How to Dye Disc Golf Discs? A Complete Guideline

Dyeing a golf disc adds sentimental value to your set, and a bit of personal flair never hurt anybody! And although it might seem daunting at first, once you set yourself on the design, you’re already halfway done!

Custom dyeing golf discs are surprisingly easy, once you educate yourself on the right materials required. You can even print out an image from online on vinyl paper and transfer the design.

This article will teach you how to dye disc golf discs with different methods and techniques that are tried and tested by professionals to help you avoid and mistakes and create your own customized golf disc!

Tips to Set up Your Station

It’s best to prepare for any mishaps before you begin the process. This helps you avoid any unnecessary stains around your dyeing station. Planning your design and setup beforehand is crucial to get the perfect results.

Set up your dye station on top of a large towel and place pie tins or plates under the discs to catch any paint spills from the edges. Keep scissors and a knife nearby as well for projects like these.

How to Dye Disc Golf Discs

Below I will show you different methods on how to dye disc golf discs for beginners.

Method 1: Stencil Dye 

For this method, you need to print out the exact design or stock image you want on your disc and cutout a stencil of the design. This is the most popular way to dye your discs, as the image can further personalize your equipment.


Materials You’ll Need to Buy

  • iDye Poly
  • Mason Jar
  • Acetone
  • Contact Paper
  • X-Acto Blade
  • Pie tin or Oil tin
  • Cotton Balls
  • Stencil Cutout
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Preparing the Dye 

Fill up the mason jar with lukewarm or hot water, pour in the dye pack of your choice into the water, close up the mason jar and shake to mix the color as much as possible.

Step 2: Prepare the Disc for the Stencil 

Apply acetone on cotton balls or paper towel and gently rub off any logos on the discs. Make sure to do this step in a well-ventilated area, as the acetone can be quite strong. Give the disc a quick rinse before moving on to the next step, to remove any excess acetone.


Step 3: Apply the Stencil 

Cut out a large enough contact paper to cover the entire disc. Remove the backing of the paper and lay it down sticky side up so you can easily apply the top of the disc to the contact paper.

Carefully set the disc and use your fingers to start from the center out to remove any air bubbles trapped under the contact paper. Fold the sides of the contact paper over the edges.

Stick your stencil on the disc using scotch tape on the sides and cut out through the contact paper underneath using your x-acto blade. Remember to cut out the parts you want to dye.

Remove the stencil and use your x-acto blade to carefully remove the parts you want to dye, make sure not to create any air bubbles near the edges of the cutout parts.

Step 4: Dye Your Disc 

Take a strip of contact paper and apply the sticky side down on the back of the disc to create a handle to hold on to during the dyeing process. Pour the dye in the oil tin and make sure there aren’t any bubbles before you apply the disc.

Hold the disc using the makeshift handle and set it in the dye gently to make sure the dye doesn’t splash to the back of the disc. Spin it around gently for a couple of minutes and check the color every 5-10 minutes. Remove it from the dye when the color has reached the intensity to your liking, which should take around an hour.

Step 5: Clean off the Excess 

Run the disk under cold water, and remember to not touch the dye during this process. Take off all the contact paper while keeping under running water. Air-dry the disc for a clean finished product.

Method 2: Spin Dye 

Spin dye methods usually produce some of the most unique and fun designs for your golf discs. And although most professionals would prefer a piece of spinning equipment for the project, this article will show you how to make a makeshift spinner.


Materials You’ll Need to Buy

  • Large Golf Disc
  • Shaving Cream
  • iDye Poly
  • Marbles
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Create Your Makeshift Spinner 

Take your large golf disc, making sure that its big enough to fit your project disc on the back with an inch of space to spare. Use duct tape to stick the marble exactly in the middle of the large golf disc. Apply the marble on the top side of the disc.

Once the marble is stuck firmly, set the disc on an even surface, and test out its ability to spin properly. It should spin without effort and fast enough to spatter the color on the projected disc.

Take three strips of duct tape and roll it up into 2-3 inch pieces of tube. Put the pieces on the inside, an inch away from the edge. This is to help the project disc stick while you’re spinning it.


Step 2: Create the Dye 

Mix one-part shaving cream, one-part water, and two-parts dye in a small container and transfer the mixture to a squirt bottle. Fix it to the consistency of the mixture of your liking by adding more shaving cream if required.

Step 3: Dye Your Disc 

Put the large disc marble side down on an even surface. Set the projected disc in the middle of the back of the large disc, leaving at least an inch of space from the projected disc to the edge of the large disc.

Start with a slow spin and apply the colors using the squirt bottle to your liking. You can adjust the spinning speed for bigger splatters. But be cautious of the volume of your dye. If it’s thin, then you don’t have to spin it too fast for a large splatter.

Step 4: Remove Excess 

Once you’re happy with the design, leave it overnight and run it under cold water to wash off the excess. Keep it longer for more intense color, and air dry once you’re done!

Personalize Your Own Golf Disc!

Putting your own flair to your equipment is not only a part of the process but also an interesting skill to acquire. If your project turns out to be something you’re proud of, you can also apply the same techniques to dye other materials!

Learning how to dye your own golf discs can open up a new world of hobbies for those eager to take on new challenges!

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