how to tie basketball shoes

How To Tie Basketball Shoes? Learn In Two Minutes Only!

Part of ensuring that your basketball shoes deliver the support, protection, and comfort you expect involves tying them properly. This will keep them snug against your feet as you move up and down the court.

Shoes that aren’t correctly tied can turn out to be a safety hazard for the player as they can lead to accidental tripping and serious injuries.

To ensure your safety on the court and maximum performance, we’ll show you how to properly your basketball shoes in the following post.

Tying your basketball shoes the right way:

1. Starting at the top of your shoes, tie your shoes in a crisscross pattern, making sure pass the laces through all the eyelets. Pull on the laces as you continue tying them to ensure they’re snug.

2. Once you’ve reached the last set of eyelets, make a balanced reef knot by crossing your left race over the right one and then pull the left lace under the right. Firmly pull both laces against your shoes.

tie basketball shoe

3. Use the lace on your left to make a loop and then hold the bottom of this loop between your thumb and pointer finger.

4. Circle the lace on your right lace around over the bottom of your left loop. Tuck it right under and then pull it through so that you come up with a second loop.

5. Now tighten your two loops by firmly pulling each of them until the knots become tight. Also, ensure the loops and laces aren’t too long that they’re almost touching the bottom of your shoe. This can cause them to untie easily.

NOTE: Your knot should rest sideways across the top of your shoe. If your knot is perpendicular or angled, then it’s simply unbalanced and will not be as effective.

6. Lastly, double tie your laces to minimize the chances of your shoes becoming untied. To do this, you simply cross the left loop over the right one and then pull it under.

TIP: In case your shoes get untied (or show the slightest sign of getting untied) when playing the game, make sure you retie them ASAP to prevent dangerous falls and injuries.

Final Word

Basketball shoes are designed to offer you comfort, protection, and support—all of which will help maximize your performance while ensuring your safety in the court.

Not properly tying your shoes will make it impossible for you to enjoy these benefits. Your shoes will not be snug against your feet and will keep slipping, causing you to lose your focus on the game.

What’s more, lack of proper support and accidental untying of your shoes can result in dangerous falls and serious injuries.

Don’t let bad shoe tying habits ruin your game; follow our guide above on the professional way of tying your basketball shoes, and you’ll be safe in the court.

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