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How Tall Is a High and Middle School Basketball Hoop and Why?

The standard hoop height for middle and high school is10 ft., just like the case in NBA professional games.

Since the first-ever basketball game was played, the standard height for the hoop has always remained 10-foot for all games, whether it’s junior high, high school, college or NBA games.

The ASEP (American Sports Education Program), however, recommends different heights of the hoop for different youngsters interested in playing basketball.

According to ASEP, the key the best way to enable the youngsters to successfully learn the hoops game and become the stars they dream of is setting their rim height according to their age.

For this reason, they’ve come up with a chart for the appropriate rim height for different years:

  • For kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students: 6-foot rim height
  • For 3rd and 4th grade students (around 8 to 10 years old):8-foot hoop height
  • For the 5th graders: 9-foot rim height
  • For 6th graders above: 10-foot hoop height.

Note that the 10 ft. height (the standard for NBA games) is what most of the American and international kids usually use, especially when they get into the middle class.

Isn’t 10 ft. too high for middle and high school students?

You might be of the opinion that setting the hoop height to 10 ft. might be too high for the junior and high school kids given that most of them might not be as tall.

But that isn’t really true.

The only benefit that would come from lowering the hoop height would be that dunking might get easier for the shorter players. But then, dunking isn’t the sole reason why we play basketball.

Something else…a basketball team is made up of many players—some of whom are pure shooters, post players, playmakers, and guards. And this means that with excellent teamwork, these players would be able to take their game to the level of pros regardless of how high the height of the hoop is.

In our opinion, the 10 ft height hoop height for junior high and high school students is okay and acceptable.

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