Best Golf Discs for Beginners

5 Best Golf Discs for Beginners: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Bored of spending your weekends lying on the couch? Are you looking for a fun hobby you can share with your friends? Why not play with golf discs! This is a perfect game that can keep your friends and family fully invested for hours on end. With a set of colorful golf discs, time will glide away as fast the discs do!

If you’re worried because you’re not an expert, then we have got you covered. In this article, we have reviewed the best disc golf discs for beginners you can find on the market. Not only are they easy to use, but they can also help you brush up on your skills. Who knows, you might even become a pro one day.

Our Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

We know that finding a product that lives up to their promises can be a lot of hassle. So, to make your job easier, we have handpicked the five best disc golf discs available for purchase.

1. Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

First up on this list is this 3-pack disc golf set for beginners. This exclusive set includes a driver, mid-range, and putter disc. Needless to say, this set can be used for multiple hours of fun and/or practice. This is a perfect choice for amateurs, especially if you are limited by a budget.

There is hardly any other disc golf set that comes at such a low price. What makes it more suitable for beginners is that you don’t need to be an expert to have fun with these discs. It’s perfect for all skill levels and is a perfect ally if you want to brush up on your skills.

If it’s your first time playing disc golf, this will certainly make your experience more enjoyable and make you want to play more. But don’t just think of it as disc golf set for amateurs. Each model is carefully assessed and approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association to make sure they are fit for tournaments too.

All in all, this is one of the best disc golf for beginners and professionals alike. Even though the stamps, colors, models, and plastic may differ for each disc, the manufacturers ensure the utmost quality. Thus, this disc golf set is world-renowned and considered as one of the most popular ones of its kind. This is hands down one of the best discs for beginners.


  • Three different types of disc
  • Suitable beginners and experts
  • PDGA approved
  • Superior quality


  • Performance might be underwhelming for some experts

2. INNOVA Dx Disc Golf Set 3

This next amateur disc golf set includes 3 different, well-balanced discs. The driver, mid-range, and putter are all made of specialized material. Every single disc in this set is made of DX plastic that makes them soar through the sky more fluidly. They are also the perfect weight for beginners.

In fact, each disc doesn’t weigh more than 180 grams, which makes them more convenient to use in any condition. This exclusive set is also a great choice for more advanced players. It’s a perfect setting to work on your skills regardless of your level of expertise.

The driver, in particular, is designed in such a way that even a beginner can throw it a long way without any deviation in trajectory. You don’t even need to apply immense force for it to cover a considerable distance. If you are a bit of a bad thrower, this golf disc set will certainly boost your confidence.

What sets it apart is its precise putter. The putter, used for short-range throws, doesn’t need much effort for an accurate throw. Even the mid-range disc hovers gracefully in the air and is much easier to get inside the basket. On top of that, a carrying bag is included within a remarkably low price.


  • Made of specialized DX plastic
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Putter is more accurate
  • Low price


  • You can’t choose the color

3. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set

As the third addition to this list, we have included one of the best disc golf for beginners on the market. This stylish set of disc golf includes four different discs in several vibrant colors. It all comes in their very own golf bag, which makes transporting and storing them less of a hassle.

The Deluxe model comes from one of the most renowned manufacturers of golf discs. Hence, the reliability of this product is unparalleled. Moreover, the user-friendly features of this disc golf set make it an ideal choice for learning the tricks of the trade. Even professionals tend to consider it a perfect tool for practice.

This is also one of the most durable discs sets out there. All the discs are made of their trademark high-quality plastic that is durable enough to last a very long time. Now you don’t have to worry about wearing them out due to constant use. The high-quality material also causes it to travel further and more smoothly.

The putter is also extremely stable, and even the most inexperienced player can effortlessly slide it into the basket. Furthermore, the mid-range disc is more suitable for amateurs due to its low weight. It has a rather comfortable grip and is easy to throw. You’ll surely have a fun time practicing with it.

Furthermore, the extremely reasonable price makes it even more appealing to newbies, making it the best discs for beginners.


  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for competitive games

4. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

With five different discs of equally vibrant colors and impeccable quality, this disc golf starter set is an extremely popular choice. This is an ideal disc set for beginners due to its well-balanced discs that are fun to use. They are all made of a specialized plastic that makes it glide through the air effortlessly.

This high-quality material also makes each disc more durable and long-lasting. They can last longer than regular disc sets even after repeated use. The Aviar putter that comes with the set is also preferred by many professionals due to its stability. If you are an amateur, you’ll love the driver disc they call The Destroyer.

It’s designed to cut through the air more efficiently. Hence, you can throw it much further with more accuracy, without exerting much force. Even players with a low skill set can throw like a pro with this driver. For mid-range drives, you have the Roc3. This enables you to make more precise throws within a controlled distance.

The Leopard, on the other hand, is an ideal first fairway driver. Never has it been this easy to throw a driver accurately into a basket. The way it hovers in the air will surely leave you in awe. Furthermore, it also includes a special edition mini disc that can be used to mark where your disc has landed.

This exclusive set includes all the essentials you need to become an expert at disc golf.


  • Five different discs
  • Aviar putter ideal for professionals
  • Drivers require less effort to throw
  • Special edition mini disc included


  • Doesn’t give you a choice for colors

5. Axiom Discs Proton Insanity Disc Golf Driver

Axiom Discs Proton Insanity Disc Golf Driver

As the final addition to this list, we have included this remarkable disc golf driver. This 20mm driver disc can be used for both controlled and distant throws. The reason it has such a balanced weight is because of its streamlined design and superior quality material.

It has been specifically designed to be more stable and balanced than the previous models. This is often recommended by professionals as an ideal choice for amateur disc golf players. It will certainly make learning the game more enjoyable and easy. Moreover, this product is PDGA approved.

Thus, you can definitely rely on it to be worth the investment. It’s so durable that you can play in almost any weather without worrying about terminal damage. Scientifically modified Proton Plastic gives this driver the ability to endure harsh weather conditions, and still give the same performance.

If that isn’t enough, then it comes in several vivid colors that make it easier to spot in the distance. This is a perfect tool for practicing for any player regardless of their skill set. If you have a good throwing arm, this driver will be a breeze to play with. With some decent force, it can travel straight for an extended amount of time.


  • Approved by Professional Disc Golf Association
  • Suitable for controlled and distant throws
  • Made of durable Proton Plastic
  • Play in any weather condition


  • Has low fade after throwing

How Beginner and Pro Disc Golf Discs Differ?

Disc golf discs for beginners aren’t that different from the ones that pros use. In fact, many of the models listed above are also recommended by professionals. The competitive players usually rely on discs that can travel far and straight. They usually have a consistency of more than 300 feet because they have a better throw.

The disc golf discs designed for amateurs can cover some good distance without applying much force. Some of these discs aren’t designed for competitive purposes but rather for having a fun time. However, there are some factors that both beginners and professionals should keep in mind when buying.

Types of Discs

It is integral that your disc golf set includes three basic types of discs – drivers, mid-range, and putters.

1. Driver Discs

Drivers are flat discs with a wide rim and are perfect for making distant tee shots. They travel long and straight and are often useful for making accurate shots.

2. Mid Range Discs

Control drivers are used to taking shots that are 290-350 feet away. If you want to cover over 400 feet of distance, a maximum distance driver will be more useful. This is what professionals usually prefer. For a perfect glide and increased accuracy, the mid-range drivers are beneficial.

3. Putters

On the other hand, putters are used to making closer shots with extreme precision. With these three discs in hand, you can brush up on your skills regularly.

Weight of the Disc

You should pay special attention to the weight of a disc golf disc as it can influence the flight of the disc. The ideal weight of a golf disc is between 165 and 172 grams. However, the weight of the disc depends on its diameter. Check if the discs you’re buying are PDGA approved.

The Professional Disc Golf Association assesses the weight and diameter of these discs to make sure they are ideal for their purpose. It’s recommended for your disc set to be certified by PDGA as both beginners and professionals prefer them.

Quality of Plastic

Both the weight and the efficiency of a disc golf disc are determined by the plastic it’s made of. The better the quality, the more stable it’s going to be. They will even last a long time.

Basic Plastics

It’s mostly wise to avoid basic plastics as they wear out easily. They are also not that accurate as the discs are not balanced.

Middle Grade Plastics

Middle-grade plastics are a little bit better than basic ones but are still easily breakable.

Ultra-light and Ultra-durable

Discs made of ultra-durable plastics are immensely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are tough and have a smooth outlook. These discs tend to travel steadily in the air until they reach their target. They are preferred for beginners and professionals alike.

Ultra-light plastics are the perfect choice for beginners as they are easier to use. You don’t need to be a good thrower for it to go a long distance. However, these plastics make the disc hard to control. Hence, more experienced players don’t use them for competitive purposes.


Finally, the discs made of premium plastics are perfectly balanced and have a good grip. They can’t be damaged easily, and are preferred by most professionals. Even though the control is impressive, they can cost you a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What discs do I need for disc golf?

For playing disc golf, it is essential to have three different kinds of discs in a set. A driver for making long-range shots, a mid-range for more controlled and accurate shots, and a putter for short-range as well. You should consider having two of each at your disposal when you go out to play.

What do numbers mean on disc golf discs?

The numbers on the disc golf discs are used to rate the efficiency and smoothness of their flight. It presents how far it can travel in the air, speed of the disc, how well it can glide, and also the fade. Also, it will tell you how much the disc will turn, and how hard you need to throw it.

Do heavier discs fly farther?

No, lighter discs travel farther than heavier ones but tend to have less control.

What speed disc should I choose?

It depends on your throwing ability. Faster discs don’t need much force to glide a long distance. You will need to apply more force for a slower disc. The ideal golf disc speed is between 1-14.

How far can you throw disc golf?

An expert disc golfer can throw a disc up to 450 to 525 feet away. The distance it will travel will depend on the disc’s weight and how experienced you are.

Final Words

If you have reached the end of this article, it means you’re mentally equipped to make the right choice of golf discs. Make sure to browse through all the different models and their features before you make up your mind. With regular practice and the right amount of dedication, you’ll be throwing like a pro in no time!

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