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How to Dribble a Basketball With Easy Techniques?

Dribbling is one of the essential ball handling skills in basketball. It is actually one of the two methods used to move the basketball around the court.

This explains why every basketball player needs to know how to properly dribble the ball.

If you’re a beginner player and don’t know how to dribble, the following dribbling basics will give you a practical insight on how to improve on this area.

#1. Proper stance

The first step in dribbling is the standing posture. You must learn the correct standing position.

Before drooling, bend in an athletic position with your knees slightly bent. This will give you the right balance.

While at this posture, keep your eyes up. Basketball needs you to be alert and maintain the vision of your target thus always keep your head up and eyes watchful.

#2. One hand only

The next step is that you can only use one hand for dribbling. You can interchangeably use your hands but only one at a time.

As a beginner, you need to practice on using both hands especially your weaker one so that you are able to use both sides as you play.

Using both hands while dribbling results to a “Double Dribble “thus losing the ball to your opponents.

#3. Guard the ball

The main objective for dribbling is to be able to protect the ball.

As you dribble, always keep the ball close to one side of your body. Doing this will enable you to maintain the possession of the ball for a longer period of time.

Use the other hand to keep the opponents from reaching the ball. This skill will ensure that you are able to safeguard the ball and only pass it to your teammates.

Proper ball guarding will help you relieve the pressure from the defense.

#4. Keep it low

The ball should be kept below the waist. As you train, avoid dribbling the ball past your waist.

In fact, most players reduce this height to knee level whenever an opponent is very close to them. By doing this, you will be able to guard the ball.

#5. Maintain control

Dribbling allows you to move and direct the ball towards your aim direction. Dripping is only done using the fingers. This gives you the capacity to control the ball.

Always use your fingertips to dribble the ball harder to increase the time it remains in your hand thus more control over it. Make sure you retain the speed too.

#6. Practice

All the above principles are only applicable if you train without ceasing.

If you are determined to become perfect in dribbling, then you must get out of the comfort zone. Try to practice in different angles as you use varied speed.

Always keep your head up on the ring because this sport is mostly based on scoring baskets.

Dribbling Patterns

Once you have mastered the basic techniques, now you can learn the different forms used by the skilled players.

Any advanced player can explore the different complicated dribbling forms available.  However, as you take part in this, be cautious because careless ball handling leads to turnovers.

The following are some common dribbling patterns used in basketball:

  • Hesitation dribble: This is an offensive move that gives you the ability to throw off the defender in an open court. Mostly used when proceeding the ball up the floor and your defender is standing.
  • Crossover dribble: The ball is drooled from left to right side and vice versa. Crossover dribble prevents you from overrunning the ball. Retain the ball at the waist level to avoid traveling violation.

Besides, you can use this pattern for turning and changing your direction inside the court.

  • Behind the back: It’s simply a “crossover” dribble done behind your back. Mainly used for changing directions in the court.
  • Between the legs:  Here you move the ball between your legs from the right hand to the left hand and back once more. This design helps you advance especially when the defender cuts off your direction.
  • Speed dribble: This drill will increase your speed as you move the ball down the court.

Dribbling Violations

As much as you may want to explore the dribbling process, there are some basic rules that guide your drooling. Violating any of the rules lead to dribbling violations. You must know the rules.

Any careless mistake while dribbling may lead to a penalty or losing the ball to your opponents for free. There are three main violations that occur as a result of dribbling in basketball as follows;

  • Double Dribble: It has two incidences. Firstly, trickling with both hands.
  • The other violation is dribbling, then you catch or hold the ball and start drooling once again.
  • Traveling: This is moving with the ball without dribbling.  You are said to be walking if you move your pivot foot when still or carrying the ball as you walk or run on the court.

Also, taking an extra skip, step or just shuffling your feet.

  • Carrying: Here, your hand gets into contact with the bottom of the ball then you start dribbling. Remember, dribbling is only done with your hands on top of the ball.

Holding the ball with one hand and continuing to dribble without stopping the trickling motion is also referred to as carrying.

Final Thoughts

It takes control, practice, and discipline for you to learn how to correctly dribble the ball up or down the court. There are five main methods of drooling as named above.

You must learn the basic dribbling skills first before taking part in the advanced trickling drills. This will help you measure your training achievements.

Making dribbling a priority will make you one of the best ball managers. Additionally, always keep the ball control and dribble with determination.

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