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How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball?

It’s true that basketball acts as an excellent aerobic exercise that will help you burn a significant number of calories. And, as a result, shed undesired fat.

Besides, playing the hoops game is more fun compared to other exercises like running, using an exercise machine for hours, etc.

How many calories you burn playing basketball will vary from person to person—depending on the body weight, time spent playing the sport, and the type and intensity of the game.

Discover more facts below on burning calories playing basketball.

How many calories do you burn playing basketball?

As we’ve just stated above, the total number of calories you can burn while playing basketball will vary from person to person, depending on various factors as explained below:

Time spent playing the game

This is pretty obvious…the more minutes you spend in the court playing basketball, the more calories you’ll be able to burn.

So, if you want to burn as many calories as possible, spend more time in the court than on the bench.

Your body weight

Next, we have the body weight which also plays a huge role in the number of calories playing basketball.

basketball and calorie

The heavier you weigh, the more calories you’ll shed doing the same exercise. This is based on the fact that a heavier player will require more energy to make all their muscles and joints do what they imagine.

To understand this, let’s take a look at three individuals with different body weighs—150, 100, and 200 pounds— playing the same game for 30 minutes:

The person weighing 150 pounds will be able to burn approx. 272 calories; the one weighing 100 pounds will be able to burn a total of 181 calories; and the one weighing 200 pounds will burn up to 363 calories in 30 minutes.

Working this out, you’ll find out that:

The basketball game will burn roughly 91 calories per 50 pounds of body weight for 30 minutes.

The intensity of the game

The intensity of the game will also affect how much calories you burn when playing basketball.

If you’re playing a high-intensity game, you’ll be making all your moves with force. A low-intensity game, on the other hand, will require less effort. A moderate intensity game lies in between.

The intensity of your game will mainly depend on the tempo of the game.

Needless to mention, a more vigorous activity will enable you to burn more weight. Types of basketball games with high intensity include five-on-five and full-court games.

A perfect example of a moderate game revolves around the half-court solo practice.

Final Verdict

Basketball is not just a fun way of passing time with your family but also a good exercise for burning fat and calories.

How much calories your burn will depend on a few factors such as your body weight, the length of the game, and the intensity of the game.

For this reason, we encourage everyone, regardless of age or gender, to play basketball as part of maintaining their body weight and keeping fit.

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