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10 Best Speed Cube Reviews 2020 – FAQ and Buying Guide

With speed cubing popularity bar rising every new day, everyone wants to buy a speed cube and dive into the challenging (but fun) activity.

Nobody just wants to miss it!

That said, if you’re an absolute beginner in speedcubing, with very little knowledge on this field, you might have a really HARD time trying to get the best speed cube to get you started.

This is even truer when you consider the hundreds of speed cubes on the market today—these can make you feel overwhelmed over which one to choose and which one to avoid.

But I’ve some good news for you;

Lately, I’ve been doing lots of research on speed cubes.

And today, I decided to craft this guide to share with you some crucial tips and tricks that’ll help you quickly find a beginner-friendly cube(s) to start speed cubing with.

Is Speed Cubing a Sport?

Whether speed cubing is a sport or not is a debate that has been ongoing for a pretty long time.

Before we get into more details, I want us to hold our own debate right below here on this controversial issue.

To start with, let’s understand what a sport is:

According to English Oxford dictionary, a sport is “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

From this description, we can see that speed cubing has some sport attribute in it in the sense that it involves one individual competing against another individual or a team.

Unfortunately, it lacks physical exertion to make it fit perfectly fit the sport definition.

But some people argue that the swift and precise moment soft hands and fingers when cubing is a physical exertion to some extent. (I believe that this is still debatable, though).

But then, we have chess, which is considered a sport;

Just like chess, speed cubing involves making strategic moves plus full concentration of the player. And just like chess, speed cubing is lacking in the physical exertion part.

Quite confusing, right?

Mind you; we have worldwide speed cubing competitions are held every year since 2003.

What’s more, a body—the World Cube Association (WCA)—was even formed in 2004 to lay out the standards for all the official competition. (Source)

So, why is speed cubing not considered a sport?

In my opinion, speed cubing hasn’t been fully recognized as a sport across the glove. The formation of a regulatory body and regular competitions, however, shine a ray of hope that speed cubing is on the path to entering the list of globally acknowledged sports.

Our Best Speed Cube Reviews:

1. D-FantiX Moyu Aolong V2 Stickerless 3x3 Speed Cube

Opening our list of top-rated speed cube reviews is the D-FantiX Moyu Aolong V2 Stickerless 3x3 Speed Cube. For starters, D-Fantix is one of the biggest brands in the speed cubing world and boasts of a line of professionally designed cubes.

This particular Moyu Aolong V2 3x3 cube comes as an enhanced version of V1. It boasts of an all-new mechanism that involves faster movement, amazing corner cutting, and zero pops! The anti-pop technology and design makes this a REAL professional cube that provides you with fast and smooth cornering.

The manufacturer has replaced the traditional stickers with the original, eco-friendly ABS material in the design of this cube. And this means that the cube will not fade, peel, or cheat—a problem associated with most of the low-quality cubes you’ll get out there.

If you want something that’ll be challenging and fun to play at the same time, this cube will make a great choice. The color shift makes it look like a mess. And once you start the game, it offers you as many as 43 Quintilian (this means 43 with 18 zeros to you & me) possible moves. Nevertheless, there’s only 1 solution in this cube.

Whether you’re looking for a cube to have fun with or the perfect birthday gift to your kid or other half, this sticker less pro 3x3 cube should top your list of top options.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pro competition 3x3x3 speed cube
  • Adjustable cube tension
  • Non-fading ABS material
  • Anti-pop technology for fast, smooth cornering
  • Comes tensioned and lubed
  • Anti-corner twist design

2. D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS V2 3x3 Speed Cube

Next in the line, we have another best 3x3 speed cube from the popular D-Fantix company. This is the perfect cube choice for those looking for something to use in a competition. It provides you with superb rotation, excellent corner cutting, smooth movement, fault-tolerant performance—all of which will give you an edge over your competitor.

Unlike most of the cubes out there which usually feel bigger in your hands, this cube presents you with a truly compact design. It has a size of 55.5mm which is a plus for you in that it makes the cube more controllable and easier to hold/grip. What could be a better cube for competition?

When it comes to the question of colors fading or peeling, count this cube out! The cube comes with thin and BRIGHT stickers designed using super-durable ABS material to ensure they don’t fade easily.

And just like the previous D-FantiX, this cube also comes pre-lubricated and tensioned to make it read for competition the moment it enters your hands.

If you want to break your competition records, we highly recommend you to consider getting this pro 3x3 speed cube!

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal 3x3 cube for competition
  • Comes pre-lubed and tensioned
  • Compact size for easy grip
  • Thinner and brighter stickers
  • Solid eco-friendly ABS stickers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

3. D-FantiX YJ Guanlong 3x3 Speed Cube

Looking for an affordable speed cube? If yes, this D-FantiX YJ Guanlong 3x3 Speed Cube will make a fantastic choice. Despite a low price tag, this is a high-cost performance cube that offers you fast and smooth turning experience which takes your cubing to a whole new level.

Suitable for both kids and adults, this 3x3 speed cube is tension adjustable, difficult to pop, and will rarely lock or pop up.

Just like we’ve seen in its two sisters above, this cube features thinner and brighter stickers made using the 100% environmental friendly and super-durable ABS material. The result is beautiful, vivid stickers that don’t easily peel off or fade.

It also comes pre-lubricated and tension, which means you can start using it the moment you receive it. The fact that it has a lightweight feel means that it’ll feel comfortable in your hands. Combine that with the smooth turning—where you need very little or no effort to turn it—and you’ve got yourself a dream speed cube for learning the ropes of the game.

Everyone who has used this cube before agrees it cuts corners amazingly well and is easy to do finger tricks with. Its smooth and dry feel and neon-ish colors make it a cool speed cube that will make you get addicted to speed cubing.

Overall, YJ Guanlong 3x3 Speed Cube is one of the cheapest best 3x3 speed cubes you can get on the market today. It’s unbeatable value for money for the beginner speed cubers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable 3x3 speed cube
  • Solid, eco-friendly ABS stickers
  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Comes pre-lubed and tensioned
  • Smooth and fast turning

4. MoYu YJ Stickerless Yulong Plus 3x3x3 Speed Cube


If you’re looking for an inexpensive 3x3x3 speed cube that can be played by both the young and adults, MoYu YJ Stickerless Yulong Plus is a great pick. For the starters, MoYu is another highly recognized brands that produce professional quality speed cubes.

Right out of the box, this special version of speed cube feels pretty smooth and dry in your hands.  It also features a smaller design for easy grip and controll ability. It comes with exceptionally bright colors and a sexy pink, all of which make it look cool in your house.

Just as you’d expect in any other top-rated model, this cube turns really well, of course after some quick break-in. What’s more, it doesn’t easily pop or lockup. And thanks to its stickerless design, this is a cube whose high bright colors will not peel off or fade any time soon—even with regular use.

And oh! This cube comes with some useful set of instructions with diagrams (in both English and Chinese). Needless to mention, this guide will give the beginners who have never played speed cubing before a good starting point.

If you want a high-quality, stickerless 3x3x3 speed cube with high bright colors with an affordable price tag, consider getting this MoYu YJ Yulong Plus speed cube today.

Highlighted Features:

  • Feels smooth out of the box
  • Fast turning and light cube
  • Fantastic corner cutting
  • High bright and vivid colors

5. Coogam Qiyi Speed Cube Bundle 2x2 3x3 Magic Cube


If cube collecting is what you do best, you might want to add cubes that balance affordability and performance to your collection. And one solid choice is the Coogam Qiyi Speed Cube Bundle.

Featuring a standard design and a vivid color scheme, this cube bundle comes fully dedicated to brining you unique, enjoyable visual experience. It comes as a bundle that comprises 2 speed cubes (a 2x2 and a 3x3). Both cubes are characterized by great corner cutting and smooth turning.

They’re tension adjustable and difficult to pop too. They rarely corner twist and lock up.

And unlike the traditional cubes, this bundle is made using the reliable ABS plastic material which is not only eco-friendly but also super-durable. This material puts your worries of the cubes fading or peeling to an end.

Something else worth a mention is the cubes’ anti-stick design. This eliminates the viscosity problem and makes the cube feel pretty smooth in your hands. Combine this with the round corner pieces, and you have easy to handle cubes for even greater competition advantage.

Coogam Qiyi speed cube bundle will make a good addition to your speed cube collection. It balanced performance and cost and is an ideal choice for both kids and adults.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two speed cubes (2x2, 3x3) bundle
  • Amazing corner cutting and smooth turning
  • Stickerless design for fade, peel0-free
  • Anti-stick design

6. Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube


Also featuring on our list of top speed cube reviews is the Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube. The cube makes the perfect gift idea for everyone interested in speed cubing—including your kiddo(s), family members, beginners, and pros.

The reasonably priced 3x3x3 speed cube promises you extra-fast and super easy operation. It comes excellently engineered to allow for smooth, easy-to-twist play. It also feels smooth in your hands and offers you a firm but not too tight grip for even easier operation. Above all, it comes pre-lubed and finely tension adjusted to make it game-ready right out of the box.

Quality gets better with this cube. It boasts of a durable, long-lasting construction, thanks to the solid ABS plastic material construction. Not just that, it features 100% non-fading, peel-proof carbon fiber stickers to ensure that its vivid color scheme looks new even with repeated use.

Since this cube also features anti-pop technology, it allows you to enjoy even faster turning and fantastic corner cuts with zero pops. Other aspects that contribute to the cube’s overall awesome performance include superb rotation, good cube control, and fantastic fault-tolerant performance.

We highly recommend the Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube to anyone looking for the perfect gift idea for kids or adults and beginners or pro speed cubers.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3x3 speed cube
  • Super-fast and easy operation
  • Comes pre-lubricated and tensioned
  • Fade-resistant carbon filter sticker
  • Quality ABS plastic construction
  • English manual instruction
  • No hassle money back guarantee

7. Roxenda Stickerless Cube Puzzle Bundle Pack


For cubers who are on the hunt for the best stickerless speed cube at an affordable cost, say hello to this Roxenda Stickerless Cube Puzzle Bundle Pack. It comprises of two cubes (2x2 and 3x3) which can be used by everybody—from kids to adults, beginners to pro cubers.

The cube bundle promises you nothing but easy turning and smooth plays. Each of the two cubes comes pre-lubricated and fine tension adjusted to make them ready for use as soon as they get into your hands. The internal corners of the cube are slightly rounded to promote super-easy and fast turning.

The cubes also feature built-in springs which make them more flexible, improving your hand feel.

Keep in mind that these cubes feel incredibly lightweight and have a compact design. This makes them incredibly easy to handle and control. They boast of a frosted surface which helps increase resistant for even more comfortable handling.

Like we’ve seen in the previous cubes, this pack is also designed using the solid ABS plastic material for excellently impact resistant, waterproof, and extended longevity.

Remember that the two cubes (2x2 and 3x3) come at the average price one 3x3 cube puzzle, making this bundle pack an irresistible deal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for all people
  • Eco-friendly ABS material construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Super elegant cubes
  • Comes pre-lubed and tension adjusted
  • 30-day money refund guarantee

8. CreativeLine SpeedRipper Cube


For cubers looking for the best 3x3 speed cube for use in competitive plays, you can’t afford to turn away from Creative Line SpeedRipper Cube. Termed as the “Next Generation” speed cube, this pro cube lets you effortlessly speed up your solving time.

It has undergone upgrades to include an all-new mechanism that promises you faster movement, unparalleled corner cutting, and ZERO pops.

The excellently engineered 56mm speed cube provides you with a smooth and easy twist to play design. Like the previously discussed cubes, it comes pre-lubricated and tension adjusted to make it game-ready for you. Plus, it has that smooth feels that makes it feel comfortable in your hands—play after play!

Regarding the cube construction, its primary core is made from high-grade injected ABS plastic which does an excellent job regulating the core friction at high-speed rotations. And as you’re already aware, this is a super-durable material that will ensure the cube stands the test of time.

Overall, Creative Line SpeedRipper Cube is the ideal speed cube for all the pro cubers out there who want something them guarantee them exceptional performance (in the form of faster movement, fantastic corner cutting, and zero pops).

Highlighted Features:

  • Pro competition cube
  • Smooth and easy to twist play
  • Comes pre-lubricated, tensioned
  • Long-lasting ABS material construction
  • Manufacturer money back guarantee

9. CuberSpeed Moyu Guoguan Yuexiao 3x3 Black Magic Cube


Surprise your kiddo or someone close to you on their special day with this 3x3 Black Magic Cube from CuberSpeed. Whether they’re absolute starters, intermediates, or master cubers, this is one cube they will really appreciate as a gift.

Rated as one of the best cubes on the market today, and the first-ever release of GuoGuan, a new brand by the famous MoYu, this cube comes with design and appearance similar to that of Cong's Design MeiYing. The BIG difference is that this cube features an all in one core design and more rounded corners for improved user experience.

One particular area where this cube drives speed cubers crazy is how amazingly smooth and fast it turns. It can just cut anywhere. Right out of the box, it can go as far as 180 degrees or more in a single flick. This makes it just the PERFECT choice for competitions!

Other noteworthy features of this cube include quieter operation, pre-lubed, and tension adjusted.

Overall, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your kid, partner, family member, etc. It has great quality, super-fast and smooth turning, and quieter performance. The price is a bit high than other cubes on this list, but still on the fair end.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent corner cutting
  • Pre-lubed and tension adjusted
  • Operates quietly
  • Suitable for all experience levels

10. D-FantiX Speed Cube Bundle

Another one from D-Fantix closes our list of the top-rated speed cube reviews you can get on the market today. Since this is a bundle package, the box contains 1 x MF2S 2x2, 1 x MF3S 3x3, 1 x MF4S 4x4, and 1 x MF5S 5x5 speed cubes—all at a reasonable cost compared to buying each of the cubes separately.

Just like all the other cubes from D-FantiX and other popular brands, this cube bundle provides you with great corner cutting experience. It will rarely corner twist or lock up when you’re in the middle of the competition. All the lubes come fully lubed and tension adjusted to ensure they turn with the speed that helps you solve puzzles effortlessly.

The anti-pop technology further enhances your cubing experience by making these cubes incredibly easy to and quick to turn and promoting smooth cornering.

Since the cubes are made from the durable ABS plastic material, they’re water-resistant, safe to humans and environment, and long-lasting. What’s more, this material stays in place of stickers, ensuring that the cubes’ bright and vivid color schemes don’t fade away after a few handlings.

If you want to buy different cubes (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5) at an amazing price, this is just the right deal for you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Awesome corner cutting
  • Comes lubricated and tensioned
  • Improved anti-pop technology
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Stickerless; fade-proof design
  • Suitable for all ages

What To Look For Before Getting Your First Speed Cube?

As we did mention at the intro, getting the best speed cube can be quite confusing, especially due to the many, many cube puzzles on the market today.

In this section, we’ll look at the key characteristics that you should look out for when getting your first speed cube.

1. Speed cube turning

How a speed cube turns is one of the top ways of determining if it’s a good choice for you.

As you can easily guess, the term turning here refers to the rotation of layers that make up a cube puzzle. Ideally, the layers should turn easily, without requiring you to put in a lot of force.

Speed cubes usually come with two types of turning as detailed below:

(i). Fast turning: a fast turning cube feels light and requires an extremely low force to turn. This is mainly because it has minimum friction between its layers. Some fast turning cubes also tend to have scratch and dry surface, which is responsible for the distinct sounds they produce when turning.

(ii). Smooth turning: Smooth turning cubes, on the other hand, move effortlessly with the layers fluid-flowing at high precision. That is, they gracefully fall into place. The little resistance between the layer ensures smooth and precise movements. Unlike the fast turning cubes, however, these models aren’t scratch/dry, so they move quietly.

So, which of the two types of cubes should you buy?

If you’re a beginner cuber, I suggest that you go for a smooth turning cube as it offers you more control over it. For the advanced cubers or those participating in a competition where time matters, consider the fast turning cubes.

2. Corner cutting

Ask around, and all the pro speed cubers will tell you that amazing corner cutting is a GOLDEN feature to have in a speed cube.

To understand how special corner cutting is, think of it as a shortcut that allows a layer to start its turn without having to wait for the other layer to finish its turn first.

So, how do you ensure you get a speed cube with GOOD corner cutting?

It’s easy;

Cubes with bad corner cutting usually feature rough corner cuts which end up interrupting your algorithm execution—distracting and slowing you down.

In simpler words, proper corner cutting is one which you don’t feel it when cubing (one that you can effortlessly excluded).

3. Lubrication and Tension

Another important feature to consider when shopping for a speed cube is tension and lubrication.

For easy comprehension, we’ll discuss the two aspects separately…

  • Tension: this simply refers to how loose or tight the cube layers feel. And it directly related to the cube’s internal mechanism as well as the tightness of its own springs and screws.

According to the experienced cubers, the looseness or tightness of a speed cube is usually a matter of preferences.

TIP: the best cube is one that comes with adjustable tension. This enables you to easily adjust its tightness according to your unique needs and requirements.

  • Lubrication: Lubricating a cube? Yes, remember that the internal mechanism of s typical cube involves pieces sliding over each other, hence the need for lubrication. If you get an adjustable tension cube, you can easily crumble it (take it apart) for hassle-free lubing).

NOTE: Most cubes come pre-lubricated and tension adjusted. These make excellent choices for beginners who just don’t know anything to do with lubing, tensioning, and cubing.

If you want to lubricate your cube, make sure you use the right lube for the best results. We highly recommend silicone lube…but any other lube specially designed for cubes can be used.

4. Stability

You should also focus on getting a stable speed cube as the less stable models are notorious for popping more often and even warping.

If you’re looking for a speed cube for competitive play, the stability becomes even more important. This is because a popup translates to a disqualification for that particular round. (Source)

Going through the feedback given by previous users of any speed cube will give you an idea of how stable a cube is.

Remember these reviews provide firsthand information from previous users of a product you want to buy.

You just don’t want to ignore them!

5. Size and Weight

During our research for the best cubes, we found out something you might not have known before—that the size and weight of a cube can influence your speed solving in regard to your hand size and unique preferences.

The standard cube size is 57x57x57mm (2 1⁄4 in).

But there are other size variations; they usually range from 57mm and 55mm to 42mm.

While the cube size might be influenced by your hand size, most cubers would prefer a lightweight model as it’s more comfortable to control.

If you’re looking for a cube for your little kiddo, you would want to get them something that perfectly fits in their hands and feels light to ensure better control.

Speed Cube vs. Rubik’s Cube: What is The Difference?

If you’re wondering how the speed cube differs from the standard Rubik cube, this is your part.

Right below here, we’ll get into details of the two types of cubes to help you understand their differences and similarities.

We start with the speed cube…

Speed Cube


As you can easily tell from its title, a speed cube comes specially designed for speed and just speed. It’s characterized by a loose mechanism to allow you to turn the layers easily and effortlessly. It also has amazing corner cutting, without the pieces getting caught or jamming together.

A typical speed comes with a stickerless design. Instead, it uses colored plastics. And this means you’ll never have to worry about its colors fading or the sticker peeling off with time.

Rubik’s cube


The Rubik cube is also referred to as the regular/normal/standard cube. The MAIN difference that sets it apart from the speed cube is that it’s dissolved for normal cubing. A typical Rubik has some bit of tension, which brings the possibility of its pieces getting stuck in between the turns.

Regular cubes usually come with stickers, whose color can fade with time or the sticker fall off.

Speed Cube vs Rubik’s Cube: If all you want is a cube that lets you enjoy the cubing fun, or you’re an absolute beginner still learning the ropes of the game, consider getting a regular Rubik cube. But if you want speed in cubing (or want to become the next Mats Valk), then the speed cube is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best speed cube?

The best speed cube for you one is one that stays true to its name—facilitating speedy cube solving.

It should come with fast turning, excellent corner cutting, great control, and just the right amount of tension (adjustable tension).

Check our list of the 10 top-of-the-line speed cubes above that you can get on the market today.

2. What are the benefits of playing speed cube?

Solving a speed cube puzzle provides you (both kids and adults) with a handful of benefits as outlined below:

  • Helps improve your concertation
  • Keeps your mind sharp, even in old age
  • Improves your spatial thinking; increase your IQ level
  • Enhances your overall cognitive skills
  • Improves your hand-eye coordination
  • Improves finger dexterity as well as agility
  • It helps you become a better problem solver
  • And so much more!

3. How do I lubricate my speed cube?  

Lubricating your speed cube is easy. You just dismantle it and sprays all its pieces a lubricant. If you think dismantling the entire cube is too much for you, you can take out just 1-2 pieces and spray the cube interior with the lubricant.

Which lubricant should you use for cubes?

We recommend you to stick to the silicone-based lubricants only. Lubix is one of the most popular lubes for speed cubes.

DON’T use any WD-40 oils on your cube’s mechanism as they contain petroleum products which can easily damage your plastic cubes.

4. What’s the easiest speed cubing method for starters?

If you’re still learning to solve the speed cube, it’s good to start with layer by layer method (abbreviated LBL) as it’s the easiest one.

It involves solving the first layer, followed by the second, and then the last one in that order. The method is completely easy to grasp and quite inefficient (in relation to speed).

5. How do I increase my cube solving speed?

There’s no way around it—just practice, practice, and practice and you’ll significantly improve your solving speed.

Make sure you use speed cube and not the ordinary Rubik cube to ensure it doesn’t hurt your ambitions for speedy cube solving.

Make it a habit to time yourself with a stopwatch when practicing. This way, you’ll be able to gauge yourself and “measure” your improvements.

Once you’re able to solve the speed cube in 60 seconds or less using the basic (layer by layer) method, you can then move on to a more advanced technique and practice solving it in the same period.

With consistent practice, you’ll have magically increased your solving speed for both basic and advanced speed cube methods.

Final Verdict

If you want to become a speed cuber but don’t have an idea where or how to get started, this guide has everything you need to know before you dive your feet into the cubing arena.

We’ve explained all the basics of speed cubing, including the 10 best speed cubes on the market today, how to choose the right one for your unique needs and preferences.

REMEMBER…the top secret to becoming a pro at speed cube solving is practicing, practicing, and practicing until you can solve different methods in 1 minute or less.

The other secret to becoming a pro cuber is starting right now!

Don’t waste any more time…grab one of the speed cubes we’ve just outlined for you above and start exploring the challenging (but fun) world of cubing.

Happy Cubing!

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