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How To Get Better At Basketball? 8 Top Training Tips!

Basketball is one of the easiest games to play but you need good skills to become one of the best. Any player is in a position to improve their skills.

Many legends of basketball had to do some training to become the best.

Therefore, whether you are a professional player or a beginner, there is more than just being physically fit to run.

You need to practice the following tricks and exercises for your improvement.

Below are 8 detailed tips on how to better your skills in the game.

#1. Dribbling

To start with, know the ball handling techniques. It is essential you know how to dribble. This is the only way you can move the ball other than passing to another player.

You must use your fingers and not your palm. Learn the correct posture for the skill before taking part in different styles.

dribble the ball

First, your knees must be shoulder-width and be ready to move. As you trickle the ball, keep moving your wrist to keep the ball in control.

Train on some stationary drills, full court drills, and hard drills to become perfect.

Furthermore, alternate your hands on the move as you keep your eyes up. After mastering that you can now develop your dribble power by using two balls or doing dribbling sprints.

Later on, this will give you more skills as you play.

#2. Passing

This is the vital part of the game. You need to get the ball to your teammates.

As a learner, you need to know how to make decent passes throughout the game. Learning how to pass the ball improves your teamwork.

Don’t hold onto the ball for too long. Always look for an open player and pass it.

You must learn how to pass the ball without dribbling. Also, know your role and that of the other positions.

Have a partner to practice passing the ball or marked spot. Concentrate as you throw the ball to the other person severally or on hitting the mark.

#3. Shooting

This is one of the critical parts too you need to know.

You must learn how to correctly shoot the ball and from various positions in the court.

Shooting is the only way to score a basket in the game. Since all you want to do is gain more points by scoring many baskets, learning various methods of shooting will do you good.

shooting a basketball

Before you shoot the ball, make sure you are balanced and your shooting elbow must be tucked in towards your body.

This step requires a lot of concentration. You must keep your eyes on the basket all the time. Hand-eye coordination. As you dribble the ball, there must be a coordination between your dribbling hand and the eye. Doing this allows you to be able to see your target and opponents as you move around the court.

Practice different shooting styles like the free throws, hook-shots, fadeaways and close range shots.

#4. Improve your stamina

Maintaining your intensity during a basketball game is very good.

Firstly, you need to be fit but with buildup strengths. For you to become strong, there are several exercises to undertake.

Eating healthy foods will help you gain strength as you retain your physical fitness. Other than that, hitting the gym and doing some weight exercises will help you boost your stamina.

Take part in Romanian deadlifts, back squats, deadlifts and clean pulls. These will make you stronger and swifter.

Work on your footwork and core strength too. Ensure that your posture is correct to be able to balance in the field.

You need to take part in some running exercises too.  This will help you outlast your opponents. Getting an special shoes for guards will help also.

#5. Mental toughness

The game is all about your mindset.

You need to have the right mindset to be able to shoot or pass the ball correctly to your teammates.

When playing, you should always refresh your mind from all the negative thoughts so that you are confident. Negative thoughts usually lag your morale.

#6. Practice defense

Increase your defense activity. Just before you take part in the game, gain some defensive skills that will help you and your teammates possess the ball.

The game keeps changing thus you must learn some defensive skills. Practice running and how to lock down your competitor from your zone during a game. I will suggest you to get a pair of proper insoles to prevent blisters.

As a defensive player, you must be balanced. Never lunge for the ball because this will make you lose your balance. Besides, maintaining a wide posture.

Always keep your head lower than the offensive players’ head.

Put your hand on top of the ball if it is in a shooting position and place your hand under the ball and flip it up if it is above the head.

Using these aids, you will be able to sharpen your defensive skills. 

#7. Work on your speed

Work on your quickness. Basketball is all about running in the court and this requires speed.

If you take part in activities that help you improve your speed, you will be able to become very swift.

Some activities like skipping a rope will help you improve your speed.  To improve your quickness, do some high jumps so that your muscles can fire very fast. If you think this can break your ankles, get ankle support shoes and ankle brace.

Kill drills will assist you to keep fit and improve your speed. Take part in some "down and backs" for about a minute daily.

#8. Consistency

Make it a habit.

Consistency in your training will allow you to learn the tricks as fast as you can. It takes a lot of discipline for you to be able to train every day without anyone pushing you or instructing you.

Additionally, your body will get used to the training thus no straining. If you practice daily, your body system becomes accustomed to the routine making it easier for you.


In a nutshell, there are numerous ways of improving in this game. However, discipline and consistency during your training are what will make you a better player. Using the simple techniques listed above, you will be able to improve your skills in the game.

Just put in hard work and you will be able to work on your game.

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