Best Football Visor Reviews

10 Best Football Visor Reviews and Buying Guide For 2020

As one of the essential accessories for playing football, visors are usually very hard to pick when you don’t know much about them.

You can see people using different kinds of visors that are sometimes not even helpful, just for the sake of wearing something that looks good.

For us, the best football visoris the one that comes with everything from the right coatings to durable construction, high-quality vision, and more. Otherwise, you’ll get a product that won’t help you.

If you are not familiar with what visors have to offer, here we are going to explain all that. Let’s get into it so you can learn!

Do Football Visors Help Vision? Why Get One? 

Alongside the shoulder pads, the rib protector, and the helmet – you’ll find the football face shield.This is a crucial protective accessory that helps not only to increase eye protection but also prevent visibility issues related to lights or darkness.

Sometimes, these visors even help to improve overall intimidation and prevent opponents from seeing eyes and guess plays or strategies.

Here, we explain each one of the benefits visors offers to football players:

Eye & Face Protection

UV rays bad blue lights, tend to be very damaging to the eyes of players. They can reduce overall visibility while harming the eyes directly, which eventually means loss of sight in the long run.

That’s why using visors is critical to prevent eye damage, even more so when you consider the barrier, visors add against dust, dirt, debris, or even eye pokes.

Glaring & Light 

Filtering the light and reducing glaring are the second most important advantage from football visors. They increase visibility a lot and reduce blurriness or glaring from excessive light.

Those who are sensitive to sun rays and have vision problems will probably find visors magnificently helpful.

Strategy & Intimidation

Visors can also be a huge part of a strategy, especially a reflective football visor that hides the eyes of the player from his opponents. When someone can see your eyes when playing, they are very likely to guess your strategy or ideas.

Yet, with reflective visors you can prevent that, while adding a layer of intimidation. When you add different stickers, you can even make your visor good-looking.

Our Best Football Visor Picks

Finding the right football visor by yourself won’t be an easy deed, especially when you are a beginner or when you don’t have much knowledge.

Luckily for you, here we bring ten of the best football helmet visorsyou can pick.

1. EliteTek Facemask Visor

Protecting your eyes has never been as fun as it is with the EliteTek Facemask Visor. Ideal for those who want more confidence when playing and increased focus to always be present on the game, this is an option you don’t want to dismiss.

One of the first features you can see as soon as you take a look at the visor is the color tint design. It is completely clear, meaning that you’ll see everything well enough, with an exceptional 60% light transmittance. You’ll also get 28% of dark colors and 38% of mirror effects.

However, the critical part is the multi-angle color reflection so you can see more color in a wider spectrum, so it doesn’t leave anything out of sight. Apart from that, it blocks any harmful light such as blue light or UV rays. Glaring will be wholly eliminated, and it controls light intensity to prevent issues while playing.

The best of all is that it offers an anti-fog and impact-resistant poly-carbonate construction. It will prevent scratches too, and provide exceptional durability so you can use it worry-free at all times.

For fitting options, you can use the two-clip system for fastening to any person easily; thanks to its adjustable design. And of course, you also get a reduction of risk on the head and neck as it prevents mask-grabbing accidents.


  • Superb visibility & color improvement with clear tint design
  • High-quality polycarbonate construction for scratch, impact and fog protection
  • Reduces overall glaring & lightning effects for unbeatable focus
  • Entirely straightforward & reliable two-clip system for adjustability


  • Tinted design is not permitted in serious competitions or leagues

2. Under Armour NXT Youth Football Visor

Under Armour is a brand that always delivers what it’s supposed to. And the NXT Youth Football reflective football visor is one of the reasons we say this. Using the NXT technology, this is one of the most durable and reliable options you can pick.

It comes with one of the best constructions out there, with anti-fog, anti-glaring, and scratch-resistant lens. All of it comes from the polycarbonate material, ideal to provide the perfect performance for football players without becoming a problem to use due to its light & easy-to-wear design.

When you add the NXT technology, you can be assured entirely it will last a lifetime before breaking or showing signs of wearing. It is designed with the whole purpose of delivering excellent results while playing and reducing worries in the process.

To put it on, you won’t have to do anything more than just adjusting the quick-release clips, and that’s it. The visor fits practically any helmet without issues, and you won’t need tools or follow unnecessary steps to make it work.

The best of all is its simplicity. A completely clear visor will increase protection to your eyes while increasing overall visibility exponentially. It is an excellent choice for youth players without a doubt – especially those who want to improve their focus over anything else.


  • High-quality NXT technology for strong & durable design
  • Polycarbonate build for anti-fog, anti-glaring and scratch-resistant effects
  • Superb quick-release clips to fit in any helmet conveniently
  • Exceptional clear vision for improved focus & better protection


  • Tends to chip easily at intense & high-impact matches

3. Shoc 1.0


One of the simplest and most reliable options in the market, the Chic 1.0 will make your experience much better than before. In contrast with many similar opportunities in the market, this comes in up to 20 different colors, placing among the best rainbow football visors.

You can enjoy the anti-glaring effect of the smoke and iridium colors or the clear option that increases overall visibility when playing. They offer excellent reflection levels and improve overall surrounding details, so you can play more effectively.

The standard clear version will provide the ideal performance so you can enjoy playing football comfortably & effectively. It fits all kinds of youth and varsity helmets, including brands such as Schutt, Riddell, Xenith and many more.

This visor comes with a polycarbonate lens, with shatterproof and molded design as well as anti-glaring and scratch-resistant construction. Add the anti-fog feature plus its hydrophobic coatings, and you get one of the best visors in the market.

To install it, you won’t have to do much, just screw the T-nut clips and that’s it. This visor comes with its own carry bag, a set of stickers, and a cleaning cloth. You won’t find a visor as versatile and convenient as this one, as it works for everyone without issues thanks to its high-quality build and an excellent array of colors.


  • Strong molded polycarbonate build with shatter, scratch, fog, and glaring resistance
  • Superb array of colors and designs for more versatility when choosing
  • Great addition of carrying bag, cleaning cloth and sticker set for convenience
  • Reliable screw/T-nut clipping system for installation in all kinds of helmets


  • Can be difficult & frustrating to install

4. Oakley Football Shield


When it comes to visors for sports & extreme activities, Oakley is undoubtedly among the best brands you can go for. And the football shield is not an exception.

This visor is designed with the whole purpose of increasing overall clarity and vision when playing. Using High Definition Optics or HDO, it increases focus and eliminates distortion to enhance the performance of each player.

This HDO technology comes alongside Plutonite, a proprietary material from Oakley that uses polycarbonate, ideal for durability, resistance, and top-notch strength. It will protect you from everything including powerful impacts, flying objects and debris, and even eye gouging which is pretty standard in football.

But this plutonite synthetic material also helps to reduce sun rays and other damaging light effects such as UVC, UVB, and UVA. It also protects you against Blue light for up to 400nm, which is far more than many other options.

The design of this visor is also unique, using a curvature shape to fit any helmet conveniently. However, this curvature increases overall angle visibility and optimizes peripheral view for increased performance boosts.

You also get the critical effects for anti-fog, anti-glaring and scratch-resistant coatings, perfect for using the lens in almost any situation. And what makes this visor even better, you can pick the ideal tint of the lens so you can make it work according to your needs and light levels – either dark or clear tints accordingly.


  • Outstanding Plutonite synthetic construction for improved durability & strength
  • High-quality curvature design for more fitting options & visibility
  • Convenient anti-fog, anti-glaring and scratch-resistant coatings
  • Unique HDO technology that prevents distortion for excellent focus


  • Doesn’t as much reflection as expected

5. SHOC Visor 2.0

SHOC Visor 2.0

Shoc Visors are always among the best, and the 2.0 version is undoubtedly one of the newest yet most reliable options you can pick. Using some of the most durable & strongest materials out there makes this amazing visor an opportunity that won’t disappoint.

You can pick from many different colors of lens, including the iridium and smoke options that decrease light transmittance to 40%. Whatever you pick, though, you’ll achieve excellent results, making it easier to play and improving concentration in the process.

The visor is wholly made with molded polycarbonate with shatter protection and anti-fog coating. It also decreases the number of scratches and offers a hydrophobic coating for waterproof protection. You’ll merely obtain a visor that stands not only heavy use but also promotes excellent durability.

To install in your helmet, you merely need to make use of the screw and T-nut clips, perfect to fit in almost any set without issues. This will also increase overall comfort & convenience so you can achieve high levels of concentration while playing.

And for those who find it dull or too simple, the visor comes with a Chrome American Flag sticker, so you can attach it to the visor and make it look better.


  • Superb molded polycarbonate construction with shatter & scratch resistance
  • Offers anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings for an excellent experience
  • Reliable screw/T-nut installation method for convenience
  • Wide array of colors for great versatility when picking


  • Installation system can be a little problematic

6. Barnett Revo-Blue


If you are looking for something reliable and strong for a low price, the Revo-Blue visor from Barnett will be your best choice.

Made with polycarbonate, this high-quality visor at a low price will resist even the hardest of impacts. It will help you play in any kind of match very focused & with a wide spectrum of vision. And of course, it comes with outstanding coatings for anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-glaring.

This is also a universal fitting visor, as it works for both youth and adult helmets without issues. All of it comes from the excellent two-clip system for attachment, so it fits reliably & strongly on any helmet. This will eventually help you improve your overall performance and reduce the time of installation.

Another great feature to consider is the light transmittance of 67%, which means it offers enough light to improve overall vision but at the same time reduces glaring that can harm your performance.

And to make it even better, it comes with light-intensity control, so you don’t get blinded when playing in sunny days or under harsh night lights.

But what really stands out of this visor is the reflection it offers. Despite its seemingly clear lens, it provides great reflection which prevents opponents from seeing your eyes when playing. Perfect for varsity and youth players the same way, this is an option you don’t want to miss.


  • Superb shatterproof polycarbonate construction for durability & strength
  • High-quality coatings for anti-glaring, anti-fog, and anti-scratch
  • Exceptional light transmittance & light-intensity control for great visibility
  • Unbeatable reflection level for its clear & exceptional visibility


  • Not recommended for high-intensity varsity matches

7. EliteTek Mirror-Tinted Eye-shield Visor


EliteTek visors are undoubtedly among the best in the market, and the mirror-tinted model surely among the highest-quality options from this brand.

It stands out from the crowd due to its versatility when it comes to fitting helmets. You won’t find a helmet incompatible with this visor, no matter what brand or style you have, as it fits both adult and youth options the same way.

To protect you against eye pokes, debris, and other particles while playing, it comes with a superb poly-carbonate construction with optical aid. Another significant advantage of its build is the anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, so you get even better protection, and vision boosts.

All this also means you get superb visibility while enjoying the protection this material offers. It helps to reduce UV and blue light and blocking glaring from harming your performance.

Providing up to 38% of light transmittance, you can enjoy the exceptional color quality and full spectrum or vision, so playing won’t be affected.

However, it is the mirror-tinted design that adds all the benefits. You will get strategy boosts as well as intimidation advantages, as it prevents other players from seeing your eyes. And it protects your eyes from the sun like no other.

Fast and straightforward installation process in a matter of two or three steps is what you need to adjust your visor with the two-clip system. It reduces the need for grabbing and worries, which means a reduction of neck and head injuries.


  • Excellent mirror-tinted design for great light protection & unmatched reflection
  • Outstanding visibility with high light transmittance despite its design
  • Fast and reliable installation system with a two-clip process
  • High-quality protection with great coatings & polycarbonate build


  • Very dark mirror-tinted lens can be troubling for matches in low-light areas

8. Barnett Clea

 barnett sports

Barnett won’t let you down when it comes to football visors, and this Clea model is undoubtedly one of those products that don’t disappoint.

Ideal for high-school and youth leagues, the Clea visor provides excellent visibility and protection. It doesn’t lack anything and offers the right construction to work for either training or harsh competitive matches.

It all comes down to its excellent construction & design, which alongside Barnett’s build quality will provide a top-notch choice for demanding users.

It fits all kinds of helmets really, from youth to varsity levels and more. And it happens because it boasts a two-clip system that makes installation straightforward & fast. In a matter of only a few steps, you’ll attach the visor to your helmet and receive all of its benefits.

What it offers for protection is exceptional anti-fog, so you never lose visibility, even in rainy or misty days. And surely, it doesn’t lack scratch-resistant coatings so you can make it work even in the most intense matches against aggressive players.

The visor also protects your eyes from sunlight damage, but most importantly, it reduces glaring and annoying UV rays from harming your performance. You’ll be totally focused at all times and utterly confident that you can win the game with the help of an amazing visor.


  • Superb poly-carbonate build allows excellent shatterproof
  • Top-notch anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for a more reliable experience
  • Great addition of a two-clip system for installation and convenient attachment
  • Excellent protection against sun rays and blue light with glaring prevention


  • Cheap build may not be the ideal option for varsity players who need a strong product

9. Under Armour Football Visor

Under Armour

Visors from Under Armour are among the most reliable and durable in the market, but when it comes to something made with APVX, you can expect amazing results with no drawbacks.

This visor comes with APVX material, which means it is lighter than all other options in the market yet still manages to provide unbeatable impact resistance and superb visibility. When compared to standard polycarbonate builds, APVX always delivers the most dependable performance.

In the visibility factor, this visor doesn’t disappoint. It comes with outstanding clarity, using this material that reduces glaring exponentially while increasing sharpness. You’ll see everything in a broad spectrum, clearly and with no blurriness even during intense games.

The protection against sun rays & blue lights is also fantastic. Going under a casting process with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, you can expect the most fantastic experience with it.

And surely, it is less likely to break or shatter than many other options in the market. So, you get a product that’s not only performance-oriented but also durable.

Let’s not forget it also makes it easy to install, using quick-release clips that fit all types of helmets without issues. And to make this visor an even better choice, you get logo stickers with colors and numbers for personalization.


  • Very reliable APVX lens construction for lightness and durability
  • Excellent coatings for anti-scratching and anti-fogging effects
  • Completely resistant against impacts & shatter
  • Superb anti-glaring results with outstanding sharpness & visibility


  • Tinted version may not be accepted for high-school or varsity leagues

10. EliteTek Breast Cancer Awareness

EliteTek Breast Cancer Awareness

When you look for the coolest football visors, there’s probably not a cooler option than the Breast Cancer Awareness model from EliteTek.

Whether you are a woman who plays football or a man who wants to increase awareness for this disease, this pink visor will not let anyone down. It comes with everything professional-level visors offer but with one of the most useful designs out there – so you get twice the quality you want.

It is a clear visor by the way, and it comes with different clear tints and stickers that you can pick depending on what you prefer. This will help you look exactly how you want but with the significant benefit of increasing awareness for cancer.

Technically, the visor still offers everything you could need. From universal fit, so it attaches easily to either youth or varsity helmets using a two-clip system, up to a fantastic anti-fog and anti-scratch coating build – it doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

This visor also helps you focusing while playing, using an anti-glaring effect that controls light intensity and prevents you from distracting. You’ll be utterly protected with this product, comfortable at all times, and confident that it won’t let you down even in the hardest of matches.


  • Outstanding clear visor with several tints & sticker for personalization
  • Unique Breast Cancer Awareness design with high-quality features
  • Excellent coating set with anti-fog and anti-scratch capacity
  • Fits all kinds of helmets with a two-clip system for fast attachment process


  • Not recommended for professional-level intensity due to fragile build

Things We Should Consider Before Buying A Visor 

A good football face shield needs to offer specific features that make it stand out from the rest. Otherwise, it will be a standard option that may not help you in any way. Here, we name these factors you should consider before buying.


When we say kinds, we mean the visibility and design of the product. You’ll find clear, tinted, polarized and colored visors. Each one offers its own advantages and drawbacks.

Here we explain each one of them:

Clear Lens

This is the most common visor for major leagues. It is necessary to use visors that are transparent and clear because this way, referees can be assured when looking at concussed or resting players eyes.

However, this clear vision type of visor also helps to have a better and broader vision of the field, which increases concentration and safety.

The bad thing about transparent visors is that they allow opponents to see where you are looking at and how. And they also reduce glaring and lightning effects with less effectiveness than other types.

Tinted Lens

If you want something that protects you from UV rays and Blue light, then you need tinted visors. They are highly reliable when it comes to protecting your eyes from sun damage and glaring effects.

Tinted visors also promote secrecy when playing, as opponents won’t be able to see your eyes while playing. When it comes to concentration & strategy boost, tinted visors have no rival.

The only problem with them is the low compatibility with most competitions. Referees won’t like tinted visors, especially in professional level where they want complete safety for players.

Polarized Lens

Polarized options are a combination of tinted visors and sunglasses. They provide the best protection for UV rays so you can have clear vision even with the hardest sun or night lights.

Yet, this also reduces visibility at night which can be problematic for some players.

Colored Lens

These are the less common yet most stylish options in the market. They come in a wide array of colors and designs and allow users to look however they want without issues.

Nonetheless, they are not compatible with competitive matches, as they can darken vision a lot and reduce the field of view.


The material of the visor will tell you how durable & resistant it will be. For us, there’s no better material than poly carbonate. But with so many different brands out there, you’ll find a wide array of materials or synthetic formulas that are patented.

Among these patented formulas or materials, you can find the APVX or NXT from Under Armour, HDO & plutonite from Oakley, and many others. The whole purpose of these materials is to be resistant, durable and strong without reducing comfort & visibility. Lightness is also very useful to consider.

Coatings & Protections

Shatter-proof build with anti-fog coating, scratch-resistant build, and UV-ray coating – all of these coatings and protections are critical for a great performance with the visor.

All of these factors change depending on the material you pick, yet you should always make sure to have as many of them as possible.

Ease of Installation

The installation system of the visor is also vital if you want a product that doesn’t disappoint. Standard fasteners or clips are the most common installation systems, and the ones to go for if you’re looking for convenience.

However, you may find some options with zip-ties, screws, T-nuts, and so on. They may not be as easy to install, but they are very reliable and useful.

Do Football Visors Fog Up? 

Whether you have clear or polarized football visors,they always fog up. It’s totally normal, especially in rainy or misty days when moisture is high.

But of course, not all visors fog the same way, and some are designed to prevent fog as much as possible, so they rarely fog or do it very slightly which doesn’t affect vision too much.

If you want to prevent fogged visors, you may try anti-fogging products such as sprays or creams that you apply before preparing the accessory for a match.

They will increase the anti-fogging effects of the product while reducing the possibility of getting fog in the visor.

Are Tinted Visors Legal In High School Football?

Tinted, colored and polarized football visors are entirely legal, yet they may sometimes not be accepted by some organizations.

The NFL, for example, doesn’t let players assist games with clear visors, as the other options make it hard to see players’ eyes when they are concussed or knocked out.

For high-school football, the rules tend to be less regulated and obligatory. However, some tinted visors and similar options can also be prohibited depending on the organization or league.

That’s why we make clear to people who want to buy new visors to consider the rules of the competitions or leagues they are going to play in. This way, they can prevent wasting their money in an unusable product.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you look for a football face shield, you start having doubts about whether they are for you, whether you need one, or whether they need special care or maintenance.

Here, we answer most of these common doubts you could have:

Q: How do I know if the visor is the right one for me?

A: First, make sure it fits your size needs. Some visors are only for youth helmets, others are just for adult helmets, and a few can match all of them. Then check your league rules so you can pick a visor that works with them. These two factors will let you know if the product fits your needs or not.

Q: Can I use stickers in the visor to add my proper style?

A: Yes, you can stick any type of sticker to the visor as long as it doesn’t harm your visibility or eventually harms your opponents.

Q: What products can I apply to reduce fog when playing?

A: Spray, creams and moist towels are the most common anti-fogging products out there. They work really well and can be used in goggles, visors and any kind of visibility product with glass. Just apply or swipe the product on the visor, and it will do its work after it dries up. 

Q: Which brands are the best I can choose?

A: Nike, Xenith, EliteTek, UnderArmour, Oakley, and Schutt are the brands you shouldn’t dismiss when looking for a product. These brands offer the most durable, useful and resistant visors out there.

Q: Where can I find replacements or fixes for clips or fasteners of my visor?

A: Most sports shops where you find visors also offer replacements if any fastener, clip, or installation system breaks. Yet, sometimes it’s better to buy a new visor, as these universal replacements may eventually break too easily.

Final Verdict

Choosing a transparent or reflective football visor is not easy when you aren’t sure what to go for. Even after reading different factors of eye-protectors and many other details related to these products, you may still be doubtful on buying one of these.

Luckily for you, the best football visoris the one that fits your needs the most. So, make sure you go for something that meets your requirements first. Then, you can say that’s the ideal product. This way, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

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