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How To Loosen a Rubik’s Cube to Make It Faster?

Have you ever wondered how to loosen a Rubik’s Cube to make it faster?

You want your cube to be as fast as possible, and we know how to make it.

With a few simple steps, we will solve the issue, and your cube will be fast and responsive again. Interested? Read on below!

Why Loosen a Cube?

We know our cubes are not always fast. The reasons are numerous here. From the small dirt particles that accumulate inside, to the external damages, the cube cannot always be at its best.

That’s when a loosening is needed. You need to do it properly and here is what to do to make that cube work for you again.

Loosening a Rubik's Cube to Make It Faster

You may wonder what to do when a cube is not responsive anymore. You can make some action that will definitely improve the state of the cube.

Here is a breakdown of the necessary steps;

Step 1 – Take it Apart 

In the first step, you need a flat screwdriver and some patience. You’ll need to remove the upper level of the cube. For this step, you have to remove the centre piece of the upper layer, while using a 45-degree position.

This way, you open the mechanism in the best way. Whenever you need some help here, try to use a little bit of force, but with caution. The cube pieces are very sensitive and prone to damage.

Therefore, use adequate force and remove the centre piece carefully. After that, you can move to the next piece in the same layer. Remove it too. Go one by one and open the cube in the upper layer. You'll see the entire mechanism inside. That's where the magic happens.

Step 2 – Lubricate 

In this case, you have the cube opened, and the whole mechanism is there in front of you. It is time to lubricate the cube.

Take silicone oil or some other lubricant that fits the plastic in the best way. Not all the lubricants are adequate. Therefore, choose it with the previous consultation with some expert you trust. Some lubricants can damage the pieces, and that's why you need to choose it carefully.

Dripa few drops of a lubricant inside the cube and make sure that you cover the mechanism inside.

Turn the cube in different angles and make the oil reach each inner compartments. This way, you ensure that the lubricant covers all the sides of the mechanism.

Step 3 – Put the Cube Pieces Together 

Once you are done with lubrication, move forward and make the next step. It is putting the pieces together. You can use the same method and put the pieces together in the same way that you put the pieces apart. Just in reverse.

In this case, you may need to use your brain memory to put the pieces together, but some people take a shortcut and stick some stickers on the pieces before taking the cube apart. This way, they know where each piece was at the beginning.

If you do not use the stickers and rely on your memory, the situation is different as you need to put the pieces back in the right order.

Do it carefully and make sure that each piece corresponds to the right place.

Now, you do not need a screwdriver, but you have to apply some force to place the pieces inside. Put them back with caution and pay attention not to break the mechanism inside. Plastic may be sensitive here.

If you are experienced in this, you won’t have any problems, but if you do it for the first time, you need to be very careful.

Place the pieces in the right corners and ensure that each piece is where it needs to be.


If you follow all the steps precisely, you are on the right path to having your cube fast again. You'll certainly notice a huge difference now when you know to loosen a Rubik’s Cube to make it faster. All the pieces are adequately lubricated, and the mechanism works better.

With this kind of cube, you can play endlessly and solving will be much easier. Use your cube with more enjoyment and notice how fast and responsive your cube has become. Just the way we want it to be!

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