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Innova Bullfrog Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

If you have the tendency to throw the disc golf discs aggressively and worry about sudden glides then don’t stress out, Innova has got it covered! The new Innova Bullfrog allows you to have a low-glide controllable putter in an alluring price range. On top of that, the design spontaneously resembles why it is called Bullfrog! You […]

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How to Throw Disc Golf Drive Further Away?

When beginning out in disc golf, a question that goes thrown around is, “how do I increase the distance that my golf driver travels?”. This is a very popular question, and learning to increase the distance that your golf driver travels is paramount to improving your disc golf game. In a game where you want to […]

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How to Dye Disc Golf Discs? A Complete Guideline

Dyeing a golf disc adds sentimental value to your set, and a bit of personal flair never hurt anybody! And although it might seem daunting at first, once you set yourself on the design, you’re already halfway done! Custom dyeing golf discs are surprisingly easy, once you educate yourself on the right materials required. You can […]

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