How to Putt Disc Golf? An Expert Guideline

Disc golf discs are becoming more and more popular by the day, and there is a good reason behind that. The game is a hybrid of frisbee, basketball, and golf mixed in together. So, you can enjoy three different sports with one.

And as it is getting more popular more people are trying to improve their game, and the best way to do it would be to learn how to putt better. But having the best disc golf putter won’t make you a better player. But here, we’ll teach you that and help you learn how to putt disc gold properly.

Four Types of Putt

There are four different putting methods you can apply while playing to improve the overall result you get.

Turbo Putt

The first type of putting we will be talking about is the turbo putt. For this style of putting, there is throwing overhand involved. The outcome of this may be very good, but the problem here is that you will need a lot of time and practice to master it as it is a tough one.

How Would You Perform a Turbo Putt

  • To begin with, you have to place your thumb on the middle flight pate of the disc so that you have the support needed for the putt.
  • As for all your other fingers, they should automatically be spread out around the rim of the disc.
  • If you have thrown a football before, then you know how to grip and rip, that is what you will have to do with this disc.

It might sound simple enough, but you will need to invest a lot of time practicing to make sure you get it right.

Push Putt

When you use a push putt, your main aim is to make sure the disc does not spin or rotate too much. In order to successfully perform it, you have to use your arm as well as your body. Otherwise, you will not get your desired result. And it might take some time for you to get the hang of things as it is a bit more unnatural.

How Would You Perform a Push Putt

  • At first, you have to position yourself properly, and here you should have your feet in-line as well as squared with the basket.
  • In order to add some power behind your shot, you need to lean forward.
  • Now you have to push the disc, and try your best to have a minimal spin on the disc.
  • Throw the disc while keeping the pushing motion in mind, as it is more natural to allow the disc to spin. But that is not what we are going for here.

Spin Putt

Now for the most natural putting method. Adding spin to the disc when throwing it is the most natural thing; even if you have not played for a long time, you will automatically want to add spin to the disc. That is why this is one of the more common putts.

With this method of putting, you will give yourself the best line, but the problem with it is that you might see some inconsistency with your shots. But you can try and perfect that as your practice.

How Would You Perform a Spin Putt

  • The starting point of this putt is to hold the disc in your hand as comfortably as possible. You should be steady on your feet and should not move around too much.
  • You should be in-line to your target or, in this case, the basket and keep your hips and legs squared to the basket.
  • And finally, release the disc, you will see that your throw will naturally add spin to the disc.

Straddle Putt

And lastly, we have the straddle putt, which can word as an addition to both the push and the spin putt. With this, you try to minimize side-to-side movement of the disc so that it is able to reach the target properly without any problems or it going off in another direction.

The problem with this type of putt is that you will not have a lot of power behind the shot, and therefore, it will not go too far.

How Would You Perform a Straddle Putt

  • While holding on to the put, you have to make sure you are gripping it with the pinky, thumb and ring finger; the other two should naturally be placed on the rim of the disc.
  • Try to be as relaxed as possible when you stand; keep the right foot slightly in front of the left one. Your shoulders, too, should be relaxed and squared.
  • While throwing the disc, follow the motion you would when swinging a kettle.

And there we have all the ways you can putt and improve your game. When choosing the type of putt, you have to consider a lot of factors, like you have to look into the weather, the type of course as well as the obstacles set in front of you.

With time, you will understand when you have to each of these putting techniques, and that is what will help you get to get your desired outcome in the game.

Final Words

You might know about the four ways you can putt in disc golf, but knowing and actually being able to do them is not the same. So, go on outside and try to put the words to practice!

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