How to Throw Disc Golf Drive Further Away?

When beginning out in disc golf, a question that goes thrown around is, “how do I increase the distance that my golf driver travels?”. This is a very popular question, and learning to increase the distance that your golf driver travels is paramount to improving your disc golf game.

In a game where you want to complete a course in the least amount of throws, being able to throw your driver as far as you can is very helpful. This article will guide you on how to throw disc golf drive further.

Start off with the Proper Disc

You might be tempted to just practice with any disc you find, but if you want to start practicing your throw, you’ll want to make use of a lighter disc.

If you’re a beginner, the chances are that you won’t be throwing the disc with high force. The speed of release improves with time, and if you want to practice with gaining distance, you should start with a light disc with a high glide.


A disc with high glide will cause it to stay in the air longer and thus increase the distance. As you practice and the speed and strength of your throw increases, change to heavier and more stable disc. Make sure to have multiples of those disks in hand. Improvement happens slowly.

So, get the best disc golf distance driver out there.

How to Throw Disc Golf Drive Further

Here are some things you can try out and see if the distance that your disc golf disc flies increases or not:

Tip 1: Take a Big Last Step

When running up to the tee spot where you’ll throw your disc from, try to make the final step you take, a big one. Increasing the distance of your golf disc driver relies a lot on increasing the release velocity.

Increasing your release speed by one mile per hour can yield an increase in distance of around 2.1 meters. When taking the last step, remember to take a big aggressive step in order to increase your forward momentum, which will end up increasing your release speed.

And also make sure you have a quality disc golf shoes on your feet.

Tip 2: Look away When Releasing

Learn to release without having to look at the target. This might seem unorthodox, but keeping your head straight at the target will rob you of some rotational force during your reach-back. This will cause the release speed to decrease and thus decrease the distance of your disc golf driver.


Tip 3: Lead with Your Elbow

Remember to lead with your elbow. When you’re about to shoot the disc into the air, make sure, you are drawing your elbow forward. You should try to pull your elbow forward and in a straight path as much as possible. Practice this motion.

What this motion does is that by making use of the forward motion of the arm and twist of your wrist, it magnifies the speed of the disc in an efficient manner.

Tip 4: Change Your Throwing Style

If you’re having trouble at times using the backhand throw, you can opt for a different style of throwing. While it should be noted that the backhand throw is the most used throwing style in disc golf due to the numerous advantages it has, it can be a hard-throwing style, to begin with.

A forearm throw is recommended for beginners as this type of throw is also practiced in many sports such as baseball, thus making the transition easier.

Also, one thing to note is that a forearm throw allows you to look at your target when throwing your disc. For beginners, being able to look at your target when throwing is very helpful.

Tip 5: Practice Your Grip

Improve your grip. While you might be tempted to hold on to your disc golf driver hard and make sure it doesn’t go flying away during the spin, you’ll end up sacrificing some speed.

Your grip shouldn’t be tense. It should be firm to ensure that the disc does not fly away but not so strong that you use up valuable energy just to release it. If your grip is right, then your momentum during the release will be the maximum amount.

Tip 6: Learn to Relax

Do not tense up when throwing your disc. The previous points all amount to a common thing, which is that increasing your release speed will definitely increase the distance your driver travels.

This might leave you with the misconception that you need to throw the golf disc with all the might in your body.

That is not the case. A forceful throw will involve tense muscles, which will do you more harm than good. A forceful grip and throw will cause you to have less control and will mess up your aim in addition to causing you to decrease the distance of the golf driver.

The technique is more important, and so you should focus on how you throw rather than how hard you throw. Relax your grip and body.

Tip 7: Increase Your Reach-Back

Increasing the reach-back is a fast way to increase the distance of your throw. Reach-back simply refers to how far your throwing hand reaches backward before you unwind it for the throw.

A longer reach-back will increase the amount of momentum you can build up and thus will inevitably increase the distance your golf driver will fly.


Improving your throwing distance is not easy. Alongside all the tips, you will need to extensively practice your throwing form and style. It won’t happen in a day, but you’ll notice small increases every time. Keep at it, and soon you’ll have a powerful throwing arm and improve your game a lot. Best of luck.

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