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Best Outdoor Basketball for Your Next Pickup Game

The sport of basketball is part of a trio of sports in the United States that are massively popular. Alongside baseball and football, basketball’s popularity seems neverending. So, if you want to join in on this sport, you need to buy the best outdoor basketball you can find.

Outdoor basketball means almost anyone near a court can play. All you need is a ball. That’s one of the reasons the sport is so popular.

Its ease of access is a lot easier than baseball and football. Like many other sports, basketball also teaches the importance of teamwork. Running plays, passing the ball, and playing together are just a few of the ways in which basketball promotes collaboration.

Wilson NCAA Replica

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Why Are Basketballs Important?

Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball

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Why is choosing the right basketball important? Aren’t they all the same? The short answer is no.

There are many types of basketballs out there, and you need to know the differences between them.

First off, you can use genuine leather basketballs. These eventually get a broken-in feel but be warned that real leather balls should only be used on indoor courts.

If you want that leather feel but want a ball for both indoor and outdoor use, synthetic material like composite leather is the perfect choice for you.

Finally, there’s always rubber. These balls are ideal for beginners because they don’t take nearly as much skill to handle as the other ones. They also last longer outdoors because of the material used.

Where Can You Buy the Best Outdoor Basketball?

You can find the best outdoor basketball in several stores. Specialty stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Dunham’s Sports carry them. More general stores like Wal-Mart and Target also hold them. Online stores like Amazon and eBay carry them as well.

How We Chose the Best Outdoor Basketball

Choosing the best outdoor basketball combines a couple of factors. First, the balls all had to stick out in some way. Whether it’s because of a unique grip or a new ball technology, it needed something that made it stand apart from the crowd.

Secondly, it had to score at last a 4.0 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

Taking both of these things into consideration created the list you will see below.

The Best Outdoor Basketball

Below are 10 of the best outdoor basketballs available on the market today. They all offer you a wonderful sports experience and will help you master the game of basketball in one way or another.

From Spalding to Wilson and even Under Armour, keep reading to find out which is the best outdoor basketball for you.

The best outdoor basketball contains a lot of different qualities. These qualities get a little more respect when they come from a company which is renowned for making the best basketballs possible.

Spalding earned this distinction because they’re the official basketball used by the NBA. They know what they’re doing, and that shines through with their Zi/O Excel Tournament Basketball.

One of the more handy things this ball can do is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Having this freedom gives the customer more bang for their buck.

In terms of the ball design, Spalding implemented deep grooves into the side of the basketball. These grooves improve grip and handling of the ball. A foam backing also aids the player in ball control.

Overall, customers loved this basketball. They gave it 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Molten takes a little different approach to their basketballs. They focus a lot on ball control, and the X-series is a perfect example of this engineering.

They placed a pebble surface on the outside of the basketball. These small pebbles act as a sort of grip, and it does wonders for a player who’s dribbling the ball.

Passing also gets some attention as well. The best outdoor basketball has to be able to withstand thousands of passes, and the X-Series holds up well. The pebble surface also helps with this aspect of the game.

Not only does the ball control excellently, but it also sports high visibility. Decked out with GIUGIARO panels, these allow you to spot the rotation of the ball from a long ways away.

With all of these fantastic features, it’s no wonder this is the official ball of the Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA). Customers fell in love with this ball and gave it 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Maybe not the biggest name in the basketball world, Mikasa carved a nice little following for themselves in recent years. Fans continue to support them, and it’s readily apparent with the love shown for the BX1000 Premium Basketball.

The best outdoor basketball needs to endure the challenging surfaces of the outside world. Outdoor courts are sometimes rough, and you need a ball like the BX1000 to successfully play.

It contains rubber covers on the outside of the ball. This rubber helps keep the ball protected on the harsh surfaces of outdoor courts.

The ball also has a pebble surface for maximum ball control. It also has slightly deeper channels than other basketballs. This deeper channel helps with both bounce and release of the ball from the hand.

A great pick, customers on Amazon gave it 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

When playing basketball, it’s essential to be comfortable with the ball. What does this mean?

Well, some basketballs feel weird. It’s mainly due to the texture and grip pattern on the outside of the ball. Some companies nail the feel of leather or rubber while others may feel slippery.

Under Armour hit a homerun with its GRIPSKING technology. This technology allows the player to experience a natural feel while also having the advantage of a solid grip.

Naturally, better grip leads to better ball control.

Even to the naked eye, a dense pebble pattern makes itself known on the surface of the ball. With more pebbles than average, expect to have ultimate control over the ball when it’s in your hands,

This pebble pattern is also excellent for when the ball goes into dirt and mud. It ensures that your grip never slips. They’re also deeper than other pebble surfaces, which contributes to the basketball’s durability.

Finally, the channels that cut through the ball are quite broad. Wide channels allow your fingers to find a grip no matter where they’re at.

With all of these factors making up the Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, it’s no wonder customers on Amazon loved it. They gave it 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

The competition in the basketball industry is fierce. With Spalding sitting at the top, it’s a little daunting to try and compete with them. But, a few companies have managed to carve out a nice following for themselves.

Wilson is one such company that has managed to grab an audience with its variety and types of basketballs available. One of these is the Wave NCAA Microfiber Basketball.

The best outdoor basketball doesn’t always have to be one that comes from the top company. Wilson created a fantastic basketball that has a lot of positive qualities.

First, like many other companies, they focused the majority of their attention on the grip.

Numerous strategies exist for improving the grip on a basketball, and Wilson decided to use what’s called Wave Triple Threat Technology. In plain terms, this adds 24 extra T3 grooves to the basketball. These grooves may look a little different than other grooves.

They give you better control on outdoor surfaces. These extra grooves also help prevent the buildup of dirt on the ball.

The extra grooves even improve the handling of the ball with your non-dominant hand.

The ball’s bounce is nothing to scoff at, either. It has a solid bounce that will keep players entertained for hours on end.

The ball’s weight suits shooters well. It almost feels as if it floats once it leaves your hands and heads for the basket.

A solid basketball with a handful of excellent qualities, customers on Amazon gave it 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.

One again, Spalding comes out on top and churns out a basketball that stands out from the bunch. Even by Spalding’s standards, this basketball is supreme to many others on the market.

A large portion of why this basketball is better than others comes down to the material Spalding uses for it. They wrapped this ball up in composite leather. But, what’s so special about composite leather?

This type of leather is explicitly created for durability. For outside courts, you have to deal with rain, mud, dirt, and countless other weather hazards. With this leather on the ball, you don’t have to worry about these instances.

The ball keeps its bounciness no matter how long you play on the outdoor courts. Keeping it bouncy is one of the main objectives of a basketball, so you never need to worry about this when shooting hoops with friends.

Are you a shooter who likes to be the leading scorer on a team? How about a ball-handler who works on their sick crossover all day long? Either way, this ball provides you with an excellent grip.

The superficial surface is covered in a pattern known as Tack Soft. This surface is slightly different from other types of grips like pebbles. It allows for a sturdy grip on the ball while also not getting in the way of your hands.

This Tack Soft basketball is worth every penny, and customers on Amazon agreed. They gave it 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.

The best outdoor basketball doesn’t have to be strictly for adults. The youth is essential in the growth of a sport’s popularity, so it only makes sense that basketball manufacturers would focus some of their time and energy on creating wonderful youth basketballs. Spalding did just that and came out with a basketball they call the Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Basketball.

The first thing you need to know about this basketball is that it’s aimed at children younger than eight years old. For these kids, shooting a full-sized ball is nearly impossible.

So, this ball weighs much less. It lets these youngsters shoot and rebound the ball much more easily than they would a normal-sized ball.

Not only does a lighter ball make sense from a physical perspective, but it also builds confidence in the child’s brain. If they get increasingly better at it, they might stick with it longer than if they couldn’t shoot the ball because it was too heavy.

Made of composite leather, it endures quite a lot of the elements. It also contains a smaller width.

This smaller width allows for smaller palms to take control over the ball much easier than a standard size basketball. Once again, it comes back to making the game fun for the children.

Finally, the bright colors appeal to the kids. They may see those colors and automatically associate it with fun. If you can make that connection with a product, then the company has done its job right.

Customers enjoyed this youth basketball. They gave it 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Learning the ins and outs of the game of basketball is tough. It’s a challenging game to learn, and it takes time and patience if you’re ever going to get good at it. If you’re committed to bettering yourself through practice, the Spalding NBA Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball is the perfect ball choice for you.

Its standard NBA weight and size mean you get to practice just like the pros do. With this weight and size, it’s also essential to keep in mind that this ball is also fantastic for beginners.

Indeed, it’s incredibly durable on outdoor courts. Getting better is going to take a lot of hours, and this ball is up to the challenge.

The rubber cover on the outside of the ball helps with this durability. With an excellent grip to boot, this basketball is one of the best ones you can buy.

Customers on Amazon enjoyed this product, too. They gave it 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

Rubber covers help tremendously when it comes to durability. Outdoor weather conditions like rain and even minor conditions like dirt can wear down a ball after a long time. But, if it’s decked out in a material like rubber, this process takes a lot longer to happen.

The best outdoor basketball also needs to be continuously sturdy. If it’s not, then you can’t count on it. Again, the Wilson Killer Crossover basketball has you covered.

Wilson also decided to help out in regards to control of the ball. They carved deep channels into this ball, so your fingers have a much better chance of finding a channel and gripping it.

But, that’s not all that makes this ball great.

The ball holds something that’s called a pressure lock bladder. This mechanism helps keep the ball pressure at its peak. Nothing’s worse than getting to the courts and realizing that your ball quickly loses air once you start to play.

Featuring a sponge rubber cover, your ball is protected from many of the elements. Also, whether you’re a shooter or a dunker, you won’t lose control of the ball. The exceptional grip makes sure of that.

Bright colors round out a fantastic package of features with this ball. Happy customers on Amazon gave it 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

The best outdoor basketball doesn’t go flat. While all balls go flat at some point in time, the best ones retain air a lot longer than their peers. This retention of air comes to fruition with Spalding’s creation of the NeverFlat Basketball.

Lasting 10 times longer than its peers, this basketball uses NitroFlate technology. This technology takes both small air molecules and large air molecules and mashes them together. This halts the escape of small air molecules.

Thus, your ball stays full of air for a lot longer than usual.

It even has a well-designed valve cap, so you know dirt and other materials won’t get into the ball.

Made of composite leather, this is as close to a professional ball as you’re going to get in terms of overall efficiency.

Customers on Amazon gave it 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

Get Out and Play Some Basketball Today

Have you narrowed down which one is the best outdoor basketball for you? If so, go out and buy it today.

It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, and basketball is an excellent one.

With outdoor basketballs, you’ll be able to enjoy the weather and work on your game as well. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Have you used any of the balls on this list? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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