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10 Best Lebron Shoes for Basketball – Reviews & Guide 2020

LeBron Raymone James is a legend, no doubt!

Every basketball fan and their grandma knows him.

Looking at his basketball career, he has set records, made great achievements…and we can only expect even greater accomplishments.

One of his greatest accomplishments was probably in 2003, when he signed a whopping 90-million contract with Nike to start producing his signature basketball shoes.

Mind you, he was only 18 years old then.

Fast forward, his line of Nike signature shoes has only grown bigger and more popular. They’re some of the most comfortable basketball sneakers available and feature unique technologies which fuel them to greatness.

With their hot, eye-warming designs, they’ve also become the trend for casual wearers.

That being said, we’ve spent a total of 72hrs studying and analyzing all the LeBron shoes (released at the time of writing this post), comparing them against each other, and browsing through previous users’ experience.

In the end, we made a selection of the 10 best LeBron shoes which we’ll be sharing with you in this post.

Let’s get into the details…

How Good Are LeBron Shoes?

For the 15 last years that LeBron has been working with Nike, his line of basketball sneakers has become the trend both in the courts and streets.

According to reports, the LeBron signatures shoes are the best-selling basketball shoes, only after Michael Jordan shoes.

It’s easy to easy why the LeBron James sneakers enjoy such explosive popularity…

First, all his shoes come with unique technology which helps take their performance to a level no other basketball shoe has ever been to. For this reason, you can wear LeBron shoes with confidence knowing they’ll truly up your game in the court.

The shoes are also designed with your comfort in your mind. They feature fully breathable uppers plus superior cushioning systems to ensure you feel comfortable in them all day long. (every player who has every worn a LeBron admits that “they feel exceptionally comfortable”).

Durability is also a huge consideration when designing the LeBron line of signature shoes. Nike’s team of expert designers use the highest-quality materials, including durable rubber outsoles with exceptional traction, to enable these shoes to last longer (and offer you value for your money).

LeBron James himself has admitted in the previous interviews that when designing his shoes, Nike also focuses on style. This is geared towards making his shoes look attractive to the eye. And it’s for this reason that the LeBron basketball shoes are won not only when playing the hoops game but also for fashion reasons.

Every LeBron shoe released by Nike comes entirely dedicated to meeting LeBron’s changing gaming needs, so you can rest assured it’ll meet your gaming needs as well.

Now let’s discover the top 10 coolest LeBron basketball shoes that you can own today…

Our Best Nike LeBron Shoe Picks:

1. Nike LeBron Soldier XI 897644-601 Men's Basketball Shoes

Opening our list is the Nike LeBron Soldier XI 897644-601, a basketball sneaker specially designed for male basketball players. As you can easily tell from its name, this sneaker comes as the 11th installment from the Zoom soldier series by LeBron and Nike company.

This shoe comes with even better features than its predecessor and is sure to make your every move a winning move.

It’s characterized by a “laceless” design (btw this design was inspired by the soldiers’ shoes as they don’t have time to tie their shoelaces in the battlefield. The laces have been replaced by four lockdown shoe straps plus velcro which unitedly deliver excellent lockdown support. The first two straps have a thicker design which helps offer enhanced support to your forefoot and midfoot. The other two straps are lighter and perfectly stretch around your ankle for extra support.

The sneakers also have Nike Zoom Air cushioning technology—strategically placed at the forefoot, midsole, and heel sections—to help deliver maximum responsiveness while shielding your feet from impact.

We also like the shoe's uppers which feature a stretch mesh build to allow for full breathability. This allows free air circulation in and out of the shoes, taking your feet comfort even higher.

Like most of the other Lebron, this shoe comes in a variety of colors and sizes to help you choose the most suitable pair for you.

If you’re a basketball player looking for that one shoe that’ll propel you to greatness, then it must be this Nike LeBron Soldier XI 897644-601 shoe!

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight 3-layer synthetic upper
  • 3 adjustable straps
  • Nike Zoom Air cushioning
  • Features a compression bootie
  • Rubber outsole w/multi-directional cushioning

2. NIKE Lebron XIV Low Mens Basketball Shoes

NIKE Lebron XIV Low is another great shoe designed for basketball players of all skill levels. The aesthetically appealing nature of this shoe, made possible by a pristine design plus vivid colorways, makes it a cool casual wear as well.

Many previous users are satisfied by the overall lightweight feel of this shoe. The designer of the shoes achieved this by using fabric uppers. Such uppers also add to the flexibility and good shoe support. What’s more, these fabric uppers are fully breathable for unobstructed ventilation to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

We also can’t fail to mention the Nike Air Zoom incorporated into this pair of sneakers to help absorb impact as well as maximize the power of each step you make on the court. Besides, the midsole features phylon, a lightweight EVA foam, which contributes to a well-cushioned ride.

The shoe outsole features digital traction pattern (with deep flex grooves). This enables it to deliver good grip on the court…and support your multidirectional footwork.

Note that this particular pair comes with the traditional lace-up closure system. This, you can easily adjust to obtain a snug and comfortable fit. Thanks to the incorporated Flywire technology, this shoe will provide you with excellent support and containment to your feet, adding to the overall shoe comfort and functionality.

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight, perforated fabric uppers
  • Digital tread pattern for traction
  • Nike Zoom air units
  • Traditional lace-up closure method
  • Achilles pad for support, cushioning
  • Solid rubber outsole

3. NIKE Lebron Witness II Mens Basketball Shoes

If you’re on a tight budget, this NIKE Lebron Witness II shoe might be a good choice. Featuring a mid-top design, this shoe was released in October 2017 and shares nearly the same list of impressive features as its predecessor.

Starting with the fit, the shoe features the standard lace-up system defined by oval shoelaces. This means you can easily adjust the tightness of the laces and the tongue to achieve a snug fit. The molded sections offer you proper feet containment. The shoe also comes with inner sleeve which provides you with sock-like fit for an even better fit.

These shoes will also boost your performance on the court. They come with hex-shaped zoom air units located around the forefoot to provide you with maximum responsiveness and guard your feet against any level of impact.

Its rubber outsole boasts of hexagonal diamond traction pattern which translates to excellent gripability on any court surface. Since this outsole is made of thick, durable rubber material, it’ll truly hold up to most outdoor conditions.

As for the LeBron Witness 2 uppers, they comprise of textile plus synthetic leather. The textile material ensures the shoe is breathable to keep your feet dry and cool. The fuse and leather overlays ensure durability and offer you protection against the occasional toe drags. Nevertheless, the uppers feel incredibly light.

Highlighted features:

  • Articulated inner cover for comfort
  • Hex-shaped zoom air units
  • Forefoot mesh for breathability
  • Decoupled featherposite zones provide support w/ankle mobility
  • Durable rubber outsole

4. NIKE Men's Lebron 15 Basketball Shoes

NIKE Men's Lebron 15 is a high-top basketball shoe released in March 2018. It was designed by one of Nike’s expert designers, Jason Petrie, with the aim of meeting the gaming needs of a quick, powerful, and huge player like LeBron James.

Also priced within an affordable range, this pair of sneakers boasts of Battleknit upper. For those who don’t know, this is a type of flyknit material that delivers exceptional lightness, softness, breathability, flexibility, locked-in feel, comfort, and even durability. This material makes LeBron 15 just the perfect shoe for any big player, like LeBron, who wants nothing but the best when playing on the court.

Another interesting thing about this high-top is the glove-like fit it offers you. Its uppers come reinforced with the Flywire Technology—which involves using Vectra or nylon filaments. The shoelace loops are connected to the flywire to enable the shoe to provide you with maximum lockdown the moment you tighten the laces.

Around the midsole of this shoe lies the Nike Zoom Air & Air Max units which work together to help you experience maximum responsiveness and at the same time protect your feet from impact upon landing.

The translucent rubber outsole that comes with this shoe features multidirectional triangular, spiked traction pattern. This pattern has a reputation for gripping any court surface, both indoors and outdoors.

Highlighted features:

  • Battleknit uppers
  • Combines Zoom Air & Air Max units
  • 3D reptile-effect side panels.
  • Durable rubber outsole w/multidirectional traction pattern
  • Flywire technology for enhanced fit
  • Thermo polyurethane heel counter

5. NIKE Men's Zoom LeBron Soldier XII Basketball Shoes

Halfway our list of cool LeBron shoes, we have the NIKE Men's Zoom Lebron Soldier XII. Despite featuring premium technology and materials for unmatched performance, this shoe also comes with an unbelievably low, affordable rate.

One of the key things you’ll love about these shoes is the Phylon midsole with Nike Zoom Air units, strategically placed at the forefoot and heel sections. As you already know, the Zoom Air technique does a great job at absorbing impact and returning energy (call it responsiveness).

The pylon midsole will take your comfort further by offering your feet a truly comfy ride. You’ll also note that the midsole is slightly curved, which helps deliver arch support.

Something else worth noting about this shoe is its circular knit upper. This will offer you the same level of flexibility as the Battleknit upper of LeBron 15 (above) and contribute to your comfy ride.

These signature shoes come with hook and strap closure system (it features 2 crisscrossing velcro straps, to be specific) which help provide you with an easy, secure lockdown. Since these straps are stretchable, it becomes easy for you to make adjustments for better fit.

Remember that the multidirectional traction pattern on the shoe’s rubber outsole provides you with reliable gripability on any court surface.

Highlighted features:

  • Engineered uppers ensure targeted breathability
  • Zoom air units for impact cushioning
  • Dynamic straps for locked in support
  • Slightly curved midsole delivers arch support
  • Solid rubber sole w/multidirectional traction pattern

6. NIKE Men's Lebron 16 Basketball Shoe

Here comes the latest release from LeBron James line of signature sneakers. Featuring a low cut design, this shoe comes designed with the most dominant player in mind. It’s optimized for the ultimate support, responsiveness, and protection from impact.

Its upper is constructed from Battleknit 2.0 which enables the shoe to remain ultra-light while delivering an incredibly high amount of support exactly where it’s needed. It boasts of an innovative tongue design which works closely with the lacing system to facilitate easy entry and custom fit. With the integrated Flywire cables and extra feed laces, this shoe will offer you locked-in support you haven’t felt before.

The designers of this sneaker also had your cushioning needs in mind when designing it. This is evident from the combination Zoom Air & Air Max cushioning system that comes with this shoe. The system is known for delivering instant responsiveness and unrivaled impact absorption.

These LeBron come with articulated rubber outsoles which translate to flexibility. What’s more, this outsole comes lined with modified herringbone traction pattern which provides you with superior grip on the hardwood and other court surfaces.

Other features that make this shoe special include the external heel counter for extra stability, padded collar for added comfort, and internal Achilles support for protection.

Highlighted features:

  • Battleknit 2.0 upper
  • Integrated Flywire cables
  • Combination Zoom air and Air Max cushioning system
  • Internal Achilles support
  • Rubber outsole w/herringbone traction pattern

7. NIKE LeBron XV Low

If you’re still looking for an affordable LeBron James pair of basketball shoes, here’s another great option. Don’t judge the shoes by its price though… like all its sisters that made it to this list, this shoe also incorporates Nike’s top-of-the-line materials and technology to ensure it meets your gaming needs.

Starting with its uppers, this shoe boasts of the Battleknit upper, which was specially made to perfectly correspond to LeBron James’ basketball game needs. The material is built for comfort, flexibility, breathability, softness, and durability. In addition to that, this material has beautiful 3D effects on its side panels, with reptile-like texture, which makes it look appealing to the eye.

Nike has placed Air Zoom unit at this shoe’s forefoot and Air Max at the heel area. Needless to explain, these two units work together to offer excellent cushion that’s sure to change your gaming experience for good.

While the high-top version of NIKE LeBron XV outsole features lateral traction pattern, this low model has multi-directional triangular, spiked pattern. The pattern has deep, pliable grooves which come ready to grip any court floor, any day!

Highlighted features:

  • Zoom air and air max units
  • Battleknit upper
  • Multidirectional triangular traction pattern
  • Flywire technology for correct fit
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • 3D reptile-effect side panel

8. NIKE Mens Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes

NIKE Mens Lebron XIII also made it to our list of the best LeBron. This particular shoe was designed to hold up to the powerful playing style of LeBron. This means it’s engineered to deliver lockdown support, ultra-responsive cushioning, and protection from the game impact.

It comes with larger and more zoom air units that all the LeBron before it. To be precise, it features up to 4 zoom air units which deliver extremely responsive cushioning that powers every move that LeBron makes on the court.

The signature sneakers boast of one-piece breathable mesh upper which offers your feet flexibility, sock-like fit, and zoned support (for unparalleled lockdown).

The hyperposite material around the shoes’ collar, midfoot, and toe areas provides you with zoned protection where you need it most. As for the rubber outsole, it features a multidirectional traction pattern for the ultimate gripability on various court surfaces.

Highlighted features:

  • Synthetic and mesh uppers
  • Equipped with Zoom Air units
  • Hyperposite panels for protection
  • Foam-lined collar
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Multi-directional traction pattern

9. NIKE LeBron XII Mens Basketball Shoes

NIKE LeBron XII Mens Basketball Shoes are also ranked as some of the best LeBron James signature shoes. Like all the other shoes listed here, this pair comes equipped with everything you need to dominate and win in the court.

Its uppers are made of hyperfuse material which not only feels lightweight but is also fully breathable to facilitate airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. Besides, it feels pretty flexible and will offer you some good support.

Just like all the other shoes, this pair also comes with the zoom midsole which offers you flexible cushioning—allowing you to softly and safely at all times. The integrated flywire cables (Nike’s Flywire technology) will offer your foot great lockdown whenever you’re making quick, explosive movements. And this means you’ll have the advantage of a more stable base to help you reach your full athletic potential.

Other notable features include the breathable, once piece bootie which offers a snug fit against your foot and the translucent rubber outsole for unrivaled traction that helps you explode in/out of your cuts.

Highlighted features:

  • Hyperfuse upper construction
  • Breathable, one-fit bootie
  • Flywire cables for premium lockdown
  • Zoom air units for flexible cushioning
  • Translucent rubber outsole

10. Nike Men's Lebron XII Low Basketball Shoe

Bringing to an end our list of the best LeBron shoes is the Nike Men's Lebron XII Low Basketball Shoe. This is a low top shoe with one bootie construction, and we recommend it for gaming as well as casual wearing.

The shoe upper features a combination of mesh plus fuse overlays. The work of the mesh is to facilitate a free flow of air for keeping your feet cool and dry. And the work of the fuse overlays plus neoprene underlay is to keep the shoe durable. A TPU material on both sides of the shoe provides excellent stability and foot containment.

You’ll also note that the collar is sufficiently padded, which helps offer your ankles the much-needed support to keep them protected from rolling.

The shoe forefoot boasts of 2 zoom air units that deliver just the right amount of responsiveness and flexibility to take your game a notch higher. Besides, the shoes are also armed with the 180 Air Max technology which plays the noble of shielding your feet from impact.

Regarding lockdown, the shoe comes with the traditional lace-up closure system. This means you can always adjust the shoelaces to obtain a snugger fit that makes you feel comfortable. The rubber outsole has multidirectional traction that promises you excellent gripability on various court surfaces.

Highlighted features:

  • Mesh and fuse overlays upper
  • Zoom air & 180 Air Max midsole
  • Padded collar for ankle comfort
  • Plush Phylon bed for comfort
  • Multidirectional traction pattern
  • Thick rubber outsole

How Much Are LeBron James Shoes?

So you want to get yourself a pair or two of the cool LeBron shoes but not sure how much they’ll cost you?

One thing you need to know is that the Lebron basketball shoes are evenly distributed across the price spectrum. This means you can find shoes with an affordable cost as well as higher priced shoes.

The minimum cost for good LeBron James shoes we came across was around $100. This price can go as high as $500, depending on the materials and technologies incorporated into the shoe.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying

Choosing the best lebrons for basketball shouldn’t be a hard task for you given that all these shoes are made with quality materials and Nike’s premium technology for excellent performance.

However, there are things you need to check in the LeBron sneakers you buy to ensure they meet your unique gaming needs.

These include:

Size (fit)

For every LeBron shoe you wish to buy, you should always consult its sizing chart to see which size will comfortably fit your fit.

However, keep in mind that the sizing for most shoes isn’t always accurate so it’s a good idea to consult the previous user reviews.

The reviews will give you firsthand info on whether the shoe you want to buy will fit wide or narrow feet, or whether the sizing is accurate from small to large.


Cushioning in basketball shoes is crucial as it ensures you feel comfortable and protects you from impact.

When it comes to LeBron basketball shoes, you usually have two cushioning options—foam cushioning and air cushioning.

Air cushioning is usually generally more responsive than the foam cushioning. Though foam cushioning has also improved the way it delivers responsiveness, it doesn’t last as long as the air cushioning.

As you’ve seen in our reviews above, all the top-rated sneakers we’ve featured come integrated with zoom air units cushioning.


You should also check the type of sole used to design your shoes to ensure it gives you the amount of traction (grip) you need to any court surfaces.

Most of the Nike LeBron shoes come with translucent rubber soles which offer reliable traction on any surface. They’re also durable and will hold up to both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Be sure to check the traction pattern as well. Where possible, go for shoes with multidirectional patterns as they’re more helpful when making various moves on the court.


Different sneakers from LeBron come with different prices, depending on the features and technologies it comes equipped with.

Here, your budget speaks for you. Set how much money you plan to spend on your new pair of shoes and use the range to help you narrow down your options to shoes that match your budget.


How to know you’re buying authentic LeBron shoe?

One thing you may or might not know is that there are many fakes in the name of LeBron basketball shoes. Even worse, spotting one might not be an easy task because they look like the authentic shoes from Nike.

Luckily, Nike has a list of guides for the fake LeBrons on their website to ensure you don’t fall trap for these fakes, which might end up disappointing your expectations.

Final verdict

So these are the 10 best LeBrons you can find on the market today.

From our discussion above, it’s evident that Nike takes their shoe game higher with every new release by incorporating new features and technologies. This ensures that the LeBron signature shoes meet his (and your) changing basketball gaming needs.

All the 10 shoes in this post are built to maximize your performance and help you dominate the court. They’ll support your every move and keep you protected from any form of impact.

Grab 1-2 pairsof LeBrons today and experience the difference in your court performance!

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