Curry 3 Review

Curry 3 Review: All You Need to Know About Your Next Basketball Shoe

Choosing the right basketball shoe can make or break your championship season. With all the options out there, you need a Curry 3 review in your court.

The best basketball shoes keep your game in mind. They are made of durable, comfortable materials. Also, they know how to deliver when it comes to performance. That means you can dribble, pass, and shoot without worrying about the shoes on your feet. Finally, the best basketball shoes look fresh and stylish. So, you can wear them both on and off the court.

Before you make your next purchase, read this Curry 3 review to see which basketball shoe is best for you.

NBA Legend to Shoe Mogul: The Rise of Stephen Curry

Born in Ohio but raised mostly in North Carolina, Stephen Curry grew up watching his NBA father, Dell, play basketball. Steph left behind him a legacy at Davidson College. Then, the Golden State Warriors drafted him seventh overall. There, he led his team to multiple championships. And he became the first player in NBA history to be voted Most Valuable Player unanimously.

But Steph’s influence extends far beyond the court.

Steph began his career as a Nike athlete. However, after an unsuccessful product pitch to that same company, Steph joined forces with Under Armour.

Thanks to Curry, Under Armour is now one of the fastest-growing basketball shoe brands. Shoes like those in the Curry 3 review lead the charge.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoes

The MVP on the court for a long time was the Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero basketball shoes. But all good things must come to an end. In reality, very few colors and limited sizes of the Curry 3 exist anymore. The star of this Curry 3 review was a pair of great shoes with these memorable features:

  • Anafoam materials support your feet and keep you light on your toes
  • High tension threads provide precision and agility
  • Micro-G and Charged Cushioning pad the midsole for optimum comfort

With new and improved models hitting the market, you, unfortunately, cannot replace your Curry 3 basketball shoes. So, take care of your current pair or snag one of these upgraded models.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 basketball shoes

Fortunately, the Curry 3 disappeared only because Stephen Curry committed to making great shoes even better. Clear the courts for the Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 basketball shoes.

The new and improved Curry 5 features a low-slung ankle, which results in a modern take on the former classic. You can choose from four color options, all of which feature a subtle “SC” logo at the base of the integrated tongue. The overall look of the sneaker is a mesh feel.

Just like the original shoes in the Curry 3 review, the Curry 5 features premium quality materials. The Curry 5 includes full-knit construction with lock-down lacing. Also, Anafoam predominates the forefoot lateral wall and heel. And EVA cushioning makes up the midsole.

All of the materials combine to bring you shoes that deliver comfort and performance. Stephen Curry designed his beloved shoes so that you can bring speed and agility to the court with light, responsive sneakers. The Anafoam means extra comfort for all parts of your foot. Likewise, the EVA cushioning ensures underfoot responsiveness. Finally, the soles of the shoes feature quick-stop traction so you can stop and turn on a dime.


  • Designed by and for Stephen Curry
  • Premium materials deliver comfort and performance to enhance your basketball game
  • Style works both on and off the court


  • Price

How We Compiled the Curry 3 Review

In order to bring you the best Curry 3 review, much time went into researching these popular sneakers and their successors.

First, we studied the Curry 3Zero basketball shoes. This led us to trusted websites like Amazon and other retailers like Foot Locker for specifications. Also crucial were professional reviews of the shoes. Of course, we also depended on professional reviews of the Curry 5 shoes for comparison.

Next, we studied the competition. Again, we turned to trusted professional reviews that rank dozens of basketball shoes to find the best competitors. Once we did, we dug more deeply into manufacturers’ websites like adidas and other respected retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

In the end, we assembled an in-depth Curry 3 review to help find the best basketball shoes for you.


Dozens of brands sell basketball shoes, but you want to narrow down the best ones. Thankfully, you have the Curry 3 review with two competitors’ sneakers in no particular order.

Nike Men’s Air Precision basketball shoes

First, we have the Nike Men’s Air Precision Basketball Shoes.

You might describe the overall design of Nike’s basketball shoes as muted or understated. Their five color combinations feature subtle colors, with gray being its “flashiest.” Mostly, you can choose from black, white, and gray color schemes. Splashes of color appear on the soles for some of the designs.

In terms of comfort and performance, the mesh upper shoe works to help your feet “breathe,” keeping them cool under pressure. The stitched-down webbing on the midfoot ensures more stability for the top of your foot.

For comfort, the Nike features a padded foam collar that offers stability and comfort. Also, these basketball shoes uniquely offer a Nike Air unit midsole designed to withstand hard landings.

Finally, these Nikes have a herringbone pattern on their rubber soles for added traction.


  • Universal design means you can wear these for athletics or leisure
  • Padding designed for hard landings


  • Limited style options
  • Materials

adidas Men’s Streetfire basketball shoes

Another rival pair of sneakers is the adidas Men’s Streetfire basketball shoes.

First, the adidas Streetfire basketball shoes come in a subtle palette of four designs. The adidas features a dominant dark color with lighter tones and a pop of color on the sole.

Next, the adidas basketball shoes come in a woven textile mesh upper. Inside, you’ll find cushioned Cloudfoam materials. On the outside, Adiwear and rubber make up the outsole.

For comfort and performance, you can trust the lace closure on the forefoot. This webbing helps keep your foot and ankle stable.

Also, the cushioned Cloudfoam midsole and OrthoLite sock liner keep your feet comfortable. And extra padding around the Achilles makes sense for basketball shoes to protect your ankles.


  • Price
  • Achilles tendon padding


  • Materials
  • Limited colors

Before You Hit the Courts

Before you lace up, consider the options in this Curry 3 review.

In our opinion, Curry’s basketball shoes are worth the investment. Obviously, the Curry 3 shoes joined the Hall of Fame and are no longer available. However, the Curry 5 shoes are more than enough.

The Curry 5 basketball shoes show signs of being designed by a real NBA player. The thoughtful materials mean you can speed past your competition on the court.

But don’t let us make up your mind for you with this Curry 3 review! Comment below which basketball shoes you will buy next!

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