History of American Football

History of American Football: When & Where Was It Invented?

All of our preferred histories, hobbies, pictures, whatever they are; they have a history. When it appeared, who thought about it first, even where or which is the root of it? These kinds of things call our attention, create curiosity within our thoughts.

These riddles also activate our researching spirit.As any ideal Football Fanatic, you should know at least the beginnings of this game, where did it start and some of the first players who played.

But, how would you do that? Well, check the guide up, and enjoy the trip through the American Football’s history.

When was Football Invented?

The American Football Game has millions and millions of Fans around the world, but do all of them know where, or when was the first time was it played?

Like any piece of history, it is never that clear. We have a clue about the Football's root due to its name and gameplay.

So, some parts of the history say that The American Football comes from a mixture between Rugby which was famous by the time, and the European Football (also known as Soccer in the US, Canada for example).

This mixture creates a hybrid with some similarities and features which at the same time, traced the gameplay until getting the current American Football.

By the half of the XIX century, football had been getting some changes, transformations about its rules, uniforms, appearance.Back then, some people enjoyed the game and matches. But, there were people who didn’t like the sport, seen at the beginning as a sport of Criminals and Gamblers.

This situation took lots of time to be what it is nowadays. What happened that the story gave a 380° turn? Well, the history says everything burnt one day, being more specific; it was in 1869, October 6th.

The thing is that the American Football’s roots come from the XIX century’s half, it appears as a mixture between Rugby – a sport with lots of similarities, and the European football (Soccer).

European Football combines the purpose (goal), the number of players (11 & 11 per side), and a goal zone which in this case is named (the end zone).

Who Invented American Football?

We all want to know who is the mind behind the creation, behind that fantastic thing that we look up. Well, American Football fans also want to know who is the master behind the monster.

In the century of 1800s, Rugby and The European football were popular games, and in the US, it was not that different in that moment. In that century, Rugby and The European football were popular games, and the US was kind of different at the moment.

This Sport burns as a mixture of both games taking fame among the workmen played as an after work sport. But, who invented this game really, is there any name to write?

Through football’s story, we can find a part that attaches the first plays to the soldiers, but how come? Well, during the war (the 1800s), these soldiers used to find something to do to avoid stress, and through the mixture of rugby and soccer burns a game that is known nowadays as American Football.

Time later, behind so many changes and years, one night in New Jersey, precisely, at the College of New Jersey (actually University of Princeton), our point of view about American Football would change.

In 1869, November 6th the first university match took place facing Rutgers vs. Princeton, an event which gave space to the burning of the university American Football.

But, professionally Walter Camp is considered as the American Football father due to his contributions, among them we find: the scrimmage, the downs, advanced pass (with some collaboration), and in 1876, the International American Association of Football (I.A.A.F).

What Happened That Monday Night?

We have questions unanswered; how American Football passed from a gambler sport to almost the most popular game in the US.

Well, a Monday night in 1958, one NFL team faced an AFL team for the first time; that unexpectedly would give pass to the most important American Football event ever, The Super Bowl.

This event is the creator of the way we, nowadays, look at the NFL.

Why Was American Football Invented?

There are many organizations, groups, companies and so on, that gets its life because of necessity; the same way, American Football got its actual position. It wasn’t only invented that way, but also for changes and contributions of some people.

People like Walter Camp, Eddie Cochems, Amos Alomzo Stagg, Knute Rockne, Glenn “Pop” Warner, William “Pudge” Heffelfinger are some of the first images that changed the world of American Football.

The American Football burns as an organization with the establishment of the Professional Association of American Football in 1920, which time later (in 1924) became the National Football League, best known as the NFL.

What happened after that?

Well, the NFL formed an event, which would be celebrated year by year without knowing that this one will become on the most viewed sport match in the US called the Super Bowl. This event changed the American Football appearance to become the most viewed sporting event of the US, the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl would become on the massive arm of social media for the NFL and its creation of American Football as an organized association known worldwide. From hear appeared a Sport with 32 equips, 16 national teams (NFL), and 16 of the American League (AFC).

Now You See the Importance of the History!

Sometimes study can turn out to be boring, but not always. What happens if you like what you are reading about? There are passionate people who read and research to get more information, but; would you do this to know more about American Football?

Yes, you would. It is because every true NFL fanatic knows (enough) to start an information battle about anything related with Football.

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