How to Become a College Football Coach

How to Become a College Football Coach?

American Football has millions and millions of fans worldwide, many people who want to become professional players, be part of those teams formed by giants.

Are you one of them?

Know that, there are so many ways to be a part of this game, not only by playing.

Both NFL and FBS, for instance, offer a vast field to work with; if you have knowledge and superior abilities to lead, you can think about coaching. College Coaches, for example, have many places to work, teams to support.

If you are guessing about becoming a coach because of your abilities and talent in the game, this guide is for you - so check it out!

College Football Subdivision

If we want to talk about American Football and its most essential leagues, it is necessary to mention the College American Football League. This league represents one of the football brands more critical in the US.

In this league, lots of universities compete every year in a championship to determine a winner, and the best teams also compete in a tournament since 2014 called College Playoffs.

Attracting millions every year, and around fifty percent of houses in the US, this is one of the most prominent organizations in the sport.

Who is a College Football Coach?

Every time we watch a nice play, a good pass, even a team winning the Super Bowl or the National College Athletic Association (NCAA); we see the squad. Behind this squad, however, there is a coach who worked as hard as each player to reach victory.

The Coach is the leader, mastermind of the group, the head behind every move that a player does. The coach must know each player and their physical conditions individually. The coach is in charge of any hard decision taken during and before games.

The coach has to select and locate players in their positions. He also needs to find the right place for each player, and apply a frame to push the squad to work hard, develop individual abilities during the battles to win, and more.

It doesn’t look that way, but the coach as the head of the group, he treats with lots of things, even add or kick players whose performance decreases. Sometimes, he has to do the worst part – tell players they can’t play anymore. That’s why a coach is so important, and that’s why they are a great career choice.

Best-Paid American Football College Coaches

If we look on the internet for something about any football player, it will appear, for sure. But when you search about coaches, there’s not much information, so we’ve decided to get it for you.

In here, a list of some of the best Paid coaches in 2018:

1. Nick Saban who has been the University of Alabama since 2007 reporting an income of 11 million dollars in 2018. This coach has a long trajectory, which started in 1973 with Kent State. Saban also has six national titles and four bowls.

2. Dabo Swinney is reporting an income of a bit more than 8 million dollars being the Clemson University since 2008. His career started in 1993 with Alabama as an assistant. This man has won four times the ACC championship and six times the ACC Atlantic Division Titles, excellent achievements.

3. Jim Harbaugh is reporting an income of 7 million dollars this season as the University of Michigan with the Wolverines since 2015. He started his career in 1994 as an assistant of his father.

4. Urban Mayer who is reporting an income of 6 million dollars nowadays with the University of Ohio since 2012. This man was the head coach on Michigan, Utah, and Bowling Green University coach. This man began as the coach assistant in Ohio in 1985.

5. Jimbo Fisher who is reporting an income of 5.7 million dollars this season as the head coach in the University of Florida since 2010 getting one BCS title and for ACC championships.

How to be an American Football College Coach?

Do you need any degree or profession specifically? What abilities should you have to be a coach?

Well, it can look easy, but the truth is that it is not that easy of a job. This is a very demanding position full of lots of commitments, which will even ask you to sacrifice many things.

If you have checked the information above, you can realize how some of the top best-paid college coaches started. To become a college coach, it is critical to know that the best coaches at the moment began as players, then head coaches assistants, and then started investing years of their lives to reach the head position.

We have some recommendations to reach that dream, to make it real and become a College Coach.

To become a college coach, you need some to understand that this is also a demanding profession, which requires so much dedication and invests the effort to climb and make your name stands up in the coaching field.

Therefore, to become a college coach, it is necessary for you to have a superior sports pedagogy degree (preferably). To get the coaching job is that hard that people dedicate a considerable part of their lives preparing themselves for it.

To get this job, you have to have played at least in a college league, or have been a teacher in that university.

You also have to be able to travel and spend so much time forming the team, training the members, and select new players. This job has a high demand, and you have to be minded to give anything you have to get it. Until here, it is almost impossible to be coach if you don’t have the qualities said before.

Also, something that gives you extra points over other applicants is having played in the University Team where you want to coach, and of course, having a support degree with a mention in physical education.

You must be like a book about football, and you need to study it as a career too.

If you are expecting to get the job on the first try, you’re entirely on the wrong path. This is the same as any profession, and you need to start from zero and climb the mountain until you reach the competitive profile you need to apply as the head of a college squad.

Commonly the Heads College teams now started as assistants or volunteers in the university they studied. Beginning as an assistant will give you the qualities and experience you need to apply time after as the squad head.

Another fact is that you have to start anywhere if you want to be a college coach it doesn’t mean that you cannot start from a primary school for example. Open your mind and realize that to take that position you need to build a name, a trajectory and get appreciation within the game environment.

Which Qualities Must Stand Out?

  • You need excellent skills related to communication, and leading; remember, you will head a squad of 190-pounds men.
  • You need a vast knowledge of football: history, plays, team line, and technical expertise to improve the group development.
  • Patience, remember this is a position that is typically occupied for years by the same person, and there is not a sea of vacancies.
  • Experience, remember you will be the head, and if anybody has a doubt, you will be (you must be) the answer.

Coaching is Hard but Amazing!

This is a great career which offers a sweet life and labor benefits, but not without sacrifice. You have to invest a lot of time building your professional profile; if you want to be successful, you will have to pay the fee in time of your life.

So, if you want to get into this world, just follow these steps to build a very successful College Coach career. It will be hard, but not impossible. Do your best, and you will probably reach your goals!

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