Innova Rat Review

Innova Rat Review: Features, Pros & Cons 2020

If you are a sidearm or forehand thrower, then getting an overstable golf disc with a flat surface and thin rim would be competent for you. And when I am talking about golf disc or ultimate frisbee disc, I am bound to speak about Innova's Rat golf discs.

The Rat may seem an underrated freestyle disc, but in current days, the inter-level golfers are switching to Innova's Rat from their Discraft zone or Westside Harp.

Moreover, the Rat is a beadless mid-range disc with a low profile, which flies smoothly when you release it in the air with the force of your dominant hand.  

That being said, let’s glance over a quick Innova Rat review to perceive what else it has to offer!


  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t fade soon
  • Color availability


  • Not as stable as it states

Innova Rat Overview

One of the best parts, why you should definitely try the Rat as a flyer in your golf course, is that it holds straight up to the line for an extended time.

The moment when you throw it with full of force to reach a certain target such as 250 feet or 300 feet at first, it escalates pretty high with a rapid speed then slowly lose its altitude when its time to land in the ground. And the manufacturers claim that it's an overstable disc that has a fade at the end.

However, if you ask at least 5 golfers who pretty much have 3-8 years of experience, you will literally get 5 different opinions and feedback regarding this ram golf disc.

Because, in disc golf courses, it's not just all about standing on a tee to toss and throw a flyer, it actually involves other crucial things such as which type of thrower you are, if you are a beginner or an interlevel player, whether you have a firm grip or not, etc.

Typically when it comes to disc golf, there are four components that you need to enroll to integrate with each throwing style. So the four components are grip, stance, windup, and finally release.

Now, when you are a backhand and a right-hand thrower and have 400 feet throwing capacity, you may not be that overwhelmed with the Rat as much as you would if you were a forehand thrower.

It is because Innova has crafted this ram disc strategically to meet the needs of a forehand thrower who perhaps can rip it out pretty straight 250 to 300 feet and obtain decent, predictable fade at the end.

Sometimes it may hold the turnover relatively stronger than you want. Also, when you fail at tracing the nose angle right, it may kind of stall out like a regular hyzer.

On top of that, while you are in search of a disc that lays flat, you may not find a bunch of variation or versatility out there. So, here, Innova allows you to have one that not only has a flat build but also feels smooth and comfortable against your palms.

Key Features

Now we are going to talk about the key features one by one. Check them out!

Flies Smooth as Butter

The providers claim that the Rat is overstable and capable of encounter headwinds. However, if you compare the Rat with other competitor's discs, then it may trail behind in overstability, but it surely combats headwinds and ascends smoothly like a putter.

And the disc keeps on reaching a decent altitude swiftly, and if it's thrown appropriately, it effortlessly lands beyond or just close to the target.

The Flying Capacity

Some golf disc throwers have stated that the Rat is suitable for intermediate throwers, whereas some said that it's convenient for both beginners and professionals.

Here the drill is if you master the skill of grip, stance, windup, and release, then you can quickly get to the target gradually as the Rat permits a forehand thrower to effortlessly reach up to the flying benchmark, which is around 250 to 400 feet.

Smooth Approach

Innova Rat delivers a smooth and consistent approach every time. The forehand throwers might fall for its consistency and how it goes straight with a little glide.


So, basically, hyzer is a type of throw in disc golfing which allows you to throw a flyer in personalized angle. Meaning you can use the privilege of throwing the disc at its natural angle or when you are nowhere to reach the target basket because of a block such as trees or bushes.

You can improvise with your throwing skill and angle to approach the target eventually. And here, the Rat smoothly traces the hyzer lines.


Comfort is one of those features that anybody strives for. Rejoice! The Rat provides a soft and flat surface that remains gentle and kind on your hands so that you can use it persistently without any bruises over your palms.

Innova Rat

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some frequently asked question which is answered for your convenience.

1. I am a backhand thrower, can I approach my target with the Innova rat?

It depends whether you are a professional or still a dummy in golf disc throwing. You will witness experts or intermediate throwers acing in their courses by Innova Rat because they have nurtured their skills to use any disc. However, the Rat is particularly tailored for forehand throwers.

2. How much does the Rat weigh?

It weighs 173-175 grams and fits well in your regular course bag.

3. As the seller articulates that it doesn’t fade even when used constantly for a longer period, should I buy the statement or avoid persistent use?

It fades due to prolonged use and intense throwing sessions. But what they meant is perhaps it has a longer life than other golf discs as this doesn't wear out soon. You can go for constant throwing, but if you want it to last longer, you may want to avoid repeated use.

4. What are the available colors?

There is a wide range of color varieties, and all are vivid to sooth your eyes. The available colors are light purple, yellow, lime green, orange, pink, red, dark purple, light purple, and light blue.

Final Words

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you have found the article helpful and informative enough to get a transparent insight into the Innova Rat. I would definitely recommend this for all the beginner and professional forehand throwers to give it a go as the price is by far reasonable. Good luck!

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