bit short at the front

4. Youper Sports Shoulder Pads for Kids


The Youper Sports Shoulder Pads are a significant hit among kids, especially when there is Halloween or a school cosplay knocking on the door.

These pads are not designed for contact sports among the youth but are great as costumes! They are perfect for Halloween if you want to dress your kids up as jocks, or for a school show. This shoulder pad has a great design that provides a real look and uniform feel.

This product is extremely durable. For making the shoulder pad, the environment-friendly foam is wrapped amidst Polyester fiber cloth. This making gives the product much durability, giving the appearance a solid look as well.

Since the product is designed mainly for kids, these come in two different sizes. Size YS is for kids within 3-7 years, and size YL is for kids within 7-11 years. But 11 years is the highest this shoulder pad can accommodate. This product is popular among kids, with reviews that kids don't want to take them off at all!


  • Very light-weight, only 8.8 ounces
  • Durable
  • Great design gives a real look
  • No health hazards


  • Not designed for real contact sports
  • The padding is too thin

5. Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads

Franklin Sports

These shoulder pads are made of foam and plastic, keeping the weight very low at only 3.8 ounces. Although they call these youth sizes, the sizes are mainly made for children. Kids as old as 7 years can comfortably wear these as a costume.

The Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads are yet another hit among kids who want to dress up as a footballer for Halloween or a school cosplay! It is essential to note that these shoulder pads are not designed for real sports where a lot of contact and collision take place.

These shoulder pads can easily be worn under a jersey while your kid accompanies you to your favorite game. This can also be considered as a perfect addition to your kids' Franklin Uniform Set. 

In short, this product is perfect for kids with a no-hassle design. It has also been designed in a way that makes it look like absolutely professional football gears that make the kids fond of the product. It is a must buy if you have kids, nephews or grandkids who might grow up into football enthusiasts.


  • Easy fit with strings at the front
  • Perfect for children under 7 years
  • Super light-weight at only 3.8 ounces
  • Can be easily transformed for other costumes


  • Not meant for real contact sport
  • The pads sometimes don't lay nicely

6. Sports Unlimited Prospect Pro Adult Football Shoulder Pads

Sports Unlimited

These gears are designed to make you able to fly around the field, unscathed. With an amazing blend of lightness and durability, these gears should be on your list if you want perfect mobility and protection.

This product is designed with flat pads that sit low on the shoulders and thus successfully provides much more comfort. Allowing full mobility of neck and head, this design will enable you to forget that you are wearing protective gears at all! The dual density foam provides perfect protection during hits and collisions.

These pads also have removable body cushion. Velcro attachment in the product allows for easy removal of the buffers which can later be machine-cleaned and dried by hanging. This lets you have clean, odorless and refreshing gear every time.

The Sports Unlimited Prospect Pro Adult Football Shoulder Pads make for some fantastic protective gear. It is one of the best youth football shoulder pads available in the market.


  • Biothane belts for perfect fitting
  • Amazing breathability and cooling mechanism
  • Machine washable


  • Not of professional quality
  • The thickness of the foam could be better

7. CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder Pads


The CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder Pads are your ultimate value for money gears! It is one of the best football shoulder pads for wide receivers and also one of the best youth football shoulder pads available in the market.

Extremely popular among young footballers, this product has a High Impact PE design that lets the player have maximum protection. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, these are the ultimate lightweight options in a budget. The design is also great, completing your professional look.

This product has been designed in a unique easy-to-release system that allows the player to put on and take off the shoulder pads without any assistance. A cantilever design with tempered steel spring has been used that gives the shoulder pads amazing durability and sturdy build.

These gears are also pre-drilled to accommodate other accessories which are a great addition. Shoulder pads of this quality from more renowned brands would usually cost you much more. It also contains impact adjustable one-inch elastic straps that keep everything in place.


  • Very durable
  • Removable plates
  • Provides very good mobility


  • Ventilation is below par
  • After a few uses, the strap and hook come off

8. Adams VS500 Varsity Football Shoulder Pads


The Adams VS500 Varsity Football Shoulder Pads gives you another great option for your regular shoulder protection.

These pads give you full protection for your shoulders and upper torso. The front arch is narrow, which gives you a full range of motion. This product comes in two varieties: the all-purpose and the skill position. It also has an all-purpose style which is good for some different positions on the field.

Ventilated body cushions allow maximizing air to circulate in and out of the body. Since the cushions are removable, they give you an advantage while cleaning them. The body cushions are also treated with antimicrobial agent that keeps the gears protected from bacteria and harmful microbes.

This set weighs about 5 pounds, giving you a light-weight feel and great mobility. Because let's face it, the second most important factor after protection is a comfort when it comes to protective gears. These gears stay perfectly fitted because of the straps that keep things in place.


  • Very sturdy material
  • Great antimicrobial feature keeps it hygienic
  • Easy-to-remove cushion that allows easy cleaning
  • Great fitting from perfect positioning of straps


  • The middle strap can sometimes be a little wonky
  • Starts giving off odor after a few uses

9. Sports Unlimited Prospect Youth Football Shoulder Pads

Sports Unlimited

This product has been made of double layered foam, providing the player with maximum protection during hits. This double layered foam also results in a more comfortable feel and fits the body well.

There is in-built elongated cushioning in the design that extends beyond its protective arches. Due to this, the player gets some extra protection in his lower torso and back, which is quite an added benefit that some other models fail to deliver.

Built-in breathable channels within the material are present through which extra heat can easily escape. These channels also result in a free flow of air in and out of the body, which prevents sweat from building up. This also lets the body cool down simultaneously and avoids the disadvantages of a thoroughly soaked body.

It has been designed in such a way that the product comes with an exclusive all-purpose one, making it a universal fit. Wearing this gear, a person can play from any position beginning from the trenches to outside the numbers. Thus, it will not be needed to be changed with a possible change in playing the position.


  • The double-layered foam gives maximum protection
  • Ventilation channels keep the body dry
  • Elastic straps provide great flexibility
  • Extended cushioning provides extra support in the lower torso


  • The durability of the product could be better
  • The straps tend to come off after repeated use

10. Gear Pro-Tec X2 AIR X-SOBF  Football Shoulder Pads 


The Gear Pro-Tec X2 AIR  Football Shoulder Pads are yet another set of popular shoulder pads.The entire set is light-weight that helps the player to be comfortable and free to move throughout the game. There is a pro-loc epaulet design in the product that lets the arms have maximum motion, making it easy to move around.

These gears also sport a low profile flat pad design that gives the pads a snug fit. There is a front lock stabilizer available that protects explicitly the sternum. A superb AC notch-out comes with the cradle pad that gives great protection to the acromioclavicular joints.

There is also an excellent moisture management foam system that gives the pads an enhanced cooling power. This does not, however, meddle with the capability of providing protection. There are vent holes present in the arch hollow that lets the shoulder pads to cool down and dry up fast.

The air-release clavicle pads are adjustable and removable. This lets the pads provide a customized fit to every person, ensuring comfort and safety. Overall, you could not ask for a better performance from a set of shoulder pads.


  • Adjustable and removable cushions give a customized fit
  • Very lightweight
  • Provides great mobility
  • Extra protection for sternum
  • Special protection for Acromioclavicular joints
  • Special breathable technology for cooling
  • Grommet belt at the bottom and double hook at the top


  • Not very cheap
  • Despite the cooling systems, the pads odor up fast

Here’s What to Look for Before Buying

Before you finally settle on one, make sure you think about these factors thoroughly;

Contact Dispersion

Make sure that the product you are buying is designed in such a way that the force of impact is dispersed throughout the gear. In this way, you will be protected from the collision or impact. 

Proper Weight


The gears should be of appropriate weight for you to carry, neither too heavy nor too light. What kind of weight you prefer will also depend on the position you usually play in the game.


Your gears should be able to provide you with proper mobility.  If the product is too rigid, it may hamper your movement during the game which is essential because you don't want to feel like something is holding you back.


Although being able to move freely is of utmost importance, a minimum level of stiffness is also necessary to ensure the required level of protection. If the gears are not adequately rigid, they might bend on impact and cause possible injuries during the game.

Level of Comfort

Make sure that the product you are buying is properly capable of making you feel comfortable because this is one of the most important things that affect your performance.


Protective gears will no doubt result in sweating, but if the material is breathable or has enough spaces for air to get in, it will be able to help your body breath. Manufacturers are giving more importance to this factor now and making more breathable gears.

There are, of course, other additional features that would vary from one product to another, but the factors mentioned above should always play the most major roles in your buying decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to still have a lot of questions after all the discussion. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

1. What size would my kid need?

Size charts are usually provided on the website of the product. You can easily follow the instructions provided by the company and pick the perfect size.

2. What position are these shoulder pads good for?

Most of the shoulder pads are all-purpose and can be easily and comfortably worn by players of all positions. If a set of shoulder pads are for a specific position, it is usually mentioned. If you have confusions, it's better to ask the seller directly if the description provided is insufficient.

3. Can this product be returned?

Yes, almost all products from Amazon has a return policy within a specific number of days. But some sellers tend to charge for the return shipment. Please do check with the seller before buying, if there is a possibility of returning the product in the future.

4. Can a back plate or rib protector be attached to these shoulder pads?

Most shoulder pads are designed in a way so that other protective gears can be used at the same time. Some products have extra drilled holes to accommodate the use of other gears. Even if extra drilled holes are not available, using other protective gear along with shoulder pads should not be a problem.

5. Is this for youth or children?

Many of the "youth" shoulder pads are designed for children instead of young people. So, it is important to read the instructions very carefully. The shoulder pads that are designed for children usually provide a size chart mentioning ages of children.

This information makes it clear that it is for children only. If such information is not present, you can be sure that "youth" designs genuinely are meant for the youth.

If you have further or more specific questions, you can always knock the seller and be sure before you decide to purchase.


These ten shoulder pads are the best varieties in the market to choose from. Besides the most basic features, these shoulder pads vary from each other in terms of added benefits and pricing.

Every product has their own unique features and it is likely that every person will have a brand they prefer over the others according to their comfort and necessity.

Choose the best football shoulder pads which suits your needs and budget, and you are ready to go!

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