basketball field goal

Field Goal In Basketball: What Is It and Effective Percentage!

A field goal in basketball refers to any basket scored that’s not a free throw. The field goal can either be 2 points or 3 points depending on the position of the player during the score.

An effective field goal percentage, on the other hand, is a metric (abbreviated as eFG%) used to take into account the additional difficulty of making the three-point shots. It helps determine the extra points to be awarded to a player for making a 3-pointer.

Basketball Field Goal

We can regard basketball field goal as a fancy name for referring to shots in basketball. As we’ve just mentioned, the shot can be 2 or 3 points, depending on where it was shot.

If the shot is made inside the 3-point line, then it equates to 2 points. If it’s shot outside the 3-point line, then that’s a 3-pointer and equates to 3 points.

For you to score a basketball field goal, you must observe three key things:

(1). You must shoot the ball into your team’s basket. While still on it, note that you can also score points for your opponents by getting a field goal in the basket of the opposing team.

(2). Both of your feet must be kept inbounds when taking the shot. If either of your feet touches the court boundary lines, then the opposing team will get the ball.

(3). The ball must get out of your hands before the shot timer runs out. The shot time or shot clock is used to keep track of how long the team should be in possession of the ball. In NBA matches, the period lasts for 24 seconds only. In NCAA college matches, it lasts for 30 seconds.

What if you get fouled when attempting a field goal? In such a case, you’ll be awarded free throws. You can get 2 or 3 free throws, depending on the position you were in when attempting the shot.

basketball field goal

Effective field goal percentage

This efg basketball metric is used in NBA matches and is similar to field goal percentage. However, it adds an extra parameter to advocate for the fact that 3-point shots are worth over 50% than the 2-point field goals.

This is how the eFG% is calculated:

EFG= (2pt FGM + 1.5*3pt FGM) / FGA

Here’s a good example to illustrate EFG…If player X shoots 4 for 10 all on 2-point baskets, he’ll get a standards field goal percentage of 40% and an effective field goal percentage of 40%. However, if all the shots were three-pointers, then the player’s efg is 60%, which shows the extra value of 3-point shots.

Why is EFG important?

Because it helps determine which team has more success from the field. That is, the team having a higher percentage is considered to be scoring more effectively from the field.

If you’ve got a higher eFG% compared to your opponents, it’s also a good indicator that both your defense and offense is doing pretty well, and you’ve got higher chances of winning the game.

NOTE: the eFG% is the key indicator of team success. Additional indicators used to determine the overall team success include Free Throw Percentage, Free Throw Attempts, and Field Goal Attempts.

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