How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight Properly?

When you throw a disc golf distance driver, and it follows a wobbly parabolic path to your displeasure, it might seem as though this is completely out of your control.

This can be even more nerve-wracking when you are playing in a straight tunnel-like location, and perhaps if you are unable to make the disc follow a straight flight path, it can get stuck in a tree branch or might even hit something fragile. Either of the two scenarios would not be fun at all. 

However, that is not exactly true, and you can actually have control over your disc properly and make it follow a straight line to send it into the disc golf basket.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the real question, which is, ‘how do you throw disc golf straight?’

The Main Two Ways 

There are generally two ways you can throw a disc golf disc straight, the first one being releasing a stable disc completely flat. The second one is to release the disc with a hyzer angle, but remember to use an understable disc with this technique.


If you surf through the internet for a while, you will most probably find other techniques that will promise you a straight throw such as a tomahawk, thumber, a tight S-curve, etc. However, these are the only ones you can completely rely on with giving you your desired result.

Flatly Releasing a Stable Disc

What you will have to do with this technique is to pick out a very straight disc and release it as flat as you can. Generally, a stable disc has a turn rating varying from 0 to -1, so when you are choosing a new disc, this is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Actually, you will have to look at the flight rating of the disc to know the turn rating, which will come in third from the top. With a flat release, an overstable disc might also fly on a straight line, so you could possibly consider it as an option only if you are in the market to pick up a new disc to play with.

Backhand Throw

One of the main reasons why you might not be able to throw your disc straight is because you are throwing it with a backhand. When your hand is not completely throwing the disc in a straight line, there is no way that your disc will go straight with a stable disc; it will most likely be a hyzer or anhyzer.

Do not get all excited and wobble around while throwing it with all your might; it will definitely give you a flop outcome. Concentrate and pull it right across your chest, and you should get closer to your goal.

Another common mistake seen in players is that when releasing the disc, they twist their wrists, which surprisingly could make the disc turn completely over. So, even if you are releasing your disc completely flat, the twist of your wrist could twist your throw and result in a bummer!

Your run-up could also possibly hamper your throw, making it tilt off a straight course. Make sure your shoulder is pointed right at the point you want to throw if a backhand is what you want to throw. Start your throw with a runoff if you are following a straight course, and do not start it from either side of the tee pad.

Hyzer Flip

Releasing an understable disc on a hyzer angle will also give you a wonderful straight throw, and this technique of throwing is also known as hyzer flip.

Taking a look at the flight rating system will also be necessary to ensure you’re purchasing a good disc, so you would want an understable disc with a turn rating of -2 or even below for an impressive performance.

In a hyzer flip, you will need to put in some effort to put maximum force on the disc so that it is flat. You will have to work on pulling on your arm in order to produce that required snap, and there will be quite a few failed tries, to say the least.

For a proper hyzer flip, a low release with minimum sound is an absolute necessity. You might also want to keep in mind that the hyzer flip starts off on a hyzer, hence the name, and then follows a straight path.

Accuracy vs. Distance

When you go for a throw that travels a long distance, your disc will almost certainly not follow a straight path, and this is normal. Often times, you might want to impress your peers, and that’s why you throw the disc with all your might to achieve a greater distance.

What you want to do is begin with throwing your disc at short distances but try to perfect your throws so that the disc flies on a straight line. Practice and practice, while increasing the distance of your throw gradually and you will soon be able to master long straight disc golf throws.


Working on your grip is crucial if you want to have amazing accuracy; however, don't go overboard and grip it too tightly. You want to find the perfect grip, and although it can be a bit challenging, it can be done with enough grip exercises.

An Additional Tip: Buy Good Shoes

Shoes are important, as well. Before you get started, make sure you buy a pair of the best disc golf shoes.

Final Words

You might be one of the many people who is going through this article to impress a group of people, or maybe you are actually passionate and interested in this field and want to improve.

Either way, what you would want to do first is go down to the basics and make sure your base is very strong, this will ensure that you get your long straight throws!

Be patient, and with enough practice, you will get your desired results soon!

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