How to Stamp Disc Golf Discs

How to Stamp Disc Golf Discs? A Beginners Guide

Every sportsman in the world wants a special signature on his weapon by which he destroys the game. Some might even consider it a good luck charm. Like how some cricket players won’t play with any other bat except an old batted one which he considers lucky for him.

Just like every other sports equipment, you can stamp your disc golf discs too. Moreover, it is recommended to get custom stamped discs for the game to differentiate between all the players’ discs. If you want to know how it is done, then give this article a read because it tells you all about it.

What Is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a sport where players try to hit a target by throwing flying discs at them. The rules of the game are similar to golf; you use a disc instead of a small ball. There are eight to nine different targets, and the aim for a player is to hit each of those targets with the least amount of tries or discs.

It is much like golf, and hence the name of the game is disc golf. The game was first invented in the 1900s in Canada, and within this time, it managed to make its way to countries like Japan, South Korea, etc. which are situated on the other side of the world.

Different Types of Discs

There are many kinds of discs available based on certain purposes. Sometimes you might want the disc to travel a long distance or make an angular throw; you never know which one you might need. The different types of discs are mentioned below.

  • Driver

These discs have their weight concentrated in the middle, which makes them excellent for traveling long distances at a very high speed. Controlling a driver is quite difficult, so usually, only experienced players use them.

  • Mid-Range

Mid-ranges are substitutes for drivers who are beginners, but they just don’t cover that much ground. They are similarly built; however, mid-range discs are much lighter then drivers. Hence, they require lesser strength and technique, which makes them so suitable for beginners.

  • Putter

They are discs of a much simpler design, like a Frisbee, and they are mainly used for short-range throwing. Beginners are advised to experiment with putters when they just start off to understand the basics of the game.

Properties of Disc Golf Discs

There are some properties that every disc golf discs must have, and they are mentioned below.

  • Stability of the Discs

The stability of the discs is of utmost importance because it lays how good your throw will be. A disc can be under stable, where the disc will lend to the right, or overstable, where the disc will lend to the left. So it is essential you know the correct stability rating of your discs before you start playing disc golf.

These ratings are available online. The companies that manufacture discs also make a rating of their own, which are described in the manual.

  • Aerodynamics

This refers to the shape of the disc. Being aerodynamic means to design the disc in such a way so that it reduces drag force or any other force opposing the motion.

  • Plastic

Disc golf discs are usually made of plastic. However, they are many variations between these plastics. There are basic grades, ultra-durable, middle grade, ultra-light, etc. So you must choose the ones that you feel comfortable with.

  • Weight

The weight of the discs highly influences the stability and hence the flight of the discs. There are many different weight ranges of discs available in the market. The weight difference is one of the main reasons for having so many different types of discs.

How to Stamp a Disc Golf Disc?

Having a unique disc not only makes your game more colorful and fun but also makes it quite useless to pick out your discs from the many. Discs in the markets come in different shapes, designs, colors, etc.

However, it is a very easy process if you want to give your discs a different look. The process of making the best disc golf discs is described below in short.

  • First off, you have to make a sketch out the design you want your disc to be stamped with.
  • Then make an illustrated version of your sketch using a computer.
  • Now the illustrated design must be transferred into the contact paper. Check if the design is imprinted on the contact paper properly as whatever is imprinted on the contact paper will be stamped onto the disc.
  • Now take your disc and place it in the pressing machine.
  • Put the contact paper on top of the disc, or in any position you prefer it to be.
  • And then let the machine do its work.


Anybody who plays disc golf knows how easy it is to lose a disc. You might throw it a little too far, or the wind might carry your disc away; anything can happen.

So it is always helpful to stamp your disc using your own signature design to make it stand out from the rest. Now that you know everything about stamping your discs, let the games begin with those unique discs of yours.

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