Hyzer vs. Anhyzer – The Difference in Between

know much about the game or how it is played. These are not the only important factors when it comes to the sport, rather the way you throw the disc is equally important.

Hyzer and anhyzer are methods in which you throw the disc, they might have similar names, but they are actually very different. Even if you have the best disc golf discs, you need to know the differences between them to play the game better.

In this hyzer vs. anhyzer guide, we are going to explain the differences better.

Let us get on to the information!

The Difference between Hyzer and Anhyzer

As a beginner to disc golf, the throwing techniques and methods might seem otherworldly to you, but with time, you are going to understand the angle more and try to include them in your game.

Now, the main difference between hyzer and anhyzer comes down to is at what angle the golf disc is being thrown. If the top part of the frisbee is faced away from the one throwing it, then it is called hyzer, and if it is faced towards the thrower, then it is an anhyzer. You will be able to throw a golf disc in both of these angles.

If you are the one playing, then when you want a hyzer throw, you will have to place the top part of the disc away from you and do the opposite when you are trying out an anhyzer throw. There is a chance you can throw straight, but there really isn’t a certain name for the angle because people do not usually play that shot in an actual game.

Are They Throws or Angles?

Before we get down to the details, we are going to clear out all the misconceptions surrounding the hyzer and anhyzer. Even though a hyzer throw or an anhyzer throw will have an effect on the disc after it leaves the thrower's hand, they are not the throws rather, these are the angles at which you throw the disc.

Now that we have that bit of information out of the way, we can move on to the real stuff.

Hyzer Throw in Great Details

We are going to go over what a hyzer throw means in disc golf, and from the stuff written above, we already know that it is an angle at which the golf disc is thrown, particularly the top of the disc is faced away from the thrower.


There are certain situations when a hyzer throw is exactly what you need in order to get the disc into the basket. You will find that this throw works the best with an understable disc as it has a negative turning rate. With this throw, you will be able to make a shot selection, which as a beginner, you will need the most when you learn the basics.

How Would You Perform the Throw

The process of performing a hyzer disc is very easy. We will give you a little guideline so that you have an easier time trying to get around it.

  • At first, you have to hold the frisbee like we discussed before you have to make sure the top of the disc is angled away.
  • You might have to change up and adjust the extent of the angle depending on the type of shot you are trying to make here.
  • As a starting point, you could try holding it at a 45-degree angle and then move it around to see which is the most comfortable for you.
  • And finally, when you have the angle right, all you have to do is throw it to where you want the disc to go.

That is all there is to hyzer throw. Well, in plain text, it might be found very simple, but you will have to master the throw by practicing it.

Anhyzer Throw in Great Details

You can already tell that the anhyzer is the opposite of the hyzer, and we have already had a little discussing how the anhyzer works. But still, let’s get a little refresher before we get into all the sordid details. Here you have to make sure the top part of the frisbee is angled towards you.


This method of the throw is primarily performed when there is some kind of obstacle in front of the basket you are aiming at. The anhyzer throw will enable the disc to move a certain way, which would work in your favor and get the disc to go around the obstacle and reach the basket.

How Would You Perform the Throw

  • While for hyzer throw you angle the disc top away from you, here it is going to be facing you.
  • Make sure you are able to freely move your wrist as that will help you get a variety of angles. Then, make adjustments wherever you see required. If you think that a particular angle isn’t working for you, then chances are you will not be able to make the shot with it.
  • And finally, just keep in mind that the disc should remain faced towards you when you finally throw it into the air.

And finally, just keep in mind that the disc should remain faced towards you when you finally throw it into the air.

Why Are These Angles Needed?

If you are just starting out, then you might not understand the importance of angles in this sport, but the angle you throw the disc at will make or break your game. Your throw will determine where the disc is going to land, whether it is going to reach the basket or not.

  • You might have to use these most often as there is a kind of obstacle in front of the basket.
  • If the course angles are too sharp, then you will need to angle the disc in a way to get them into the basket.

Final Words

And with that, we are done. Now you know what the difference is between a hyzer throw and an anhyzer throw, so you can understand when to use which one to get the best result.

Irrespective of if you have high-end or mid-range disc golf, you are going to play better now.

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