Innova Bullfrog Review

Innova Bullfrog Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

If you have the tendency to throw the disc golf discs aggressively and worry about sudden glides then don't stress out, Innova has got it covered! The new Innova Bullfrog allows you to have a low-glide controllable putter in an alluring price range.

On top of that, the design spontaneously resembles why it is called Bullfrog!

You are gonna see a running bull and a creepy-looking frog resting on the back of the bull. So, that's how Innova makes everything obvious!

Well, you may come across Innova's other releases such as the Rat or Bulldog, which are nowhere close to it. So, here I am going to articulate Innova Bullfrog review so that you can get exposure about everything you gotta know!


When I recommend this disc to my folks, they ask me what made me so caught up into Bullfrog. Well, the reason is that it ensures a decreased glide along with a wind combating formula. The grip is extremely user-friendly as the surface lays flat and buttery smooth, yet it won't slip out from your grasp.


What makes it so grippy and comfortable, you ask? Basically, it's the ecstasy plastic, which makes it easy to grab and corresponds with the determined target pretty well.

I was so intrigued to see whether the number (3101) written on the Bullfrog's body reflects what it really is. Well, it clearly stands on your expectations and proves what it claims. 

The putter is way more you would ever ask for. This froggy begs your attention at first sight because of the visible versatility and glide-free approach. What makes it versatile?

Well, usually, when you are shopping for a golf disc, you deliberately opt for a disc depending on your throwing style. And this is how it works, right? If you are into forehand throwing, you find something flat and overstable. If you are into hyzer, you want the disc to reciprocate well the angles and lines.

Here when you have Innova Bullfrog, you can ace in forehand, anhyzer, and hyzer as well. So for the versatile throwers who keep on trying different styles, this can come out as your lucky charm for the courses.

This golf disc also has superior consistency and permits you to have a smooth release. If you are a professional thrower, then you can effortlessly get to the target within 2 or 3 strokes unless the weather is not too windy.

In cold weather, most courses are organized because the weather responses well with the discs as the winter breeze are even and don't change directions every now and then. For headwind shots, it's beyond accurate!

Knowing that it’s moderately overstable, consistent and doesn't fail to roll on the target spot, you will be more confident and get that zeal to improvise more, mostly if you are a beginner.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Innova Bullfrog to determine whether it deserves your purchase or not!

Approach and Upshot Accuracy

Undoubtedly, Bullfrog ensures consistent and controllable throws every time. As it's a low glide putter, you can easily reach the target basket within 4 or 5 persistent strokes. The approach of Bullfrog is extraordinary as it starts escalating with a drastic speed and slowly loses the altitude in the time of landing.

Mostly it drops just aside the target hole or basket, or sometimes it rolls over the boundary. If the weather seems welcoming and flyer friendly, you can try headwinds.

The air blows against the travel motion in the time of headwinds that's why throwing discs become tricky. Still, with Bullfrog, you can practice headwind shots; however, it may turn over as the wind blows against the motion.

Except for headwind shots, reaching up to 60 feet is really a cup of tea for intermediate players only when they have the Bullfrog disc. This putter arent equivalent to other top-notch golf discs, which can effortlessly approach 275 to 300 feet.

But being a shallow and low glide putter, it can surely give you an accurate, consistent, and smooth release.


Basically, when you choose a golf disc for your courses, it would instead incorporate with the throwing style as in forehand, hyzer, anhyzer, and forehand separately than focusing on every form of throwing. Because usually, people consider that golf disc, which is crafted strategically and specifically for one particular throw style, is relatively more convenient and efficient than other versatile golf discs. But in reality, versatility dwells in an ideal golf disc.

Consequently, Bullfrog allows you to have a precise, smooth, and accurate throw in almost every style with less glide. With that being said, you can try on hyzer and trust me; it won’t lose its track or the angle if you don’t put extra pressure while throwing.

In contrast, when you try on anhyzer, it also holds the line, but to a limited extent. As the disc results in low glide, it's supposed to ascend in a shallow line. Now when you opt for forehand throw, the disc effortlessly meets with your determined target.

So rather than grabbing a bunch of golf discs, having one or two would be enough as far as you are getting a versatile one.

Comfortable Grip

Bullfrog ensures having a comfortable grip with the flat and buttery soft surface and a beaded bottom. The comfort contents help to boost confidence when throwing and gives you an enhanced vibe promptly.


  • Smooth landing
  • Lightweight
  • Color availabilities
  • Beadles putter
  • Moderately


  • It fades due to persistent use

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the product:

1. Is it appropriate for beginners?

Yes. But first thing’s first; you need to know the basics as in grip, stance, windup, and release. After a few strokes and constant practice, you will get to the target for sure.

2. What are the available colors?

Yellow, sky blue, purple, orange, pink, mint green, etc. are the available colors.

3. How does it perform in headwinds?

It performs tremendously on headwinds compared to other Innova discs as it’s highly controllable and ensures a low glide.

4. I mostly practice hyzer throw, should I get a bullfrog for my courses?

When you throw the bullfrog disc on a hyzer line, it stays true to the edge and doesn't deviate at all. So yes, definitely.

Final Words

In some cases, you will barely find any massive difference between other exclusive discs and Innova Bullfrog because the ideal ones are crafted, focusing on consistency, overstability, comfort, versatility, and low glide.

But surely each of them is solely best in certain aspects. So make sure that before anything else you choose the disc which matches with your requirements and of course the type of throw, course field, weather, and experience.

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