How Much Do Pro Golfers Make Actually in 2020?

Professional sportsmen have been known for making a pretty penny and living a very extravagant life. The amount of money professional football players, basketball players, and baseball players make is mostly a known fact, but how much do professional golfers make?

Well, you are going to find the answer to your question here!

Leagues and Tours

There is no fixed amount of money golfers make; their income depends on the number of tours and endorsement. So there is really no steady income in this sport. But if you are one who is a club pro, then you might have a stable source of income, but that might not be your best bet if you want to earn a lot of money.

Non-U.S Pro Tours

The pro golf tours that take place around the world are pretty lucrative for the golfers. Especially the ones played in Europe. In these tours, many players are paid, not just those who win. 325 players won money on the Europe Tour. Even though the earning ranged from $5,323,400 to $1,156, the midpoint figure here was $116,924.

U.S Pro Tours

Golf is the most popular in the United States. Therefore, that is where the pro golfers make the most money. Since the money is higher, more and more professional golfers want to take part in these tournaments.

The earning in the National Tour would range from around $414,273 to $1,265, and the midpoint here being $16,904. Compared to the European tour, the figure is lower.

Club Pros

We have already mentioned that for golfers, the club pros might be the most steady means on income, as the pro tournaments might lead to different earning based on how they performed. The club pros make a salary each month and do not sustain off of the money they make on tournaments.

A club pro could make anywhere from $40,000 to $140,000. The figure might not seem as appealing as the ones made by those who play on tours, but with this, they do not have to worry about an injury leading to loss of income. This mechanism here is like just any other job out there.


Mini Tours

The pro tours in the U.S and Europe are usually a very big production, and through those, the pro golfers earn a lot of money. But in the middle, there are many other smaller tours that take place. These are called mini-tours that do not last for a very long time.

In the States, there are two main mini-tours National Golf Association Pro Gold Tour, and the other is the eGolf Professional Tour. As these are mini-tours, the amount of money made here is substantially lower than the others.

Moreover, the winner in these cases would make around $150,800 and the golfer in the last position would earn $600, the player at the midpoint would earn $5,000. This might be not as profitable as the longer pro tours, but usually, this not the only tour the pro golfers play in.

Off-Course Income

Golfers do make a lot of money by playing on different tours, but that is not their only means of income. There have been many cases where they made more money off-course than they did while playing golf. Take Tiger Woods, for example, out of the $63.3 million he made in 2011, $60 million came outside the golf course.


All players make a lot of money with their endorsement deals. Different companies pay a lot of money for the players to advertise their products. And much like all the players, golfers make a lot of money endorsing brands and their products too.

The amount of money they make off the deals depends on various factors. First of all, the better recognized the player is, the higher they are going to charge to endorse an item. The product they are endorsing is another factor to take into account.

But, usually, golfers and all players, in general, try to stay clear of attaching their names to a brand that has negativity surrounding it.

Corporate Deal

All professional golfers have corporate deals of logos of different companies on their chest, collar, and sleeve. These corporate deals help them make a lot of money. And these deals entail different requirements from the player. For example, a $100,000 logo deal would require the golfer to do a commercial and a whole day in a golf course.

The logo deals usually pay more than $25,000 each, but if you see that the player has too many logos on their chest, then that is a dead giveaway of the deals not paying them enough money.

However, if the golfers sign in with very big name brands like Adidas, then they are usually not allowed to have other logos on them, but at times might be permitted another sleeve deal.

Their Hat

If you have ever seen golfers play, then you might have noticed they always have a hat on, and there is some logo or the other on these hats. They actually make a lot of money from that alone. The top-ranking players make more than $3 million for their hats alone.

That might not be the case for all the professional golfers, but on average, they should earn anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 from the logo on their hats.

They do not only have to wear the hat when they play, these deals usually have many obligations, but they might also have to do commercials and different forms of promotions for the brand.

Their Club, Shoes, and Ball

In golf, the opportunity of deals is many. Golfers are even known to make money from the clubs and balls they play with; they even make money from the shoes they wear.

From the club, the players might be able to make around $100,000 annually, and the same goes for the balls. As for the shoes, they are not the common source of income, but if their managers and agents play the cards right, then there is a possibility of income from there as well.

The Grand Total

As the pro golfers earn a lot of money, they have certain expenditures as well like buying the best disc golf discs. In addition, they have to pay their caddies, accountants, agents, trainers, and coaches, they also have to pay for all the traveling they do during the tours.

All of this account for a lot of money as most of them take a percentage of the golfer’s earning. So, the higher the golfer’s income, the more money they will have to pay those involved in their game and win.

After all the necessary additions and deductions, on average, a pro golfer makes around $2 million a year. There are many who make much more than that, and there are some who make a much lower amount than that. It all comes down to how they play and how to make deals they were able to get.


Just like all other sports, golf too is lucrative. But in order to make it to the professional level, the players have to put in hours and hours of training and skills so that they are able to make that much money.

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