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How To Spin A Basketball On Your Finger Very Easily?

Have you ever questioned how some people are able to spin a basketball on their fingertips without difficulty? Do you want to learn some easy techniques about spinning a basketball on your finger?

This trick is not mandatory but it’s an exciting thing to learn.

At first, this tactic may not work well but with more and more practice, you will become perfect at it.

In the quick post below, I will take you through some basic techniques that will help you learn how to spin the basketball easily.

Get ready to spin

To begin with, you need to be equipped to spin.

Find yourself an old basketball. An old basketball is the best because the grooves are worn out hence good for balancing using your finger.

Find where the grooves intersect. You have to stretch your arm and fingers just for warm up before you start the spinning exercise. This will prevent any injuries in the course of spinning.

Ensure your nails are short to be able to spin. Long nails may break or cause you injuries.

Here, you can resolve whether to use one or both hands.

The throw

This is the most crucial step. You must master how the ball is thrown.

As a beginner, both hands are helpful. Master the initial throw and how far the ball should go. Make the toss up to 2 inches high.

Start twisting the ball with your fingertips facing your body as you make a 180-degree twist.

You must use your dominant hand to balance and spin the ball. Hold the ball on your index fingertip and gently toss it.

spinning a basketball

Do this while keeping your finger directly at the center of the ball. Use the other hand to meet the ball so that you start rotating.

After your finger makes contact with the ball, you can bring it down slowly at a comfortable position. The faster you spin the ball, the longer you will hold it. However, this will make it difficult for you to balance.

 It is, therefore, best you start at a slower pace. Your speed will be increased over time as you master the game.

Keep the ball alive

The next thing to do is keeping the ball alive.  Keeping the ball whirling and active will help you learn how to perfectly spin the ball.

After you balance the ball on your fingernail or fingertip, use your other hand to slap the ball softly to retain its fast speed.

You can keep repeating this step until you are able to maintain the ball for about 30 seconds without it falling.

Always keep your elbow closer to your body so that your arm is upright. This will help you maintain your balance hence spinning the ball longer.


This skill is all about rotating the ball on your finger. To ensure continuous rotation of the ball, you need to hold your hand parallel to the ground.

Swing the ball with your left hand on the other hand with a pointed finger is prepared to spin it.

Learn the basic spin first before trying out some other styles.


Practice makes perfect. You can’t master this skill overnight.

Basketball spinning is very easy but all you need is practice and persistence.

As you train to master the art of revolving, repetition is key.

You need to practice more to build the strength of your wrist and its flexibility. Make sure you are consistent with your training to master this trick.

Include this activity in your daily workouts even just for a few minutes.

Continue practicing until you are able to balance the ball on your fingertip perfectly and for more than 30 seconds.


For you to know how to spin a basketball on your finger, you must be patient and willing to practice repeatedly. There are five main basics you need to follow to be able to go about this activity.

Although spinning the ball is not essential for any player, it is fun and easy for anybody who wants to learn it. Furthermore, this trick helps you build your arms’ muscles and stretches the fingers.

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