How to Make Disc Golf Basket? DIY At Home

You may have a disc golf basket at your local park, or maybe you visit a park nearby that is specifically made for playing disc golf.

Although a disc golf basket is certainly easy to come by nowadays, having one in your own backward certainly has its perks, especially if you want to hone in your throwing skills.

Making your own basket will not only help you save a couple of bucks but also give you an excuse to invite your friends over for a fun, intimate picnic with the kids over the weekend.

This article will give you instructions on how to make disc the best disc golf basket in your garage under a couple of hours!

Materials You’ll Need to Buy

  • Hose clamp set
  • 40-feet coil chain
  • Trash can lid
  • Plywood
  • Steel barrels
  • 12 of nylon locking nuts
  • 8 of 2″ 10/24 nut sets
  • 18 of 1″ washers
  • 12 of zinc plated eye bolts
  • 12 of T-nuts
  • 2 of flange extension ring
  • 2 of 15′ 3/8″ air hose
  • 6 of 6″ corner brackets
  • 36 of 3/16″ zinc plated quick links
  • 3x 3" PVC closet flange
  • 2 of PVC coupling

Step 1: Cut out the Basket 

Use a circular saw to cut off the bottom of the steel barrel, keeping in mind that it should be around 7-8” deep. Then, use a Dremel tool or a strong metal file to smooth out the edges of the cut on top. Drill four holes through the closet flange to the bottom of the basket, make sure it is fitted in the middle of the basket.

Attach another closet flange to the inside and align them with the same holes; you should have a closet flange in the middle of both sides of the basket.

Step 2: Start the Drilling 

Make sure your plywood fits comfortably on the inside of the trash can lid. Drill out six holes in the plywood, in a circular shape, and space them out according to the circumference of the holes on the edge of the lid. Each hole should fall in the middle of two holes on the lid.

Disc Golf Basket

Drill another four holes in the middle through the closet flange and attach it with T-nuts and screw eye bolts. Secure them tighter with washer and nylon locking nuts.

You should have the lid attached to the plywood and closet flange. Now drill 12 holes on the edge of the lid and space them out to be on each side on the chain holes on the plywood, approximately five inches apart.

Step 3: Attach the Basket to the Ground 

Stick a rubber PVC coupling down four inches from the base of the basket, and make sure the PVC reaches at least 2-3” underground. Slide the underside of the closet flange of the basket into the PVC coupling and screw it down tightly.

Attach the other PVC rubber coupling to the inside of the basket to the top, onto the plywood. Slip the PVC into the closet flange and screw it down.

Step 4: Attach the Chains 

Cut the chains into 12 pieces, each 26” in length, and set these for the outside. And cut 6 more pieces into 23” for the inside through the plywood.

Set a hose clamp to the closet flange on the inside of the basket. Attach the bottom part of the chain to the hose clamp and slide the S-hooks through the 12 holes on the trash can lid.

Add the shorter chains to the plywood, through the 6 holes and clamp them down. Attach the bottom part of these chains to the hose clamp.

Step 5: Secure It to the Ground 

You can use an umbrella base or cement to secure the PVC to the ground. Use a pothole digger to dig deeper if required.

Warning: Drill plenty of holes into the bottom of the basket to flush out any rainwater from flooding on the inside.

Set up Your Own Affordable Disc Golf Sets in Your Own Backyard! 

Whether you play disc golf as a hobby or professionally, setting up a couple in your backyard will save you money and time in the long run!

Even with very limited space, you can use this setup as an excuse to invite your friends over and hone in on your throwing skills!

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