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How To Get Good Grip On Your Basketball Shoes Easily?

Traction is everything in basketball shoes!

As an experienced basketball player, you’ll agree that slippery shoes van seriously affect how you execute various hoops game technique, and hence your overall performance.

What’s more, Shoes with poor grip can cause injuries such as ankle sprain and ACL tears to the player.

Luckily, you can improve the traction of your shoes to ensure safer and better performance in the court by taking the following tips into considerations.

Clean your shoe outsole

one of the proven ways of improving the traction of your basketball shoes is cleaning them after every game.

Even if you only wear your shoes inside the court, they’ll still collect a considerable amount of dirt and dust which can affect the shoe grip on the court floor next time you go to the court.

After cleaning your shoes, make sure you only wear them when you reach the court. You don’t want them to collect some layers of dust and dirt on the way after you’ve cleaned them.

Sweep the basketball court

You can also try sweeping the basketball court using a dust mop to help remove any dust or dirt that might have landed.

It doesn’t matter whether your court is situated indoors or outdoors, a quick sweep can ensure your already good shoe grip isn’t affected.

Using traction board

Also known as a sticky mat, this board is specially designed to help remove the dirt from your shoes and increase their traction.

The sticky board is usually placed by the side of the court, and the players step onto it before getting into the basketball court (or when time allows), as a way of strengthening the shoe grip on the floor.

Try grip lotion/gel

Like the sticky mat, a grip lotion is also a traction enhancer designed with your basketball shoes in mind.

Most of the lotions and gels are intended for applying them directly to your shoe by rubbing them on the shoe or by applying them on a towel and then stepping on it.

Moisten your shoe outsole

If you’re in the middle of the game and you suddenly notice that your shoes have lost their grip, moistening them outsole can save you.

How to do this?

Well, you can do this by licking your hand and then using it to moisten your shoe outsole. The advantage of this method is that you can do it while inside the court, whenever you get time for it.

Though the licking method is considered unhygienic, most people still find it highly effective.

An alternative method you can use to strengthen your shoe grip is spitting on the court floor and rubbing your shoe against the spittle.

Still, you can moisten your shoe sole by using a moist towel placed by the courtside. This is the considered more hygienic than spitting or licking, but you can only do it outside the court.

Replace worn out basketball shoes

Nearly all the methods we’ve mentioned above will give your shoes a temporary boost of traction. For some shoes, the methods might fail to bear any fruits altogether.

This will leave you only one option—replacing your current shoes with a brand new pair of basketball shoes.

And when making a purchase, just ensure your new pair comes with excellent traction that’ll last for an extended period of time.


So, these are the top methods you should employ to improve the grip of your basketball shoes.

As we mentioned earlier, shoes without a proper grip can significantly affect your performance on the court and make it a bit challenging to do most of the techniques.

Besides, poor traction can be a safety hazard for you as it can cause you serious injuries that send you off the court.

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