Discraft Jawbreaker Review

Discraft Jawbreaker Review: Should You Be Buying It?

Disc golf is one of the most popular games of this era. There isn’t any way someone will not love playing this game! If you are a disc golf player, be a beginner or pro, you surely know the importance of a good putter, with which you complete the game. If you like disc golf, you also feel the need of good putters.

When you surf the market in search of a putter, you find numerous choices floating around. That does make you confused as to which one you should get.

No worries! This Discraft Jawbreaker review will inform you of all the things you need to know before buying a putter disc. Read along to learn about this awesome series of products and get yourself one of the best disc golf discs on the market.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Great performance as putters
  • Amazing designs and colors


  • This series is exclusively for putters

Discraft Jawbreaker Overview

For almost all the disc golf players and enthusiasts around the world, the Discraft is a popular brand. With its wide variety of disc collection, Discraft caters to the need of every kind of discs a disc golfer can look for.

And for discs like drivers to putters, Discraft stands out as a manufacturer with unique styles and great performances in all its products.

The Jawbreaker plastic is exclusively built for the putter disc lineup of the company. Its plastic is an awesome mold that makes the overall performance of playing with these putters fantastic. If you find any of these Jawbreaker putters in the hands of professional disc golfers, don’t be surprised.

Because of the premium quality, a lot of disc golfers have grown affinity toward the discs. What’s great about these discs is that they also come within a very affordable price! You won’t have to empty your wallet if you’re going for these.

Also, the putters will yield consistently and perfectly on short-ranged and semi-long ranged throws. You can buy a handful of these putters and enjoy the game like never before.

Key Features

All the models of this Jawbreaker disc series provide some varieties of features that make them lovable by the golf disc enthusiasts. Let’s learn about the different models and their special features.

Jawbreaker Zone

This special model Jawbreaker Zone is loved and admired by most of the advanced disc golf players. This overstable putter is a low-profile disc that shall always hold the line with almost no chance of flipping while on a long approach.

Afraid there’s a windy condition? Don’t worry, because the Jawbreaker Zone will surprise you and deliver the predicted putts.

Jawbreaker Roach

If you are looking for some straight flier, then the Jawbreaker Roach is your match, which even comes with an extra glide. This amazing model is purposed for Putt and Approach. It can ceaselessly pursue chains, avoiding any kind of problem.

You will find the Jawbreaker Roach putters to be beadless. However, the plastic feels super nice in grip, and the look of the putters will amaze you for sure.

Jawbreaker Magnet

The Jawbreaker Magnet is Discraft’s flagship putter. You can find this putter being used by thousands of disc golfers around the world.

What’s best about this putter? It’s neither too hard nor too soft. The disc will fit right into your arm, and the grip will feel strong.

Also, the disc will give an excellent performance in the wind. You can also expect it to fly superbly on short-range drives and approaches.

Jawbreaker Focus

The Jawbreaker Focus is Discraft’s only 0.5 putter, filling the gap in the brand’s putter lineup. This bullet-nosed brute will fly nicely through the moderate wind on long approaches. You can expect pinpoint accuracy when you throw it toward the chains.

Jawbreaker Challenger

Another great addition to Discraft’s putter lineup is the Jawbreaker Challenger. It is overstable and is admired by a lot of advanced and professional disc golf players.

Sometimes you may find it troubling if you’re going on long hyzer putts, but the challenger will satisfy you with its performance on approaches.

Jawbreaker Banger-GT

With every release of the Jawbreaker Banger-GT disc, you will feel the consistency and confidence it delivers. Are you a player who putts on a hyzer? This model will definitely favor you.

The Banger-GT also performs well in the headwind. It will not turn over if it’s on a long approach, nor will it skip on the fast greens.

Jawbreaker APX

The Jawbreaker APX is a special and exclusive model. It uses the kind of plastic that enables consistent releases on putts that are crucial. You will feel the perfect grip when you hold it. On top of the tacky holding, when it reaches the chains, it will stick right into them as well.

Jawbreaker Ringer GT

This one is a robust disc that you can use for short games. The Ringer GT is used mostly for the driving and approaching by many professional players. The model is good at landing softly, and it can also manage the wind very well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked queries about this specific series of putters and our answers to them.

1. Are these discs PGDA-approved?

Yes, all putter discs from Discraft Jawbreaker are PGDA-approved.

2. Are these putters good for adult men?

Obviously, they are. The Jawbreaker putters are designed in a way so that anyone can use it.

3. Where are these putters manufactured?

All of the Discraft discs are made in Wixom, Michigan, USA.

4. What grade plastics are these putters made of?

The putters are made of Soft X-grade plastic.

Final Thoughts

It’s sort of a quandary to find the best pick when you can see similar products all around. All it takes to go for the right one is knowing what your requirements are and how you want the product to meet those. Because everybody has different preferences, and the acceptance of something varies from one another.

After you have read through the review of Discraft Jawbreaker, you do know the ins and outs of this series of putters. To be frank, it is quite awesome to have such nice pieces of putters within such a low price range. What Discraft Jawbreaker offers at the minimal cost is something anyone would grow affinity towards.

If you don’t have preferences apart from what these putters give you, you can go and buy jawbreaker putters. Be assured that they will make you satisfied every time you throw it to the disc golf basket.

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