how to properly punt a football

How To Properly Punt A Ball In Football?

Every time we all decide to do something or start a new discipline, we always want to be as good as a professional or at least close to it. However, to do those amazing things superstars do, we should know how to do it properly.

In American Football, everyone has a duty and depending on each player and the right performance of these duties, the team will find a way to be better.

In this part on how to accurately punt a football, you’ll know how to master the technic and essential tips related to it.

So, stay and let’s look into the punter world so you can learn more!

The Punter

We can find three parts in each American football team: the defensive, offensive and the special part where special players appear. These particular players are the responsible for kick-offs, field goals, free kicks or extra points.

So, the Punter is part of that special squad. This is the player who does the punts from the scrimmage line. The punter can also develop free kicks and field goals. A punter’s primary purpose is to send the football as far as possible from the scrim line.

When Does the Punt Happen?

We all get excited when the offensive or defensive come to the ground, but do you know when a particular team or unique play happens and why?

Well, the special squad treats with free kicks and punts. On the other hand, when the team wants to push the opposite back, gain extra yards or try to recover a better position on the field, they use a punt.

The punt is a process in which a player instead of throwing the ball with his hands, he kicks it. This is mostly done to gain yards when the ball is too close to the end zone or touchdown area, so the other team needs to come back again or eventually achieve a touchdown by getting the ball to the other side.

How to Properly Punt a Football?

In this step, it is necessary to learn which physical conditions a player needs to have to perform a punt correctly. Among them, you will find a powerful kick and the precise accuracy.

The everyday technic players use is placing their bodies actively while a long snapper passes the ball, then kicking it before it touches the ground. The main point is to kick the football as far as possible trying to get a better position or to push the opponent back.

There’s not the finish line. To punt a ball accurately in the NFL league, for example, you should enhance your balance and perform the best kick possible. This sounds easy, but there are not four punters per team, so it means only a few can do it accurately.

Here’s how to perform a punt:

  • Professional players place the Body Position as the strongest quality any player should develop. It is due to the strength they have to discharge at that moment. Just math, ovoid (380 – 420 grams) per 20 to 60 yards on an average punt distance.
  • Pressure control, and this is because punters are under pressure constantly. The ball must punt in line; so, to make it work, they have to control it.
  • Measure the distance the team needs. If the punt is not right, the team might lose the last play to save the game. The punt should have a good performance, or it could be weaker than expected.
  • Knowing its main purpose. Putting the ball in the right hands is probably achieving a touchdown. Visualize how many yards and kick it until the right runner can catch it.

Best Professional Punters

Through the American Football world, we may find extremely effective punters who have mastered abilities that are worth millions. Some of these excellent punters are;

  • Shane Lechler with an average of 52 yards long per punt.
  • Marquette King with 50 yards average.
  • Britton Colquitt reached 50 yards too.
  • Lac Edwards with 49 yards long.
  • Matt Bosher with 46 yards approximately.
  • Brad Wing with 45 yards average.

This is a little brief of the kicks NFL average and the players who perform them. The average kick may vary and depends on the necessity at the right moment.

So, which are the best-paid punters in NFL? Let’s see!

  • Adam Vinatieri with an income of 3.4 million dollars per season.
  • Matt Brayan with 2.9 million dollars per season.
  • Sebastian Janikowski with 4.9 million dollars.
  • Mike Scifres with 3.7 million dollars.
  • Peyton Manning with 20 million dollars, the highest income in this position.

Ready to Become a Punter? Don’t Wait!

As we can guess, to accurately punt a ball you will have to practice a lot. Lots of punters appear just one time or two per match. In a season, some of them may appear from 40 to 60 times and others may play up to a hundred times. But of course, it all depends on the quality of the punter.

The point is if you want to know how to accurately punt a ball to take the ovoid, reread the tips given for professional players and make the ground yours. So, go out and try to punt a ball like a professional!

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