How to Play Disc Golf? A Complete Beginners Guide

If you are a fan of golf and are looking for something similar, disc golf, as the name might apply, will definitely interest you. Disc golf is a flying disc sport.

You have to throw a disc and make sure it lands on the target. And your interest might be piqued, but there’s a burning question inside you: “how to play disc golf?”

This article will help familiarize you with the rules and how to go about playing the game.

What Do You Need for Disc Golf?

There are a few integral things you will need before you can afford to play disc golf. They are:

A Disc

Discs usually used for disc golf are smaller but denser than other variants. Even amidst that, some discs are specifically made to achieve different performances based on a particular course.


Here, in this article, you can find reviews of the finest disc golf discs for beginners.

A Basket

Similar to golf, where you have to land the golf ball into a hall, you need to make sure your disc lands right into a basket. An alternative consists of targets that have chains. If the disc becomes caught in the chain after the throw, then it is counted as landing on the target.

No need to buy the best disc golf basket out there. Even an average disc golf basket will do.


A Disc Golf Course

Disc golf has dedicated courses in many different countries. Courses for disc golf either have 9 or 18 holes. These courses are tailored to provide a fun experience that tests your disc throwing skills in various ways. And these courses also often provide targets or baskets for you to land the disc in.

A Mini Marker Disc

This is used to mark the place where the disc last fell so that players will know where to throw from in their next turn.

The Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is to make the disc land on the target with the least amount of throws. Players pick up the disc from its last landing position and proceed to throw it until it hits the target.

And the number of throws is counted and is compared with a number specific to each course that shows the predetermined number of throws needed to complete that course. This particular method of scoring is known as stroke play and is the most common form of scoring.

Rules of the Game

There are some rules and agreements you should always be aware of when going out to play disc golf. They are:

  • The first throw in the course is known as the tee throw. The order in which the players will attempt this throw is decided among themselves or by flipping coins. These throws must be done within or behind the designated tee area.
  • After the tee throw order, the subsequent throwing orders are based on the number of strokes on the last hole.
  • Mark where your last throw landed. This is known as the lie. The player’s next throw is made from behind the lie.
  • In disc golf courses, there are some designated trees or poles where your disc must pass through the correct side. These are called mandatory. Failure to do so will result in a penalty, and the penalized players must start from the previous lie.
  • Some areas of the course are designated as out of bounds. If a disc crosses the out of bounds line, then a penalty will be placed on the player, and they will have to throw the disc from 1 meter away from the out of bounds line.Most of these out of bounds areas consist of public roads or water bodies like ponds.
  • If the disc comes to rest someplace, that is 2 meters above the ground, the player is penalized as the disc is considered out of bounds. The player must throw from the place that is directly beneath where the disc came to rest.
  • The next player in line must wait behind the player making the throw and must stand there until the said throw is completed.
  • The course cannot be altered in any way. This includes bending or moving a tree or bush in the course.
  • If a player cannot recover their disk in the spot they last threw it, the disk will be considered lost.
  • Make sure that everyone is out of the way before throwing your disk. It is customary to yell “fore” to alert people to move out of the way when you are about to perform your throw.

How to Throw the Golf Disc

The main thing you need to know to play disc golf is how to throw the disc. Here are some basic things you should know about throwing the disc:


When starting out, you will usually want to backhand the disc. This is a good grip to start with. Use your thumb and index finger to grip the disc. These two fingers will be used to grip the disc, and the other fingers used to add spin or change the angle. Practice this, and you’ll have an easier time transitioning into the game.

Foot Placement

Your feet and shoulders should be parallel to the direction in which you want to throw the disc. Plant your feet firm and outstretch the hand in which the disc is gripped to ensure the best results. When closer to your target, you can loosen your foot placement.


Having your hand outstretched both before and during the throw will ensure the maximum release velocity of the disc. To have the best results, you bend your knees and squat down.

When throwing, you unwind your body from your ankles to your wrist. This will build up angular momentum and thus make your disc spin and fly further. During this, make your elbow is straight and firm.


Hopefully, you have now gotten the basics of disc golf down. All that remains is to get some discs and find a nearby disc golf course you can go to with some friends. Keep in mind some of the rules and practice your throw, and you’ll end up having a lot of fun.

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