Disc Golf Basket Dimensions: A Quick Beginners Guide

Disc golf is a game that has features of different sport added to one. You will see that the method of playing the sport is somewhat like basketball and frisbee, but the rules applied are like golf.

So, it is a combination of all of these sport to make this seem even more interesting. Now in this game, apart from a disc golf putter, you’ll also need a disc golf basket.

The disc golf basket has dimensions that have to be exact while you are playing the game. Now, to help you out, we have all the information you need about the specifications as well as the dimensions of the basket.

Basic Dimensions

In general, if you are looking into the best disc golf basket, then you should keep in mind that the ring should have a diameter of 21.3 inches. And the chain around the ring has to hang no more than 22 inches below.


We have given a very brief idea about the dimensions by now, so we are going to go into further details.

Height of the Disc Golf Basket

There are different rules and regulations put in place that have to be followed if you are going to play disc golf. The height of the basket, for example, is one of the most important parts of the game.

And the basket has to be exactly 52 inches above the ground; it cannot be placed higher or lower. There are two different baskets, and the lower basket should be 25.7 inches apart from the one on top.

Disc Golf Basket Diameter

The diameter of the basket is very important, as the result of the game will change dramatically along with the basket. You do not want such drastic changes in the game. The diameter of the rim should be 21.3 inches.


Moreover, the basket at the bottom is usually larger than the one on top. So, if the top rim is 21.3 inches in diameter, then the lower one should be 25.7 inches. This is the most natural way the chain of the basket will hang, and you don’t want the chains to fall on the bottom rim.

If you are able to get the detentions of the basket right, then you will see that your game has improved as well, much as you would see in basketball. All the calculations and moves have to be made according to that.

Size of the Chains

Just like the diameter and the height of the basket is very important, the same way we have to get the size of the chain right. The chain is a crucial part of the game as it has an impact on the way you will score and how many points you can get.

There are certain standards you have to maintain if you want to play a serious match. You can have 12 strands of chain on the basket that go up and down, and another 6 that goes around the 12 strands. The design stops the frisbee from creeping inside by mistake.

Length of the Chain

Along with the number of chains, you have to make sure the length of the chains is according to the standards. The 12 chains that go up and down should be exactly 9 inches long, the perfect height needed for them to not touch the lower basket.

Even though there are certain standards, the length of the chain might be different based on the rest of the disc golf basket. If the other dimensions are changed, then you will have to change the length of the chain accordingly.

The Gauge of the Disc Golf Chain

Even though there are many different standards set for the dimensions of the disc golf basket, there is no fixed gauge size of the chain. They can be whatever thickness you like. Just keep in mind that the chain should be made of good quality metal so that it does not catch rust too quickly.

Dimensions for Mini Disc Golf Basket

Up until now, we have gone over all the dimensions of the disc golf basket you should maintain when playing a normal game, but the figures are not the same when it comes to mini disc golf. The dimensions of the basket will be different to accommodate the game.

Also, the length of the basket can be anywhere between 13 inches to about 25 inches. The length will depend on various other factors like the diameter of the rim and the chains. The rim is supposed to be half the size of the standard one.

You can make adjustments to this much more than you would be able to with a regular disc golf basket.

Final Words

Any disc golf sets will include a disc gold basket. And you will have to pay special attention to the dimensions of the basket. But now you know all there is to know about following the standards, so you should have no problem.

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