How Much Do Football College Referees Make

How Much Do Football College Referees Make?

American Football is an excellent sport to practice and watch. Millions of people around the world make of this sport their first excuse to gather family and friends. They stay hours in front of the TV and have amazing moments every year while the football season is open.

And of course, players are most of the time the main reason people see these matches. These players do almost everything within the game. The passes, the runs, the kicks, the fantastic quarterback throws and more, but not all is about the players. An essential part of the game, yet often dismissed, is the referee team.

May you imagine an American football game without any referee? Well, it’s practically impossible. That’s why we want to find out what they do within the game and why. So, if you want to learn more, then keep reading and find out!

American Football Referees: Who Are They?

During an American football match, things can turn to be somewhat intense due to the aggressiveness and overall pace of the game. This leads to stoppages, fouls, and more. The referees are the authority, the ones responsible for these parts of the game.

The game field during a match has seven referees who have different positions across the field. These men have duties explicitly assigned to each of them. There is a principal who is the referee; then there’s the umpire, the head linesman, the line judge, the side judge, the field judge, and the back judge.

These referees cover different parts of the ground, but the principal authority is the referee who has the last word related to any play done. The NFL’s referees are different from the college ones, and the ones who appear on the playoffs.

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These referees must develop an excellent performance during the season because they are analyzed and studied, to place them in a ranking. This ranking is used to select the staff to important events like the Playoff, finals, and so on. Depending on their criteria, they’ll get better or fewer incomes and other benefits.

The professional football league is composed of one hundred nine referees, divided into seventeen groups formed of seven referees each. These groups are created randomly, so there’s no problem of interests, and referees eventually do their job correctly.

So, in this way, the staff will never be the same. The referees' squad will take form by those with a great demonstration from the last season and those who show exceptional performance in their entire careers as well.

How Much Do Football College Referees Make?

The American Professional Football produces billions of dollars after every season, even more during the Super Bowl or the Playoffs. The league spends so much money on players and coaches; but what happens with the referees, do they get a decent amount after their labor?

The referees within the college football league have an income estimated of two hundred thousand dollars annually, but they have little benefits. Social insurance, vacations and things like these are entirely out of their contracts.

Their colleagues from other leagues can touch up to four hundred thousand and have remunerated vacations, social insurance and more.

College referees in a different division can get income per hour of the game. The salary varies depending on the position, but a college referee can get between $500 and $4000 per hour or match, depending on the NCAA event, Playoffs and so.

Generally, these referees get an excellent remuneration getting around an average of forty to seventy thousand annually.

The payment also varies depending on the experience of every referee; the most experienced ones, of course, will make even more than newer ones. An amateur college referee may get 400 or 1500 per game, depending on the position; and an experienced referee may reach 4 to 9 thousand easily.

Some referees have a monthly payment which rounds 150.000 and 200.000 dollars as fixed salary with the possibility of getting extra income covering essential matches.

In Europe, an experienced referee could get € 9. 000 easily covering a Playoff or a Bowl match, and their salary varies from 20,000 to 120.000 monthly; not bad!

Did You Know That,

  • The referees’ nicknames on the ground are a zebra, and this is due to their uniforms in black and white.
  • Every referee uses a cap, and everyone’s cap is white except the main referee’s cap.
  • They use two handkerchiefs with weight to avoid the air to move them while they are in the ground.
  • Unlike players or coaches, who have to have a degree, the referees don’t.
  • Referees’ uniforms do not have their names; these just have a number without identifying their position. In that case, they have letters assigned by positions (certified by the NFL).

As we can see, the referees’ income may vary, and it depends on so many aspects: the experience, the league, the university, their position on the ground and so on.

Understanding Referees is Key!

Understanding how the referee life works is a great way to learn more about the sport. They can make money in multiple ways, and that’s great because they are a critical part of the game itself. So, learning about them is essential.

American football offers extraordinary amounts of benefits for referees. So, if you are thinking of becoming a referee, there’s no doubt this guide will help you learn more about it. And hopefully, of course, motivate you to learn more about the game and become one.

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